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Zahara knocks on Cerin's door

Cerin looks up from his note taking "Come in, my love." he says pleased, rising as the door opens.

Zahara is in a temper, though few but Cerin would notice it, so carefully does she control her expression. "I need to speak with you."

Cerin moves over to her with concern on his face, wrapping his arms around her and kisses her "Of course, love." he says after the kiss, drawing her over to the couch in the room

Zahara kisses back and relaxes slightly, curling up next to him with her head on his shoulder. For a long time, she says nothing, then finally, "Have you considered the future? Our future?"

Cerin holds her as she curls next to him "Of course ... it will be a long one if I have anything to do with it."

Zahara sighs a little and looks up into his eyes, "Long and long... but will it be long enough? What happens when we win? We ruled over Creation once before and... it did not end well."

Cerin "It didn't, but this time we will learn from our mistakes. I won't kill you this time."

Zahara "How can you be sure? Markuran pledged to be better in this life as well... There are so many unexpected things that could happen. I could, after all, deserve death sometime in the future."

Zahara "Many, in fact, would allege that I deserve such now."

Cerin "My love, I would kill Creation before I would kill you."

Zahara smiles and kisses him softly, "I thank you... and I can see that you speak the truth, from your heart... " her expression becomes solemn again, "..but what If I have already done so first?"

Cerin "What?"

Zahara "We have all these plans, and artifacts and armies, and most of all enemies. And when they are all complete, and the enemies slain, then what?"

Cerin "Then you will rule over the worlds, and I will watch from your side."

Zahara "I cannot see myself ruling in peace. It would be so... boring."

Zahara "So filled with petty people and their petty concerns, when we are so much grander than that."

Cerin "There will always be more challenges my love. There must be something beyond creation, something else for us to explore, to fight."

Zahara "And when we have conquered all the Realms, and frozen the very Wyld into our very own Creation, what then? It seems like it could never happen, but at the same time... if there is anything I have discovered since being Chosen, it is that anything is possible."

Cerin "Then we can spend some time together, truely without concerns." he says, not entirely sure he believes that either. He would need something to do, and so would she

Zahara laughs, but there is little humor in the noise. "Your words are empty, Cerin, and I cannot find any that would not be."

Zahara "Perhaps it would be better to die than to suffer such boredom."

Zahara takes his silence as an answer and nods a little. "I wonder what it's like to be mortal. I seem to have forgotten."

Cerin "It is not something I really want to remember, but I do."

Zahara "Tell me, then, because I wish to understand them."

Cerin tells Zahara of his memories of being mortal, his studies in great forks and things of that nature. They are not the most thrilling of memories, nor really that interesting

Zahara "How can they stand to be so... small? To know that they are so... useless, that they have not been Chosen? That their lives hold nothing more than arguing over..." she makes a disgusted face "GOATS?"

Cerin "Because even the Dragonblooded are a distant, and fearsome dream, my love."

Zahara "I was Chosen long before the Sun even knew who I was." she says cryptically.

Cerin "What do you mean by that, my love?" he asks, puzzled

Zahara "Oh, it seems that while I was having a little chat with Tevezst, he decided to tell me he'd been planning to attack my childhood self, specifically, for months before he actually did. I must not have been very perceptive."

Cerin looks slightly at a loss to respond to this. A comment that the fey could have done so easily was inappropriate "He must have seen .... something in you." Cerin ventures uncertainly.

Zahara "He saw, in the loss of my humanity, a story. A grand tragedy. And the fae do love stories."

Zahara "I sometimes wonder if I would have been arguing over goats, if he had not changed me."

Cerin "Perhaps you might be. Perhaps you would be dead. Perhaps you would be marching on creation. Perhaps you would have Exalted in some way that we could never guess, and find yourself here anyway, or a different here."

Zahara "Perhaps... Do you think you would have loved me, had I been... emotional? So...soft, and worried about everyone else? Perhaps... I could have loved you better."

Cerin "You love me all that I could wish, my heart. I would not want you to be soft."

Zahara "I have considered... trying to learn again."

Cerin "To learn to be soft?"

Zahara "Hmm... sort of. Markuran, before he got possessed, used to try to impress upon me the wonders of being a well-loved leader, rather than a feared and respected one."

Zahara "Now that he is not here, constantly shoving it in my face, I find I am more curious about this."

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