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Imrama The gentle mist of a cirrus cloud washes over Imrama's face, as the Fable of the Reconstruction banks southward over the ancient city of Rathess. Coming in to rest on the eastern square of the great pyramid, the noble reptiloids make way for their fast friends, the Solars.

Ssithumi The city's reconstruction continues at a swift, unbroken pace. Now, it would be hard to tell (from the outside, at least) that the city was so recently a ruin, and enough Dragon-Kings now stand awakened that what passes for regular business goes on in the streets of Rathess.

Ssithumi Two red-clad Raptok bow in deference as the Solars arrive.

zahara stands at the bow rail, and watches the city approach. Her hair, unbound, floats in the wind, occasionally catching the light. When the Fable stops, she steps over the side and walks down to greet the Raptok, bowing politely in return.

Ssithumi "Welcome, Empress." The two creatures stand at attention in greeting. "How may we escort you?"

Imrama disembarks from the Fable and bows deeply to the winged delegation. "The Empress Zahara and I have come to take counsel with Ssithumi-an-Hotep."

zahara nods slightly in agreement.

Ssithumi The creatures nod. "Please, follow us." They lead on to one of the nearby buildings, where Ssithumi has temporarily relocated her office.

Ssithumi sits in a chair built for her kind, as the Solars enter, her back partially to them; one of her claws runs absentmindedly over the faint lines where her arms were so recently shattered. What looks like quite extensive paperwork is spread out in front of her.

Imrama greets the Dragon Queen, a warm light radiating from his smiling face. "Ssithumi! How good it is to see you!"

Ssithumi turns around, a little startled. "Oh... hello." She rises quickly and straightens her clothing. "It is good to see you too," she says, smiling at both Imrama and Zahara.

zahara "Ssithumi." She smiles back warmly, "How have you been since we last met?"

Ssithumi looks over her table and absent-mindedly rubs her arm again. "I have been... busy. I have had... little time to recover before the demands of my people weighed upon me again."

zahara "Is there anything I could do to assist in making things run more smoothly?"

Ssithumi pauses for a moment. "I... do not think so. There are plenty ready to lend claw and heart to the labors of Rathess... but there is only one Ssithumi."

Imrama looks thoughtful as he muses to himself that he might be able to offer a workaround for that bottleneck. Perhaps some other time. He shifts to a sympathetic look. "Heavy are those heads that wear the crowns."

Ssithumi nods. "But the progress we make in restoring the city is worth any such burden and more."

Imrama "We are, each of us, natural allies, for our sense of loyalty and responsibility for those lives and ideals entrusted to us. It is on such a matter that we come to you today, Ssithumi: Solaria has lately been visited by a delegation from Mount Eledath. It was not the most...congenial of visits."

Ssithumi blinks. "A... delegation?"

Imrama "A high-ranking diplomat, with entourage. The Eledathi came to assert rights once granted them to a very large region of the Sunlands, long, long before our nation came into existence. When, in the course of negotiations, I mentioned our close alliance with Rathess and its protector, Ssithumi, their tenor became even more sour."

Imrama "It seems that they bear some theological grudge against you."

zahara "We thought, perhaps, you should know they were coming to the area."

Ssithumi swears in an ancient tongue, in a long but quickly uttered whisper as a response.

Imrama "I take it, then, that you are familiar with this faction of your species?"

zahara raises a brow, listening.

Ssithumi seems angrier than Imrama had ever seen before. "Wet-sucking cloacal claw rot!" she sputters. "How dare they come here!" She streams on with curses for a moment longer before composing herself.

zahara "It seems that you do not like them either." she notes.

Ssithumi "They are an affront to my people and to the suffering we have endured."

zahara waits for her to continue.

Ssithumi "During the peak of our race, we had a strong philosophy of community. We awakened our spawn, we fulfilled our ancestral roles, we each worked towards the greater glory of the Dragon-King race."

zahara nods.

Ssithumi "They sought to... change that. They created strange rituals to venerate those they deemed more worthy, and sought apotheosis through self-denial. They even hid themselves from the face of the sun for months at a time."

Ssithumi She looks down at the ground.

zahara "What did they hope to gain?"

Ssithumi "Eventually, conflict broke out, and... they fled to the roof of the world." She chokes a little. "I think that... they must have survived where ours perished, in the great death."

Ssithumi looks at Zahara. "Power? Immortality without death and rebirth? Or perhaps just escape from the dictates of our society."

zahara frowns sympathetically, then looks at her, "I suspect they were trapped by the Wyld until the Eclipse."

Ssithumi nods. "That is possible." She seats herself again, looking slightly exhausted.

Imrama "Understanding that the religions of Eledath and Rathess are at logerheads, I have begun, and am here to continue inquiries with regard to an ecuminical conference of Dragon Kings; to reconcile what can be reconciled and correct what must be corrected."

zahara "Whatever the outcome of the conference, we will stand with you and yours."

Imrama "Towards this end," Imrama produces the map that he recently showed to Zahara, "I have used the means at our disposal to conduct a census of Dragon Kings in Creation. Eledath, Vessathar and Rathess are not the only enclaves left to your mighty people. Perhaps we can strengthen the voice of reason in religion by adding to the chorus."

Ssithumi nods. "I thank you for your pledge of support." She takes the map and looks at it with surprise. "There are quite a few more places on this map than I might have ever guessed."

zahara "Perhaps you would like to accompany us to visit them? Or, we could have them send delegations to you."

Imrama "I'm not sure what means we have for contacting these regions, other than visiting them in person." Imrama thinks for a moment. "Unless you are suggesting that we use the Defense Grid to allow you and/or Ssithumi to address them all directly at range. That could work."

Ssithumi "I... yield to your experience in this matter. My diplomatic endeavors thus far have not always proven... greatly effective." Ssithumi seems almost embarrassed.

Imrama ::What do you think then, Empress? Public address system, or in-person visits?::

zahara ::I believe the Public Address system would be both more expedient, and more impressive.::

Ssithumi nods. "What... what shall we say?"

zahara "Are there any others that you know will be hmmm difficult to deal with?"

Ssithumi "I do not... think so."

Imrama "I would suggest something along the follow lines: that Zahara and I, and possibly some of our fellows, address the Dragon Kings of Creation as the founding members of the reformed Deliberative. And that we bring a message of peace and cooperation for all the beings of Creation, and invite the various nations of the Dragon Kings into alliance with us, as we have already allied with the folk...

Imrama ...of Rathess."

Ssithumi nods. "That sounds most reasonable. I hope very much that my people can reunite from the diaspora to which they have been scattered."

zahara "It is important to know if there was a reason behind the diaspora, Ssithumi, so that we will be able to deal with it when it arises."

Imrama "Yes; whatever major points of Dragon King political history you could favor us with, and whatever political and religious treatises you might supply, would be of great use in planning the conference and ensuring that there are as few...surprises as possible."

Ssithumi nods. "Let me..." She goes to one wall and pulls down a book that looks as if it were quite dusty until very, very recently. "I believe all the details you require should be within, or... at least all those that I know."

zahara takes the book from Ssith, "Ahh, thank you."

Ssithumi A short while later....

Ssithumi stands uncomfortably behind the two Solars in the chamber they have prepared to make their announcement.

zahara turns to Imrama and smiles slightly. "Do go ahead. You do have the seal with you don't you?"

Imrama "Ssithumi, would it be possible to call in the Raptok dignitaries who greeted us when we today. It would be a point in our favor, I believe, to show that we are already allied with more than one phylum of Dragon King."

Imrama ^^^Replace "the Raptok dignitaries who greeted us when we today" with "one or more of your Pterok citizens"^^^

Ssithumi nods. She speaks to a nearby attendant in the speech of the Dragon-Kings, and within a few moments, two pterok arrive to stand with the Solars.

zahara ^^^ Replace "You do have the seal with you, don't you?" with NOTHING

Imrama Once the presentation is properly assembled, Imrama gives a silent command, and simulacra of the figures in the room appear in the sky over several secluded points in Creation. Imrama's anima glows at a modest level, revealing his sash of heavenly authority, as he addresses the Dragon Kings of the world in their native speech.:

Imrama "Honored ancients and children of Gaia - I greet you in the spirit of peace and renewed understanding."

Imrama "You who have been scattered by war, and plague, and time; we, your siblings of old have found you once again, and would see you stand proud, together, to face the dangers arrayed against us all. We, therefore, in consultation with our allies in Rathess and with our newly made connections with the Anklok of Mount Eledath seek to convene a conference of the Dragon King race, its leaders,...

Imrama ...teachers and priests, towards the end of harmonious understanding."

Imrama "We shall send word to you in the coming days of the hour and place appointed for this purpose. We await the promise of what may come with a joyful restraint of breath." ::Empress, is there anything you would wish to add?::

zahara steps forward, herself glowing with the authority of Solaria, and speaks. "In addition, I, Zahara Zhan, invite you to send your own delegations to Solaria in order to discuss diplomatic relations, and to establish alliances between our nations. As well, I offer to assist in raising up those children of my allies that need to be brought into this Age."

Ssithumi swallows hard and steps forward, the two pterok at her sides. "On behalf of all my brothers and sisters in Rathess, I yearn for our people to once again come together in communion."

Ssithumi She sits down as the transmission ends.

zahara looks to her with concern. "Are you alright?"

Ssithumi nods. "I... I will be fine." She looks quite tired, however.

zahara frowns. "You should rest."

Ssithumi nods slowly. "That... seems like a good idea." She stands up and walks slowly towards the door. "Thank you for coming."

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