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Cerinfernal A small part of Cerin's mind feels pity for the bear, though he had little pity for Marku even before. Now the sight merely causes a slight upturn of his mouth. "With who?"

Evil Marku smiles. "Qian Mian."

Cerinfernal raises a single eyebrow.

Evil Marku turns around and holds one hand up in the air; a brutal red flame appears around it. He begins to draw a wide circle with his hand, leaving a trail of the fire behind, until it is complete and the circle fills entirely with crackling, brutal flames. "Follow," he says, and steps through.

Cerinfernal studies the flame gate with interest as he walks toward it, leaving odd pure-black cutouts of himself in the air before he steps through. After a while, both cutouts and gate fade, leaving an empty hall.

Evil Marku Cerin steps through onto a platform... a slab of black rock, shot through with sickly greenish veins that glow lightly. Paths of rocks, floating freely in the aether, connect the platform to others like itself, in a vast network, and a brownish-red sky hangs above while flashes of black lightning crash through it. (...)

Evil Marku Marku is already walking along the paths, towards a great structure that rises in the center of the ebony platforms -- a building like a great, indigo flower, five petals stretching from the center where a pillar of tarnished gold rises into the sky.

Cerinfernal follows after Markuran, casting his eyes all about him as he goes, taking in lines and structures and remembering it all. He no longer sees a painting as he follows Siram to their destination.

Evil Marku Between where two of the petals meet, a gateway stands, with a thick grating of cast iron. Markuran waves a hand and the iron bars peel aside as if they were alive, granting the two entrance to the Nightshade.

Cerinfernal follows him inside the nightshade. A flower. The other part of the crysanthamum? His senses range out through the flower as he walks

Evil Marku The dark, iron-clad, red-carpeted halls of the Nightshade criss-cross over and through one another like veins, and lead into rooms of numerous description. Demons roam freely through the halls, as do no fewer than three species of Hundredfold beings. Many of the individual chambers are warded from sight, black holes in Cerin's panoramic vision. Markuran leads Cerin upwards to such a room,

Evil Marku one with a simple wooden door, upon which he knocks lightly.

Cerinfernal studies the hundredfold in a detached manner as he waits for the door to open, considering their purpose here.

Evil Marku Without words, the door swings open, revealing a well-outfitted office in the classic style. Maps and ancient scrolls line the walls, rolled and unrolled, and elegant oak paneling edges the ceiling.

Evil Marku A desk that Cerin has seen before sits at the back, bearing only a black feather quill and a neat sheaf of papers, and behind it is an individual Cerin has seen before, though his face is still as hidden by darkness as ever before.

Thousand Faced Man "Ah, Cerin." He signs the paper in front of him quickly, then replaces his quill and rises. "I see you have finally decided to take me up on my offer."

Cerinfernal "Certain events caused me to reevaluate it and reconsider, yes."

Thousand Faced Man nods, as the black wisps of Essence flit off of his face to disappear in the air. "That is good. You have always been destined for greater things than your companions; I am glad you have come to realize it." He nods to the other Solar. "It's been so long, Siram," he says, and reseats himself, to which Markuran merely laughs.

Cerinfernal "Of course." Cerin acknowledges, even as his mind suddenly clicks so very much into place. He should tell Z-... the thought dies. He has no-one to tell. And so he marvels at it, with cool, detached respect.

Thousand Faced Man rolls up the paper that he signed a moment ago and sticks it into the folds of his robe, carefully. "It is auspicious that you have come to us at this moment, Cerin. Just as our plans begin to truly unfurl. Just in time to stand at the roof of the world and look down upon it as it is remade in our image." He gestures broadly with his hands.

Cerinfernal "I am increasingly aware that your plans have been long set indeed. It will be interesting to see their conclusion."

Thousand Faced Man "I am certain you will find them quite interesting." He pulls out one of the drawers in his desk and pulls out a tiny box from within. "I have something for you, of course." Standing, he walks over to Cerin, and, taking it from within, pins a tiny golden badge with the design of a dagger upon it on Cerin's lapel.

Cerinfernal "Ah. I wondered where that had gone." Cerin studies the intricate dagger as it is returned to his chest. "When did you remove it?"

Thousand Faced Man "Oh, some time ago. I doubt anyone even noticed for a few hundred years." He looks over Cerin as he appears now. "Yes. That will do nicely. We will perhaps have to provide you a new outfit" -- his head shifts, as if he is glancing briefly at Markuran --

Thousand Faced Man "we wish for everyone to know where your loyalties lie, of course. But you will serve our purposes most admirably."

Cerinfernal raises an eyebrow "I am not some dog to be put on display. I do not think my current loyalty will be viewed with any doubt." In the palm of his hand appears an arrow made of a brilliant red essence, the bright crimson of Zahara and his true love. Two dimensional black shadows provide it with a leathal head.

Thousand Faced Man looks Cerin over, though the empty darkness of his face hides whether it is with admiration or scorn. "Yes, of course. That will do nicely." He returns to his seat. "I know that you are a man of efficiency and drive, so you will understand that I wish to move on to important business immediately."

Cerinfernal "Of course." he banishes the arrow with a dismissive gesture.

Thousand Faced Man "Good. Calibration is nearly upon us and there are several key tasks that must be accomplished beforehand. I believe that you will prove significantly capable in doing so."

Cerinfernal "I am sure that I will be." He leans back against the wall, listening as he reads the papers on the once-sidereal's desk. "What is it that needs to be done?"

Cerinfernal "I am sure that I will be." He leans back against the wall, listening as he reads the papers on the once-sidereal's desk. "What is it that needs to be done?"

alsoquin The papers, written in elegant Old Realm script, speak obliquely of unusual goings-on... references to "The Five," geographic coordinates in Creation both within and without its borders, and surveillance reports of seemingly unimportant Exalts. A few of the author's names Cerin recognizes -- Sarifen, Jugartha -- while others like Seven Retreats, Ghanriq, and (Sky)Egg-at-Nest are mysteries to him.

alsoquin gestures towards a map of Creation, pointing to an area in the Southwest. "Here, southwest of the Lap. A group of Lunar Exalts operating in the treacherous Stonebirth mountains have uncovered a complex remaining from before the rise of humans. We believe that several objects of great value to us are present within; I wish for you to retrieve them."

Cerinfernal "How many of them?" He leans forward to examine the location gestured too on the map. "And what are the objects? Or will identifying them be no problem?" Lunars. He had wanted to watch Celestials die once more ... now that he understood Orientation.

Thousand Faced Man "Seven in total, plus their entourages. I believe the objects in question should be easily identifiable." He nods to Markuran. "Siram will accompany you. I understand you have worked together before."

Cerinfernal "I do not recall working with Siram." A slight undercurrent of distaste in the way he says it. "But the Solar he rides, yes. Hmm, seven." He nods and considers.

Thousand Faced Man "I do not expect it will tax your capabilities. When you have completed the task, report back here; I believe Sarifen has additional tasks that require assistance."

Cerinfernal "Very well."

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