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charlequin If she's navigated through the mazy interior correctly, Kai stands in front of the correct door, which stands silently closed before her.

Kai knocks gently.

charlequin Kai is greeted by silence.

charlequin There is a little bit of shuffling behind the door -- it sounds like someone /is/ home....

Kai knocks a little louder.

charlequin There is a pause. After a moment, an irritated voice growls, "What do you want?"

Kai "It's Kai Buckthorn. I would speak with you, if you can spare me a moment."

charlequin The door flies open with a violent jolt and a small, silvery cat with a bright chain around its neck bolts out through Kai's legs and into the hallway. Turning around and rising up fluidly into the form of a tall, slender, angry woman, the cat spits "I knew it from the beginning. You are all useless. What monkey's errand do you come to lay upon me today?"

charlequin Without waiting for an answer Serenal turns and begins walking down the hallway.

Kai "I don't have an errand," Kai says, walking behind her, "I have an offer. I know you have little patience for much of what happens here, and I can sympathize--trust me--but there is a lot of good to be done, and I'd like for you to be a part of it."

Serenal "Why is it then that none of you bother to inform me when things occur?" The specific "things" in question are reasonably obvious from context.

Kai "I must assume that the answer falls somewhere between 'we are all very bust people' and 'we are all assholes'. If I though my apologies would matter to you, I'd offer them... As it stands, I may have something more... substantial for you."

Serenal spins and lashes out at Kai -- not particularly convincingly, but clearly with unhappiness behind it -- with one vicious clawed hand, growling as she does so.

Kai doesn't move.

Serenal Serenal's slash tears a hole in Kai's shirt, and rips asunder the beat-up leather strap of Kai's breastplate, loosening it to hang off her opposite shoulder. Her claws just barely scratch Kai's skin, drawing no blood. Seeing her bluff called, Serenal huffs angrily and turns her back again, though she doesn't begin to walk.

Kai "You treatment here has been pretty awful, I know. If I had known when I first met you what I know now, I would never have stood for it... But I was lost then, confused, and clinging to the hem of my companions. I am sorry, I failed you, who had done me no harm." She pauses, and walks around to look Serenal in the eye. "I am not that girl any more. I have a place here, and I understand why this--all this--is important,

Serenal his--all this--is important, to my people and yours and everyone else in Creation. I have a place here... And I want to offer you a place here, as well."

Serenal "What role do you have for me? Lapdog? A humble steed? Ornamental bird, to show off your wealth?" Her form shifts as she talks to illustrate her point.

Kai "Lieutenant."

Serenal "I should be a queen."

Serenal doesn't sound quite as confident at the moment, however.

Serenal Suddenly the Lunar seems worried. "Marku is gone."

Kai That last statement diffuses Kai's budding retort. She meets Serenal's eyes sadly. "He is. And I won't promise you we'll find him again, not as he was. A spirit holds sway in his heart now, and that spirit is a fierce enemy of ours."

Serenal grows fierce and angry again. "The one who did such a thing to him should be rent in two, and the basest of offal ground into his heart."

Kai shoots her a grim smile. "That," she says, "is the plan. The creature is a deep part of the conspiracy of the Lily, and it is our full intention to lay each and every one of them in the ground. It was his intention as well." She pauses. "I know what lives in your heart now. Grief, rage, vengeance. That is how I came to be here, as well. And though I have taken up the banner of the Sunlands, there is a piece o

Kai there is a piece of me that walks always toward that sweet vengeance. I think our paths are similar, us two. Walk with me to victory, and I will walk with you to vengeance."

Serenal The repeated use of the word "vengeance" seems to sit well with Serenal. "You speak my language as your kindred do not. What is the means for this vengeance we shall share?"

Kai "The Lily has taken Markuran the Bear from us. They have slain my father. It is our intention--mine, and that of my circle, crass though they may be--to tear them down to their foundations, shatter everything that they are, and strike them from Creation. We will dispatch those who have wronged us, run their schemes into the earth, and leave not even a memory of a trace of them to remind us of our pain. To do this, we nee

Kai we need forces such as the world has not seen in out lifetimes. We are building armies, gathering resources... Oh, many things I probably can't explain very well. My part is mostly in the strength of my swordarm. But, to that end, I am gathering warriors to stand with me, to bring steel to our foes. You are the first I have approached, and I want you to stand beside me as we put our enemies to the blade."

Serenal considers this briefly. "A valiant warrior, leading others to righteous battle against those who are unfit to live." The idea seems to appeal to her.

Kai smiles at her. "You could do worse."

Serenal "I will work with /you/. The others I still mistrust, but we are of a kind."

Serenal nods, temporarily less rage-filled. "How do we mark this newfound understanding?"

Kai "I was thinking we might go announce our arrangement. I promise you, it will be VERY entertaining."

Serenal laughs.

Serenal "So I am to be your lieutenant. And who am I to rule over, myself?"

Kai hands her a bundle of cloth. "Try this on before we go, it should definitely get a reaction."

Kai "Well, I know of a pair of dragon kings who will stand by us... and I have a few other ideas.... But I plan on gathering so fierce a band of warriors that our mere name will make the wicked shudder."

Serenal "I do enjoy the sound of that. Have you dreamed up some dramatic name for us to shout as we tear into the arteries of our enemies?"

Kai "I didn't have to. You, dear Serenal, are he first of my Radiant Sabres, and the first to wear that name in the whole of this Age."

Serenal smiles and nods. "I am."

Kai smiles back. "Well, then, let's us go raise some eyebrows."

Serenal makes a half turn on her heel, transforming into a vicious-looking silver hawk and alighting on Kai's shoulder, before nodding assent.

Kai laughs brightly and starts off down the hall.

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