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Thirteen "Well. That went as well as could be expected," Thirteen remarks to Imrama as the Fable begins to leave Mnemnon's manse behind.

Imrama "That all depends on the relationship between ones hopes and ones expectations, Thirteen." Imrama steers the Fable eastward, catching a Northern gale diverted off course by the Imperial Mountain. Once they reach the sky over the Inland Sea, the world gives way to the storm wracked vista of the Thousand Leagues of the Looking Glass.

Thirteen "Oh?"

Imrama "I mean only that, in light of the new and glorious age still fresh like dew upon Creation, I might have hoped that Mnemon could spring instantly and effortlessly into the service of the greater good. But our result is sufficient, so I have no reason to complain."

Thirteen "Ah."

Thirteen "Yes, I suppose that would have been preferable."

Thirteen looks down at the Thousand Leagues with casual interest.

Thirteen "This ship is a marvelous creation, Imrama. You are to be commended. You are quite right to observe that our control over the only existing method of travel between planes affords us a power few have ever imagined."

Imrama "Keeping in mind that there are relatively few, currently, who understand that there are, in fact, multiple planes."

Thirteen "Merely another source of power."

Thirteen "How did you come by this ability?"

Thirteen "It occurs to me that our first tactical priority, now that the Gate system has been demolished, must be to find and control a new universal travel method."

Imrama "I had read of other worlds in some of my favorite First Age adventure literature. Eventually, through enough trial and error, I found a means to exploit the Wyld as a conduit between those various worlds."

Thirteen "Hm."

Thirteen "Do you think it would be possible to create a permanent connection in this way?"

Imrama "I can see no reason why not. I can imagine a few ways of doing so - some that I might attempt on my own, others that would be more to Zahara's skill set."

Thirteen broods.

Thirteen "I must return to my people, Imrama."

Thirteen "This is not the first time we have been trapped apart."

Imrama "We shall find a way to restore commerce between Meru and the other planes. However," (...)

Imrama "The best mechanisms I can think of for doing so would only create a secure medium. We would still require vessels to cross such a bridge."

Thirteen "Oh yes?"

Thirteen "Would these, perhaps, be vessels capable of powered flight?"

Imrama "That would be ideal, yes."

Imrama "Suppose, for instance, that we either altered the nature of the Seven Leagues, or established a parallel alternative. With a fleet of airships, we could establish a network of trade and political connection without precedent in history."

Thirteen "Your proposal seems sensible on the face of it."

Thirteen "However, if Wasirru is to serve as my gateway to the Deliberative, it must be impossible for me to become separated from them. I cannot be dependent on others for my access."

Imrama "I can appreciate that. There are a number of types of First Age conveyance which allow for personal flight, and require no special skill or power which you do not already possess. I would also venture to guess that you are perfectly capable of learning to fly all on your own."

Thirteen smiles slightly.

Thirteen "Fair enough."

Thirteen "How, then, can I assist you in constructing the Seven Skies?"

Imrama "I will have to ruminate on that."

Thirteen "Do."

Thirteen "But quickly, if possible."

Thirteen "Hm,"

Thirteen "We will have to keep a tight rein on access to travel."

Thirteen "Not all who wish to visit Wasirru should be allowed to."

Imrama "Then I have an idea. I think there should be a way to create permanent routes between two points. We simply have to select those two points carefully."

Thirteen "Hm."

Imrama "Say, for instance, a suitably defensable point in the branches of Wassiru, and a point 10 miles in the air above Solaria."

Thirteen "It might be preferable to position the egress near the Blessed Isle, such that diplomatic relations between Wasirru and the Sunlands will not be of...constant paramount concern."

Thirteen "Otherwise, your plan seems ideal."

Imrama "Certainly the points of egress should be mututally agreed upon by the leaders of each region. If we are to cut multiple paths through the Leagues, however, I believe it would make sense to create a single hub in Creation."

Thirteen "I agree."

Imrama "Over the Auric Temple, perhaps."

Thirteen "That seems eminently workable."

Imrama "Very well then. As we are currently on a course from the vicinity of the Five Score Realization of Truth, to the capitol of Xara, we should be able to solidify the first such route. Mnemon will, no doubt, be pleased."

Thirteen "Hm."

Thirteen "She will, when we inform her."

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