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Cerin sends Zahara desire through the unity as he sits in his office within the Cascade, working on a series of drawings

Zahara looks up from her sketches and sends back questioning and curiosity

Cerin sends a desire to see through the unity, putting the finishing touches to some drawings of his own.

Zahara gathers up her sketches and pens and makes her way toward Cerin's office. She knocks on the door when she arrives.

Cerin opens the door, kissing her softly on the lips, then lets her into the office and the comfortable chair he has cleared of things for her "Thank you."

Zahara smiles, and takes her seat. "What is it, love?"

Cerin seats himself "Kai."

Zahara "What about her?" She looks at him curiously, although she has her suspicions.

Cerin "I think who she once was became a deathlord."

Zahara "A deathlord? Then how did she reincarnate as a Solar?"

Cerin "It would appear that the soul bridge, the spark, flew onwards when she became one or when she died, whichever came first."

Zahara frowns, turning this idea over and over in her head. "Then why would he be so concerned with the Sword, and not Her?" She seems slightly shocked by the whole concept.

Cerin "Perhaps he doesn't realise it is she who wields it or perhaps he wishes to talk with the man within the sword. I'm not sure, but it all seems to fit. Deathlords have a solar-like soul bridge, the markings on the sword 'First Forsaken Lion', which is the name of the southern deathlord the servent of the Mask told us of and then the collar, with lions upon it."

Zahara sighs and runs her hand through her hair, "What spark is in the Lion, if his Solar spark is in Kai?"

Cerin "I think they are manufactured by whatever process makes the Deathlords." he shows her a sheet of paper labelled 'Souls of Mask of Winters' that shows two naked souls, higher and lower, linked by a black essence bridge. The next one is 'The man in the woods. Solar.' it shows two vaguely similar souls, linked by a similar looking essence bridge, though this one is sunlit essence. "They are similar but not the same, if you see?"

Zahara nods thoughtfully, "I see what you mean... but what does this mean for Kai?"

Cerin "I have no idea." he says simply. "I have suspicions, but nothing definate."

Zahara "Well, share these suspicions of yours."

Cerin "It may be nothing. It may be that her tomb with the rest of her grave goods, if she has one, is in his possession. It may mean only she can defeat him, if certain stories are to be believed. It may be that she will at some point fght along side him. It certain promises no end to these attempts to take the daikliave, since I don't think even this knowledge will make him reconsider that."

Zahara sighs and sits back in her chair. "Well, we shall have to make sure she continues to find our side better than his, then. I would not like to have her as an enemy as well as all the others."

Cerin "I would not like to kill her, no."

Zahara "I wonder how she would react if you told her of this possibility.."

Cerin "You can guess this better than I. People are one of the areas your expertise far outstrips mine."

Zahara considers, "I think she would be more likely to defect to his side if we kept it from her, and she discovered that we knew, or suspected. Also, the consideration that she may grow powerful enough to destroy him might entice her to stay with us, and train in her powers."

Cerin nods. "That seems to make sense to me too."

Zahara "We should tell her in private, in case she does not wish to share."

Cerin "Of course."

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