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Imrama Flying out of the setting sun, The Fable of the Reconstruction swoops in low over the forest canopy surrounding the Rathess. White chrysanthemum petals fall behind the ship, leaving a broad contrail from its travels through the Seven Leagues of the Looking Glass. Imrama clutches in his left hand the tail of a wild aria, captured plucked from the Wyld. On final approach to Relza's Flight Tower, he releases the living compositio

Imrama On final approach to Relza's Flight Tower, he releases the living composition, sending hauntingly beautiful music out over the city.

alsoquin Dragon-Kings wandering about the city look up and listen with astonishment, and several can be seen making the traditional sun salute to the grand solar vehicle as it docks.

Imrama His ship secured in port, Imrama enters the tower to address its custodian. His errand does not involve her, but that is no reason to be impolite. "Daimyo, I am affraid I have very little time. I have, however, brought an offering."

alsoquin Nestled high above amidst her strange ship models, Relza calls down in assent. "That is very gracious of you. Thank you, please place it next to the Utterances of Yesterday."

Imrama walks to a rack of models and opens his right hand. In it is a tiny origami figure of an airship, folded from a scrap of paper containing 737 words of prayer to Relza, Fourth Daimyo of Flight. He places it on the shelf reverently, and leaves the tower for the city beneath.

alsoquin It's hot in Rathess today, and heat visibly rises from the cobbles -- a situation that seems to suit the inhabitants just fine. Dragon-Kings genuflect and make way for the Solar's passage has he moves through the streets, towards Ssithumi's tower.

Imrama Aware of how little time remains before the eclipse, Imrama makes haste through the city, sparing the bare minimum of time for polite acceptance of the Dragon-Kings' obesences. "The Sunlands greet you with honorable accord. Ten Thousand thanks for your loyalty and courage."

alsoquin The lizards bow respectfully to him as he runs past!

alsoquin Arriving at Ssithumi's residence, the guards (recognizing him) wave him in without waiting for him to explain his purpose.

Imrama Imrama walks up to the door of her room, and kneels with his face to the floor. "Ssithumi-an-Tohatep, I come to wish you health. May your scales stay supple, and your claws stay sharp."

alsoquin Ssithumi is still recovering from her rather calamitous injuries, and as such is in bed when Imrama enters -- but she does appear healthier already than when he left her side previously, and she looks up at him with eyes that focus.

alsoquin "Thank you, Imrama Stormfound. I am hoping to make a full recovery very quickly."

Imrama rises, walks over to sit at her bedside. "This, too, is my hope for you." Imrama produces a medium-sized bag of cured animal skin held behind his back until now, and holds it out to Ssithumi. "I have brought you something. I hope you will accept it as a token of my and my Circlemates' esteem."

alsoquin Ssithumi looks at the basket with joyful surprise. "You... prepared this for me?"

Imrama nods. "I wove it according to a discription I found in the library. I had to improvise on a few points, particularly the caligraphy, but I did my best to keep with the tradition as I understood it."

alsoquin Ssithumi is astonished by the consideration behind the gesture. "I have never received a... gift basket before."

Imrama "Well, being that it was occasioned by such violence against you, I hope you'll understand my wish that you not recieve such again!" Imrama smiles warmly.

alsoquin Ssithumi nods, and tentatively attempts to unwrap the gift to reach the tasty meats within.

alsoquin "I am... sorry that I cannot be ready to join you in your upcoming battle."

Imrama lays a gentle hand on Ssithumi's shoulder. "You are with us, Ssithumi. You and the will of your nation. We know this, and we are mightier for it."

alsoquin Ssithumi nods once more. "I am pleased to hear that."

Imrama "Perhaps, when this coming crisis is past, we can sit down and talk of the shape of the world and how Rathess and the Sunlands may work together to improve it. From Askaru, I hane memories of serving with the great Dragon-Kings of old. Perhaps I may again."

alsoquin "I would like that very much. We have done well to restore this tiny corner of Creation, but... there is so much more."

Imrama rises from his seat. "I am terribly sorry to make this visit so short, Ssithumi, but there is still much that needs doing in preparation for the eclipse. More time to honor the friendship between the Rathess and the Sunlands is just one of many things I have on my schedule for the future. Rebuild the Armada Ascendant, investigate my parentage, find out what became of Remembrance of Seven Tears. The list grows long."

alsoquin Ssithumi nods through a mouthful of the meat she has eagerly plucked from within the bag using her snout. "When you return, I hope to speak to you of all of those matters again."

Imrama "I share your hope." Imrama bows, and departs.

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