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Lucent walks on the streets of Rathess, going to where he believed one of his 'chaperones' might be. They were assigned to keep an eye on him, after all, and would not stray too far... he looked for Crow Devours Flame in particular. She had said but a word to him before, and was still an unknown factor in this...

It is not tremendously difficult for Lucent to find her. In one of the glorious flagstoned courtyards, he finds the Abyssal, practicing the flowing, elegant katas of the Crimson Life-Dance Style of Martial Arts, her swallow turning rapidly in her able hands. A group of Dragon-Kings have gathered to watch, though standing quite far away; Luc can hear them whisper quietly but insistently as they do.

Lucent allows Luna's orb to make a floating pillow for him to sit down on, and watches her intently. Announcing his presence without a word or a gesture, simply with light and, well... his presence! An unspoken apology to the Dragon Kings for having brought a dark one to their halls is also there.

Crow Devours Flame? concludes her practice, not acknowledging Luc's presence in any way until the last of the fifteen distinct stances has been completed. That done, she stands straight, ceremonially bows (to no one in particular), breathes in deep... and only then turns to acknowledge the Solar. "Hello."

Lucent claps enthusiastically, standing up, the Coronal exploding in *fireworks!* "That was simply BEAUTIFUL!"

Crow Devours Flame? nods curtly.

Lucent: "What was that? It seemed like... you know... such... movements! Where did you learn that?"

Crow Devours Flame? holds her swallow in front of her for a moment, and it vanishes in a flash of wispy darkness -- there is a smell of burnt cinnamon and the faint sound of screaming as she does. "I studied the Crimson Life-Dance at the foot of Alesh, Who Once Cleft The Skies, in the empty memory of his hallow-place. I alone amongst all the living practice this art."

Lucent winces at the screaming sound, walking out of the hall with her... "Alesh? A... ghost, I presume? He must be quite noble, to practice something so... beautiful."

<Crow Devours Flame?> "Beauty and nobility, like life, are transient shades upon the true face that is Oblivion."

Lucent gives out a very silent and covert sigh, looking on the garden around them, still a little overgrown, and plucking a rose "... why do you think so?"

alsoquin sits upon the lip of a fountain, her black and red armor steadfastly refusing to reflect the bright sun overhead. "I have seen it. All beings fall the same before its inevitable advance."

Lucent: "We are still here." He says, plucking a petal from the rose and putting it on her forehead. "Solars have fallen and returned. I have seen emptiness and Creation once again. It was fallen, and now there are ten million lights. The more we destroy, the more we create."

alsoquin shakes her head. "Your naivete is almost charming, Lucent." She looks around at the Dragon-Kings; those whose eye she catches look away quickly, excitedly terrified at her unblinking glance. "What have you come to speak to me about?"

Lucent sits in the fountain as well, tilting his head as he looks her up and down, "I am curious. You are my chaperone, Quen asked you to look after me... and yet, I know next to nothing about you. Would you not be curious if you were in my place?"

"I am not a... curious person." Lucent notices that the water in the fountain, previously running clean and clear, has adopted a dark tinge and musty smell.

Lucent: "... we might want to leave the fountain. We need to be nice to the Dragons, despoiling their places is... not nice." He steps away, offering a hand to help her get up, "Do you mind if I ask some questions, Lady of Crimson Feathers?"

alsoquin stands and nods unenthusiastically. "I cannot prevent you from asking."

Lucent walks to a more secluded garden... and there seems to be a sheet on the ground, along with a basket of fruits... not something for them, but for later, but it would do. He claps, and the Kashaen setting it up leave. "Well, I guess that's a cue for me to ask... what would you rather be doing?"

alsoquin looks at the blanket with confused distaste. "There is much false edifice in this world that must be smashed, much obscene facade that should be thrown down and laid to ruin. That is my purpose."

Lucent sits down, offering Crow an strawberry. The most red! "So... to make a better world?"

alsoquin takes the strawberry humorlessly. "To shatter the veil of illusion."

Lucent: "And what truth will we see, when all illusion is gone? Oblivion?"

alsoquin nods. "The futility of all. The true nirvana that lurks beneath all false existence."

Lucent looks... thoughtful. "Ah. I see." He smiles knowingly, "What were you, before you Exalted?"

"A farmer," she says, without elaboration.

Lucent: "Hmmm. Come here." He takes hold of her hand, pulling her... as the Coronal begins to form a stairway. He steps into the symbol of Venus... and it reverbrates with such sound! Such joy! The song Lucent could sing of the world... "Is it false? A world with such serenity, such joy?"

Lucent: He stepped into Mercury... "Is it false? A world with such discoveries?"

Lucent: And Mars... "With such fights? Such conflicts for us to overcome?"

Lucent: And Jupiter... "So full of great secrets?"

Lucent: And Saturn... "And so many new begginings?"

Lucent: And Luna... "Brought about by such constant, beautiful change?"

Lucent: And, finally... shining golden, holding her in an Eclipse-shaped disc, standing now so high up, Rathess below them... "... protected by such grand, warm sunlight?"

Lucent: "Look at them. Just... look. They are back. From savagery. Look at the golden buildings... they know they will return. They know they live on. Like we do. Like all humans do... they just don't realise. But this beautiful world... we are eternal in it."

Lucent: "It is broken..." He takes her hand, plucking the petal, now withered, from her forehead... and makes it live again. "I know you must have suffered. But we have returned. Me... the Circle... *you*! Look at them. That is what we did. We can take things back from Oblivion. We fix what is broken." He looks at her hands... "Sometimes, by destroying them."

Lucent: "But it is your nature. To save the world, Crow. That is the truth you can show it."

Lucent: "And whatever suffering this world has... broken as it is... it will cease to have. Whatever made you take the black mantle... we are going to fix. That is what we do. Beautiful Raven With Feathers Of Crimson... do you remember? Saving the world? Even through the darkness and cynism... can you remember? You are GLORY! And you are from this world. You are this world."

Lucent stands on the tip of his toes and puts the petal on her brow, again

alsoquin stares into Luc's eyes with a deep, intense gaze as he speaks, never blinking, never wavering... and has he places the petal upon her forehead, she speaks, quietly... "I do.... not," she says, and closes her eyes.

Lucent explodes in white light, covering herm, warming her, even through the darkness. "I know. I know. Just... think about it, will you?" He stands on the tip of his toes again, kissing her cheek, as the different orbs spin under their feet, and they are back at the garden.... "Please?"

alsoquin does not stop Luc as he kisses her, and though her eyes stay closed, she does not speak up to argue.

Lucent: "And if you want to..." He whispers, grinning, "... don't mind Quen's anger over anything. Me and him, we go waaayyy back. I can smooth things with him if it comes to any disagreement."

alsoquin nods hesitantly, though her eyes remain steadfastly closed.

Lucent picks a strawberry, placing it on her lips and playing over them... "Open your eyes... come on. Otherwise, you get no strawberries. And we poured them full of sugar! If you don't open your eyes, you'll never see they are like blood on virgin snow. Come onnnn!"

alsoquin opens her eyes tentatively, and looks -- a little askance -- at the strawberry, then at Lucent.

Lucent places it over the sugar, twirling it slooowwwwlllyyy.. before bringing it close to her lips. But not to them yet. "Say 'aaaahhhhh'!"

alsoquin looks at Lucent with a look of "...what?" but seems to decide that resistance is futile and opens her mouth to receive the fruit.

Lucent places it there. "Every grain of sugar. So cold, and yet so juicy. Is it not good?"

alsoquin chews hesitantly. "It is... " She pauses, seeming to reconsider her statement. "It is fine."

Lucent smiles, picking his basket and handling her. "Here, a gift. Think about it. And enjoy the fruits... maybe one of them will be those you planted back home, who knows." His eyes shine. "I will be seeing you, Crow..."

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