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Zahara pulls Cerin aside as the others set to question Ikara, leaving a servant behind to record everything they ask and are told, as they step away for a few moments. ::Cerin, my love... I just had a thought.::

Cerin steps close to Zahara ::Yes, my love?::

Zahara leads him towards the hearthstone room, a room that is completely sealed until one attuned were to approach and will it open. "Two, actually. And they both deal with what Markuran has become."

Cerin looks at Zahara with concern. "The doors of that nature are one of them, yes?"

Zahara "Yes, exactly. But before we decide whether or not to deal with that, I must know if you can follow his attunement from here. That may be useful enough to hold off on dealing with the problem."

Cerin "That I do not know, my love. It is theoretically possible, but to actually follow a trail of essence against the flows of the dragonllines ... it will take time."

Zahara "Do you think it would be worth the risk?"

Cerin "I am not sure that it would tell us anything. The trail will only point to where he is at the instant, but I doubt with any degree of precision, and should he use the gates the trail would reverse itself within instants."

Zahara "I KNEW teaching him the gate spell was a bad idea!"

Zahara "Either way. Then it leads to this. We must alter the geomancy of the Manse to break the attunement of ALL of us."

Zahara unsockets her hearthstone, holding it up, "And I will lose the use of this stone for months."

Cerin shrugs. "If Marku did not know it, someone would have taught it to him, assuming he even needs to use the gates now. Kai did say he vanished."

Zahara sighs. "This is true. It irks me to say I had not realized this until I was describing how secure the TATTOOS on our SERVANTS made the manse!"

Cerin kisses her softly "You cannot think of everything my love. It is something I should have spotted too."

Zahara returns the kiss, and rests her head on his shoulder. "It seems that Flowers has been good for something after all... although it was Luc I was talking to. I'd rather attribute it to him."

Cerin grins softly "Falling for the newcomer with the eyes made for drowning in?"

Zahara laughs wryly, "More like trying not to send any positive thoughts Flowers' way. He annoys me. You know how I do not like being annoyed."

Cerin "Indeed my love. Still, he is a massive improvement over Markuran and Rannath. Think of them, and I am sure your opinion of him will improve."

Zahara coughs, trying to choke back a laugh

Zahara "Well, you're right, at least he doesn't couch his hubris in righteousness, and denounce me for relying on logic instead of emotions."

Cerin nods, his eyes sparkling

Zahara "Although my association with Birds of Trinity seems to have eroded my logic to a distressing degree."

Cerin "She does make the world a more interesting place, yes."

Zahara "So then." she returns to her seriousness "The thought of tracking Marku through his attunement is not worth the danger that he poses to all of us by allowing him to remain attuned. Good, then we agree. We must change it enough that it will both break his attunement, and also work in ways that he will not quite recognize, so he may not use our defenses against us."

Cerin nods "That is wise. And I think for the latter, we will have to talk to Thirteen."

Zahara sighs again, heavily. "I knew you were going to say that. But we must present a united front and know what we intend before we bring it up. Or he'll get THAT WAY again and I might have to turn him off and kill him."

Cerin "That would be foolish in the extreme, my love and you know it."

Zahara "Yes, I know. And that's why I came to you first. You deal with him better than I."

Zahara "At least until I come up with a spell that will make him presentable in polite company."

Cerin laughs softly "He does not bother me, beyond that he bothers you."

Zahara "I would attempt to instruct him on the niceties of society, but he seems beyond help. He is an outsider, and it shows."

Zahara "Have you been there? To Wassiranu?"

Cerin shakes his head "I had not been off this plane, save to sanctums before we took the gates."

Zahara "Perhaps if we were to go there I could understand his thickheadedness better."

Cerin "Well, it is a place we need to go to retrieve one of the components."

Zahara nods. "Well, let us make it the next. Now, off to see Mister Haughtypants."

Cerin taps her nose softly "The meeting will go much smoother if you refrain from calling him that." he kisses her nose, then nods

Zahara "I know, but it IS tempting." she grins and hooks her arm in his. "Let's go then."

Cerin walks from the room with her.

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