• Hundredfold writhe under the force from Zahara's bell.

<Kai> Her first attack rebuffed, Kai glares up visciously at the demon. She snarls as she charges forward again, leaping savagely, her blades dancing light and shadow as they try to find purchase this time.

  • Reshina` smiles a wicked, feral smile, gleaming red claws moving to deflect the blades of shadow and light.
  • Zahara whirls and flips her daiklave to her left hand, slashing out at the Balrog nearest her, the one she'd wounded a second ago. The bloody edge seeks the wound she'd opened up eagerly, as the Four Swords dance, weaving, waiting, and then, the Bell rings thrice, calling out to Reshina's soul as it wreaks its destruction.

The burning hundredfold creature locks its fiery blade with Zahara's, snarling viciously at her.

  • Reshina` snarls as the bell tolls once more, bringing up her claws and a sheet of wind to disrupt the notes, following through with a blast of air that rocks the bell as it hangs. Then she turns her attention back to her prey. The wind howls as the claws become a bright red blur.

<Kai> Daybreaker pulses with dark light, tinged with bright flashes at it intercepts the demons claws. As Kai braces for the sixth and final strike, she tilts the blade down just a bit, a subtle angle change to disrupt Reshina's rythm. An old swordsman's trick, but as the claws dart in, she prays it will work.

  • Reshina` smiles disappointedly as the sword of sunlight moves with resolute certianty to block her blows. Then she whispers words. Words of blasphemy. Words of decay. Words that flay the soul. Words that burn their way through the sky to Kai's and Birds' ears.
  • Birds squints, to watch the words rippling through the air. As a particularly heavy one approaches, she plants her feet on it and surfs farther up the tower, until it settles quietly in a curtained balcony.
  • Birds doesn't settle quite so quietly; the word slams her against the wall with some force.

No sooner does she land than one of the flaming creatures reaches the top of the tower, and begins to strike viciously at her with a great fiery axe.

The others upon the ground begin to strike away at Zahara and Markuran.

  • Birds growls, and ducks between the folds of the curtain behind her. "You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"
  • Markuran leans back as the talons of the beast rake across his stomach. Blood wells but Marku seems unphased by the slight wound. Before the creature can fly away the big Solar hammers his fists into its back overhanded, smashing it against his knees.
  • Zahara neatly parries the blades of the Balrogs, her flying swords zooming down to join in the fray.

Markuran's blows shatter flaming rock as the balrog is sent smashing into the earth, before groggily beginning to rise up again

  • Markuran leaps forward, landing with a heavy CRACKLEPOPSNAP on the wounded Balrog's spine. As the rock-skinned demon falls to dust under his feet, Marku lunges for the second closest and wraps his arms about its neck, forcing it to slam into its nearby friend. Wrestling both to the ground, Marku bashes them until they start to chip.

Marku successfully crushes the first beast under his mighty feet, and begins to valiantly shatter the rocky form of the third.

  • Kai glares up at the demon as she moves in a third time. She holds Daybreaker up high, the solar saber trailing behind. "You want this? All right, come and get it!" She charges headlong at Reshina, brings the blades up... and at the last moment, drops into a roll, darting past the demon. She hops to her feet as she clears the claws, ducks into a half-shattered building, and bolts for the back entrance, hoping to keep the bea

<Kai> hoping to keep the beast on her tail long enough for her companions to diminish the ranks of the fire-creatures.

  • Reshina` 's aquamarine hair stands on end, then swirls into deadly sigils as the scent of carrion fills the air. She turns to face Zahara, ignoring Kai for the moment. "I'll catch her later. It will be an interesting chase. Not that you'll see it. But now I must depart." Then her eyes become the endless desert and the winds become as knives as she flays the solar alive.
  • Reshina` lets out a victorious snarl as she sees the solar fall, licking her lips at the blood her winds brought back to her.
  • Reshina` then leaps into the air, spreading her pinons and starting to wing off to the south at high speed.

<Zahara> "You must be having a bad hair day." Zahara observes as the demon goes all freaky on her. "Try something new. Maybe a bob." Then she falls down.

  • Kai stops in her tracks as she hears the screaming winds, spins around, and books back to the battle scene.
  • Markuran stares at the space where Zahara was, stunned.
  • Zahara bleeds all the hell over. :(
  • Birds , hearing Zahara fall, turns to look.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "..."

  • Reshina` is now known as Cerin
  • Kai pokes her head out of the shattered dorway. "... Zahara?"
  • Zahara does not respond, except for a light rhythmic gurgling noise.

<Cerin> "ZAHARA!!!!" Cerin shouts his voice raw as he is suddenly at her side, a crimson blur coallesing as he picks her up "Zahara! Damnit ... "

  • Zahara makes Cerin more crimson.
  • Kai runs to them, stopping a few yards away. She stands quietly, unable to speak.
  • Cerin looks down at her, holding her closer to him. "No! No! I won't let you!" Cerin declares, smoothing the hair from her face.
  • Markuran steps forward, looking down at Zahara.
  • Cerin presses something to her lips. "Eat. Please. Eat!"

Zahara's lips are motionless, but Cerin can squeeze the something in and force her to swallow nonetheless.

  • Birds leaps down, tearing strips of cloth from her sleeves as she falls. If Cerin can just keep her alive long enough for us to bind her wounds...

<Cerin> "... That should have worked! Why isn't it working?" Cerin demands of Creation.

  • Zahara prepares to haunt Kai forever!

A few moments pass, and just as Cerin begins to give up hope, Zahara gives a tiny cough and begins to stir.

<Cerin> "Zahara...?"

Zahara, though weak and still bleeding, is definitely once again alive.

  • Markuran gives a loud bellow of happiness and hugs Zahara, and by extension Cerin, to him tightly.

<Cerin> "Let go of her you oaf, you'll crush her!"

  • Zahara blinks, feeling the stickiness of blood on her lashes trying to keep her eyes shut. She inhales, and looks up, "Ce..Cerin? What are you doing here?" she coughs, and moves to wipe the blood from her eyes, and finds that, she has very little skin left to use.. "What happened?" she starts to panic, her normally cool expression betraying fear for a millisecond before she screams as Marku squashes her raw wounds against the two me

<Zahara> the two men.

  • Birds lands lightly beside Kai, and suggests, "I don't want to break up this joyful reunion (what on earth did you do, Cerin, her head was half off...), but we really should bind up those wounds before something gets in them." She looks significantly at the interesting ichors the Hundredfold and demoness left behind.
  • Markuran hugged very carefully!
  • Zahara feels...something changing in the few moments after she awoke from.. the other world? The feeling spreads from her mouth, down through her body, into her limbs, soothing and healing her battered body, now covered in fresh pink new skin.

<Markuran> "I am..glad you're alive, Zahara."

<Zahara> "You..are?"

  • Birds watches as Zahara's wounds close. "Nevermind that."
  • Cerin continues to hold her softly. He has no idea what to say to her, no idea how to say it.
  • Zahara looks down at herself, turning her hand this way and that, blinking, as the skin heals. "What did you do? I was..."

<Cerin> "... A Peach."

<Zahara> "What? We need that!"

  • Cerin looks down at her reproachfully. "I need you." he forces himself to smile, a cracked smile "Besides, you don't think I'd only steal one, do you?"
  • Zahara stares at him for a few seconds, then starts to giggle, the kind that is impossible to stop, and infects anyone who hears it. It may be the strangest thing anyone has seen all day.
  • Kai blinks, unsure weather to smile or shudder.
  • Cerin holds her, and giggles, and crys.
  • Markuran smiles at Zahara and pants her hand gently. "I take it your venture in Heaven went well then, Cerin?"
  • Zahara clings to Cerin, as she laughs, a few sobs of reaction making their way in between. She even smiles at Marku
  • Cerin ignores Marku for the moment, trying to stop the giggling and the tears
  • Zahara pulls Cerin's face down to hers, and manages to stop the laughter long enough to whisper to him. "I love you. Thank you."
  • Cerin squeezes her ever so slightly tigher as she says that, kissing her softly, then scoping her up in his arms.

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