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zahara There is a sharp rap on Nesula's door.

Nesula A brief time passes before the voice, groggy and uneven, bellows "WHAT?" at the door.

zahara grins to herself and yells back. "Let me in!"

Nesula There is a groan, and after a moment a shuffling noise; a few moments later, the latch slides undone and Zahara opens the door to see Nesula, clad in sleeping clothes and clutching her head as she shuffles back over to a nearby couch.

zahara raises a brow and slips in the door, closing it neatly behind her. "How are you finding your new life as one of the greatest beings in Creation?"

Nesula sits down and closes her eyes. "...there was a celebration."

zahara "Last night?" She takes a seat across from Nesula.

Nesula "...and the night before."

zahara "And every night since you moved in?"

Nesula "Not every night." She groans and fumbles around with one hand for a mug of water. "Some nights there was a young farmboy whose father had died and who could not drive the raiders from his land, or a hunt of a great beast, or a great ship that needed building." She blinks. "Followed by a celebration, I guess."

zahara chuckles. "Ah, yes, those things do come up."

Nesula rubs her temples and takes a sip of whatever is in the first mug she finds. "What brings you here today?"

zahara eyes the mug askance, then shrugs and says, "Just wanted to see how you were doing."

Nesula sits up. "I am doing... well. I think." She smiles. "This is very different from in the islands."

zahara grins, "You might say that."

Nesula "I am not really sure what I should be doing with it."

zahara "Hmm, well there's plenty to do. I'm not sure if we can handle it alone, honestly. Too many places to be at once.

Nesula "Oh, really." She takes another deep draught, then looks at her mug askance. "Everything around /here/ seems to be functioning quite well, innocent yet strapping farmboys aside."

zahara "Well, I like to think so, yes. But, outside our borders there are many threats." She leans back in her chair a little, "For instance, the Mask of Winters has taken Lookshy. The First and Forsaken Lion is on Meru."

Nesula "Your powerful empire is under threat by persons with idiotic names?"

zahara coughs

zahara "Uh. Yes, more or less."

zahara "Deathlords, apparently they give up their good taste in exchange for immense dark power."

Nesula "I... see."

Nesula gets up in search of something to eat.

zahara "They command armies of ghosts and undead and such, and..." she frowns, "they have figured out how to corrupt Solar sparks to make their own Deathknights. Abyssals."

Nesula "That... is not good," she says, rustling through a selection of bags and sacks in search of some unconsumed fruit.

zahara "No" She runs her nails along the arm of the chair. "Yet it is better than what the Red Lily did."

Nesula shudders, suddenly serious. "Yes. Yes it is." She stops her search.

zahara shakes her head, "I'm fairly certain I can cleanse an Abyssal shard, given time. I am not certain I can fuse a broken shard back together."

zahara considers for a moment, "Though it should be possible. Somehow."

Nesula "It must be. After all," she says with a glint in her eye that the Empress has not seen in quite some time, "we can do anything."

zahara smiles. "Yes. We can."

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