= Umbrous Radiance = A Fan-made Guide to High Essence Abyssals and Games

== Introduction ==

Quite simply, the purpose of this book is going to be dealing with Abbysals as their power rises to higher levels. While thise may seem simple, there are many considerations that must be taken. Abyssals grow inhuman as their power grows and this shows in their bodies. There are a number of permanent charms and the appearance change to represent this in a rough manner.

Chapter 1: This chapter will deal with charm design including imagery.

Chapter 2: This will deal with the growth of power and how the channeling of death essence warps and molds the Abyssal's body into one more suiting of a demigod of death.

Chapter 3: Expanded charm trees and descriptions of how each Ability can be seen to design charms of your own for them.

Chapter 4: This chapter will focus on expanded levels of backgrounds (with some examples) and some discussion of the minions of the more powerful Abyssals.

Chapter 5: Storytelling and potential lines to explore in your own high essence games of Abyssals. This will also include some backdrops and an expansion of Labyrinth descriptions.