The Solars prepare to depart on yet another journey of adventure and excitement.

<Zahara> "So... what IS a soulfont anyway?" Zahara asks mildly as she tucks various vials and phials into her pouches.

  • Birds thinks.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Maybe it's like where souls go when they get thirsty."

<Cerin> "I'm not sure at all." Cerin packs various things into a 2ft Jade sphere

  • Birds puts some stuff in Marku's bag when he is not looking.
  • Zahara brings some Cold Iron just in case, and a collar of each type, and two blanks.
  • Markuran yawns, looking tired but extremely satisfied with himself. "Where are we going again?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Places. We have things to do. And people to see! Maybe also tasks to accomplish."

  • Cerin closes up the jade sphere and it vanishes. "We need some water."

<Zahara> "We're going to these coordinates on the map. There is something called a Soul font there, and we need water from it."

<Markuran> "Is it guarded?"

<Zahara> "We shall see, shan't we?"

<Zahara> "Everyone ready? I'm bringing a few friends along just in case things get sticky." She opens the door to show Lucien and a couple of Blood Apes hanging out behind it.

  • Markuran sighs. "If you must."
  • Zahara changes her mind, and opens the other door with Lucien and a couple of Tomescu!

<Cerin> "Well, lets get moving?"

  • Markuran nods, idly checking his bag to see if he forgot anything.
  • Zahara strikes out towards where Tanty and Reaver are waiting! Along with the Wasps!
  • Cerin lets the snake settle on his shoulders
  • Markuran eyes Birds suspiciously before going through the Portal on his wasp.
  • Zahara rides through the portal!
  • Cerin is sitting behind zahara
  • Birds fixes Marku with a guileless stare and spurs her bug forward.

ok, per + awe from everyone

<Zahara> !chardice per+awareness

<SuperDiceBot?> Zahara rolls Perception + awareness. (Extra Dice: )

  • Super Dice Bot? Zahara rolls 3 dice (diff: 1), and gets 1 success on the roll!

<SuperDiceBot?> (|| 2 2 9 ||) ( raw: 1 ) ::EXALTED DICE::

<Markuran> !chardice per+awareness

<SuperDiceBot?> Markuran rolls Perception + awareness. (Extra Dice: )

  • Super Dice Bot? Markuran rolls 7 dice (diff: 1), and gets 2 successes on the roll!

<SuperDiceBot?> (|| 5 1 4 1 7 2 9 ||) ( raw: 2 ) ::EXALTED DICE::

As the Exalts pass through the portal, they feel an odd sense of warmth -- not hot, simply comfortable and inviting. Beyond the gate lies an elaborate world built entirely of what seem to be glowing strands of light. Soft, melodic tones seem to fill the warm air as it blows past. The Solars find themselves on a small island of light, floating (hung on the narrowest of threads) amongst millions of others, while great t

<Cerin> ns of others, while great t

while great trunks of green or blue or gold light climb upwards to infinity and vast plains and parabolas stretch out to the limits of vision.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Pretty."

<Zahara> "Quite. We should build a summer home here."

  • Markuran stares. "Or just a plain all-around home."
  • Cerin nods to Zahara

The lights slowly pulse and shift position, slowly changing shape and metamorphosing into new, yet more vast arrangements.

<Zahara> "The books didn't mention how beautiful it would be here."

  • Birds tries to pick up some bits of light.

The colors and tones shift slightly to match.

<Cerin> "I'm not sure they could, my love."

The lights do not appear to be held together by anything in particular, so one -- about the size of a large grapefruit -- lifts up easily in Birds' hand. It has almost no weight, like a feather, and it pulses with a warmness as it shifts through the spectrum of colors. It is very pleasant to hold.

  • Birds licks it.
  • Zahara blinks at Birds, "Does it taste good?" she picks up a light of her own

The taste is much akin to its other sensations -- calm, gentle, and slowly shifting.

  • Markuran grabs a handful and sticks them into his bag.
  • Zahara puts it into a phial and corks it

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Uh, it's like celery."

<Zahara> "mmm.. we should get going, no telling what sorts of creatures live here." She directs Tanty to fly toward where she thinks the font should be.

<Cerin> "Celery?" he tries one for himself...

  • Birds stuffs the chunk into some part of her robe and jumps back in the saddle.

Cerin finds a somewhat distinct taste from Birds' experience.

<Cerin> "How odd." he returns the light to where he found it

<Zahara> *fly fly fly*

  • Cerin whispers directions in Zahara's ear
  • Zahara triangulates on the location of the font using the knowledge from the books she'd read and an innate sense of direction, aided well by Cerin's directions!

From some distance away, Zahara can make out a vast structure, the only object visible which does not seem to be made of the same light filaments.

  • Cerin studies the structure carefully over Zahara's shoulder

<Zahara> "That must be it." she points

  • Zahara flies closer

The object is a vast, enormous circular crystalline fountain. Each level is a great disc, with an elaborate design carved into its edge (each distinct), through which the waters flow down to the next, larger level. At the point Cerin and Zee approach at, it is perhaps a quarter-mile wide; this particular level of the fountain has an irregular zig-zag edge that breaks the falling waters into numerous individual streams

<Markuran> "Um. What's it a font of?"

<Cerin> "It is called the soulfont."

<Markuran> "So is that water or soul?"

The water itself is not clear; instead, it seems to glow and pulse much like the lights throughout the rest of the area, though it is distinctly liquid and the others clearly have individuality to them.

<Markuran> "And would that make these glowing things souls?"

  • Zahara copies down the designs

<Cerin> "Yes, it would."

  • Birds bottles some of the water, just, uh, in case she gets thirsty.
  • Zahara bottles several bottles worth, indeed!

<Cerin> "Zahara, could we have a look ... down there?" he points to the very base of the fountain.

<Zahara> "Certainly." she continues copying as they spiral downwards

it's some distance downwards to reach the bottom of the fountain. by the time it finishes, the largest platform is nearly a mile across. as the Solars journey downwards, they see the water start to transform -- the more levels it falls past, the more strange patterns it is split by while falling, the thicker and more tangible it seems to grow. At the bottom, finally, the water flows through the borders of the final pl

<Cerin> the final pl

borders of the final platform and, instead of falling further, seems to break off in discrete units and float away, joining the other lights that fill the air.

<Zahara> "Souls?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Hm, interesting. It looks like the water is transformed into souls as it falls. What's it like at the top?"

  • Birds stretches a bit and jumps up there to look.

Beneath the fountain, a large quantity of individual crystalline tubes seem to feed into its bottom center -- each carrying a variety of light objects of their own. These, however, do not have quite the same warm glow as the free-floating ones -- they are sharper, and rather than pulsating and changing each seems to have its own pre-determined shape, color, and tone.

<Cerin> "Lets go and see ..." he takes 3 souls.

  • Cerin takes 3 of the defined souls at random, too.
  • Zahara also takes three of each

<Zahara> "Where'd Birds go?"

<Cerin> "To look at the top.."

  • Birds taps her fingers on her arm. It's a long way up.

At the top -- some miles upwards -- the fountain eventually narrows down to a single platform, perhaps a foot across. There, as if from nowhere, a massive jet of purest water shoots up, nearly twenty feet into the air. As it falls down to every side, what seem to be the remnants of the defined souls -- pieces and fragments -- are disgorged from a ring at the top of the fountain. (...)

  • Zahara directs Tanty to follow her up, albeit a bit more slowly than she jumped

The water flows over them on the top level, dissolving them and granting the water its unusual glow as it begins to flow downwards.

  • Birds grabs a soul fragment and holds it in her cupped hands, gathering some water as it falls, to watch it dissolve more closely.
  • Zahara gathers up some fragments and puts them each in a separate phile

If she watches closely, she can almost see the individual strands of Essence unwind and twine off into the water as the soul fragment is unmade.

  • Markuran takes some water and keeps it for himself. If the Unformed Things were that useful...

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Zee, this is pretty interesting, you and Cerin might want to get a closer look. Is this normal water? Like, before it goes all souly?"

  • Birds skips back down to where Marku is and tackles him.
  • Markuran is tackled...right into the Soulfont!
  • Zahara copies Birds... well not the tackling part. the inspecting the dissolving souls part.
  • Markuran accidentally swallows some soul and coughs. "Birds!!"

Soulwater splashes everywhere! Marku and Birds are both glowing in an interesting fashion now and experiencing possibly a slightly TOO personal warm, throbbing feeling.

  • Birds tries to decide whether to look pleased or upset. "There you are. I didn't see you! Would you mind taking that sketchbook out of your bag and handing it to me?"

<Markuran> "It's all souly now!"

<Zahara> I hope you didn't taint it!"

  • Birds shrugs, not actually letting Marku get up.
  • Markuran shifts his position under Birds to reach the bag and give her the sketch book. "Get off me now, this soul-water is making me feel a bit too...nevermind, just get off."
  • Birds gets up. "...Yes, I see that it's making you...comfortable."

<Zahara> "too what?" Zahara asks curiously.

  • Birds laughs.
  • Cerin collects some of the pure water, careful to keep soul bits out.
  • Markuran does not dignify Zahara's question with a response, simply standing and slogging out of the soulfont.
  • Markuran coughs a few more times. "I think I swallowed a soul."
  • Zahara looks at Birds for an explanation
  • Birds points.

<Zahara> "What are you, now, a Fae, Marku?"

  • Zahara dips her toes in the font

<Markuran> "No! When Birds tackled me I got soul-water all in my mouth and I think there was a soul in it."

Zee's toes are pleasantly tingly!

<Zahara> "ooooh."

<Zahara> "We should bring some of this back and make a hot tub."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Uh, so, I was just about to..." She pulls a pen out of her hair and sketches some diagrams, setting the ink afire with her Essence.

  • Zahara scoops up as much purified soulwater as she can

Marku feels a strange, warm glow begin to spread deep inside himself. It is oddly... pleasant.

  • Markuran pulls up his shirt and peers at his stomach to see if its actually glowing.
  • Zahara catches a glimpse of glowing abs

it doesn't LOOK like it's glowing....

  • Cerin wonders what he can see with essence sight

<Zahara> Don't vomit into the soulfont, please. It might disturb creation.

There does indeed appear to be a single soul sitting comfortably in Marku's belly.

<Cerin> "Interesting."

<Markuran> "What's interesting?"

<Cerin> "The soul."

<Markuran> "..what?"

<Zahara> "The one he ate?"

  • Cerin nods.

<Markuran> "I didn't eat it!"

<Zahara> "Marku's going to have a baby!" she claps.

  • Markuran stares in horror at Zahara. "I am NOT!"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "...or Really Interesting indigestion..."

<Zahara> "Maybe it'll grow up to be your true love."

<Markuran> "I've already found a true love, Zahara."

<Zahara> "Hopefully it will have a Really Nice Ass."

<Zahara> "You have?"

<Markuran> "Daana'd."

  • Zahara blinks at Marku

<Zahara> "you haven't even talked to her for ages."

  • Birds leans over and sniffs Zee's breath. "Have you been in the pantry again, Zee? I thought we discussed what was and wasn't for eating..."
  • Markuran waves that away.

<Markuran> "What is it *doing*, Cerin?"

  • Markuran prods at his stomach.
  • Zahara blows on Birds' nose

<Cerin> "It's sitting there."

  • Birds pokes the stomach. "Do you think it'll be our friend?"

<Markuran> "Stop that, Birds."

<Zahara> "You seriously need to work on your wooing, Marku." her breath smells of floooowers.

<Markuran> "How do I get rid of this thing?"

  • Birds grins. "I think I felt it kicking!"

<Markuran> "I don't need some dead person hanging around my belly."

<Zahara> "It's not dead, it's reborn!"

<Zahara> "Now you'll have something to funnel all your compassion and caring into."

<Markuran> "It's not reborn yet, or I couldn't have swallowed it!"

<Markuran> "At least not without chewing."

<Zahara> "Well it's inside a human body now! You it."

<Markuran> "I did no such thing. Why don't we put it in YOU and let YOU rebear it?"

<Zahara> "Too late now! Besides, do you REALLY want me bearing children?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I'm pretty sure that Cerin's supposed to be the only one putting it in Zee, Marku dear."

<Markuran> "...we can let BIRDS have it."

<Zahara> "Yes, only Cerin's allowed." she taps her hips and there is a little metallic clink

  • Markuran sighs deeply. "Let's go back to the Cascade...."
  • Cerin smiles absently

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Uh, so, aside from Marku's...delicate condition...we're done here?"

<Zahara> "So it would seem, although I don't think i have enough to properly fill a hottub."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I think that, if I were wiser, I would suggest that we get home before the locals decide that we're not welcome."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "We have the gates, we can always come back."

<Zahara> "True true. Let's be off then." she smiles suggesetively to Cerin. "I have some theories I need to test back home."

  • Cerin smiles back, a little distracted.
  • Birds studiously looks away before making a terrified face.
  • Markuran follows everyone else back, looking very unhappy.
  • Birds leans over and whispers to her agata, suggesting that the wasps strike up a comforting lullaby. Fetuses like being sung to.

<Zahara> "Why so distracted, love?" she asks Cerin

<Cerin> "I'm just considering things..."

<Zahara> "Such as?"

  • Cerin smiles at her.
  • Cerin whispers in her ear
  • Zahara raises a brow and nods, whispering back
  • Markuran hatches a fiendish plot.
  • Cerin nods

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