• Zahara collects the swirling magics in her hands, and there is a molten flash of light as all the fire spirals down from her body into the ground, which shudders as the magic flows through it. Beyond, where the Shadow Boar is about to turn from its latest charge, the ground cracks and heaves, splitting to birth the first of the five tentacles, followed shortly by the others which spring up to form a cage of living fire around it.

The creature roars and howls as the firey tendrils sink into its flesh, burning away shadows and releasing foul black smoke into the air.

  • Birds circles around to the boar's front and waits for the opportune moment. Thrashed by the magma tentacles, it rears, exposing its belly, and she fires a single white bolt at its underside. Her anima corkscrews around it blackly.
  • Cerin picks himself up from the ground, turning to beast only a few metres from him, now restrained by Zahara's sorcery. The battlefield blazes white as images of a thousand hunts blaze around Cerin. He fires one arrow, then another through the first, spliting it into 4 bolts of light that fly on with the arrow into the shadows, illuminating them from within.

The bolts of light are all blunted by the beast's shadowy hide, though they manage to pierce it enough for new gouts of smoke to join the others.

Struggling with all its might, the creature breaks free of the tentacle and dives straight for Zahara, its red eyes staring directly into hers, its billows of black smoke making it impossible for her to see almost anything else. Its vicious shadow blades strike at her with no remorse.

  • Zahara 's blade is implacable and simply allows none of the blades to pass. Her anima flares brightly, pouring into the sword which meets each strike perfectly.
  • Zahara grins wildly, her hair whipping in the wind of her sword's passage, as another of the two tentacles finds itself controlled by the Sorceress' will. They work in tandem, coiling one around the front of the beast, and one around the back, crushing and searing its shadowy flesh.

<Zahara> "Stand still, beast." she smirks. "And DIE."

  • Birds aims for Cerin's smoking wounds as she slings another volley of fiery bolts.

<BirdsOfTrinity> (the wounds that cerin made)

<Cerin> The hunted blaze once more above the battlefield and then Cerin's hands a hail of motes is released. The sunlight bow sings as each mote falls into place along the string, a sheet of sunlight flying from his bow cutting into the black.

The bolts of light from Birds and Cerin tear into the beast's flesh; and with one final great scream it tears itself into pieces, tiny flaps of black shadow being blown away on the wind until none is left.

  • Zahara waits til the swirling energies around them all die down before rearranging her hair back into a semblance of a style, and pats it a few times. "Ah, much better." then she takes a few moments to arrange the tentacles into the Old Realm for "Zahara Dreambreaker Was Here."
  • Cerin laughs softly as he runs over to her.

<Zahara> "Are you alright, love?" she turns to embrace him.

  • Cerin wraps his arms around her. He nods "Of course." he rubs his chest a little.
  • Zahara smiles, "Sesseljae to the rescue again." she taps his chest, and the bug demons make little ripple there. "Is Birds alright too?"

<Cerin> "I didn't see her get hit."

  • Birds floats over, dropping her sword into her mouth. "I'm fine, loves. Bandage up the boy so we can get moving."

<Zahara> "I was a little distracted. All I saw was shadows and flying blood." She gives Cerin a kiss that promises more when they can get a moment alone, then pulls away. "Yes, you're right Birds. We should get back." she crouches down where the boar had died to look for a trophy to bring as proof.

  • Cerin breaks off from the kiss. "No need for bandages, Birds." he says up to the flying girl
  • Birds takes a moment to carve her own signature into one of Zahara's tentacles before it is fully cooled, while the other two look for spoils
  • Zahara chops the front right hoof off the beast before it disappears fully, and inspects it curiously for a moment, then nods to herself and heads back toward the edge of the scourged lands, to where they'd last seen people.

No emissaries await their return, though Zahara can make out the path by which to return to the village.

<Zahara> "It seems they had little faith in us." she notes as she takes the path.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You'd think they would learn better."

<Cerin> "We were but four, when they have sent tribes."

<Cerin> "And they cannot use many powerful magics."

<Zahara> "True. They must have thought us overconfident. I hope the boar didn't kill all the Lords."

  • Birds nods. "That is also true."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "That was impressive, that lava-tentacle-wrestling thing."

<Zahara> "You liked it? I've been waiting for a good occasion to use it." she grins.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I have been meaning to ask you about the summoning of demons..."

  • Cerin nods "It was impressive."

<Zahara> "What sorts?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Oh, you know, all sorts."

<Zahara> "Is it something you wish to *learn* or are you simply curious about what can be summoned?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "The second question had not even occurred to me."

<Zahara> "If you wish to learn to summon Demons, I can teach you, but only once you have learned the art of Sorcery. I can start you on the path there, but you must go alone."

<Zahara> "Unless you wish to summon them without binding - which I do NOT recommend."

<Cerin> "It is not to be recommended, no."

  • Birds nods. "I will have to consider this. I am a poet-baker, not a sorceress."
  • Cerin speaks from some experience.
  • Zahara` nods to Birds. "If you wish a demon summoned, I will do so for you."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You are too kind. Are there similar sorcerous procedure for less...inimical spirits?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I think it may be more to my liking to quest after THAT knowledge."

<{{Zahara`}}> "For elementals, yes. If you treat with them kindly they may be friendly."

<{{Zahara`}}> "You could attempt such with Smoking Mirror's clan. Without sorcery, it is more of you asking them to come in return for offerings, than commanding them in any way."

  • Birds is, fortunately, the definition of kindness.
  • Cerin leads them back to the village

Aloster and the others are waiting for the Solars' return near the edge of the village.

<Zahara> "We have returned." Zahara announces unnecesarily, but with a bit of pomp (the kind Marku is famous for).

  • Alostar walks forward a little, and gazes carefully at the Solars. "And have you been successful?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "We are victorious," Birds notes.

  • Alostar looks over the Solars carefully, as if not quite certain of the truth of this statement.
  • Zahara holds up the Hoof, still trailing sad little shadows.
  • Alostar looks at it with definite surprise in his old eyes. "You /have/ slain the creature...!" A second later, a triumphant shout rises up from the crowd behind him, and soon the entire village is cheering. Within a short time, a banquet table has been set and great casks of drink brought to complement it.
  • Zahara goes about enjoying the food and especially the adulation of the crowd, although she makes sure not to gloat openly.
  • Cerin is quieter next to her, though he does indeed enjoy the drinks, and the crowd.
  • Birds spends much of the meal asking the Elysians about their world and the scourge, and most importantly, their literature and language.
  • Cerin does try to ask the Elysians about their origins as the meal progresses.
  • Zahara asks about the Lords, and whether or not they'll return soon!

<Alostar?> "We can only hope that they will return, now that the land will be whole again," the elder says, in between swigs of ale. Putting down his mug, he settles down to tell the Solars all they wish to know of his land and his people.

<Alostar?> "Our legends tell of the time before the Okai -- that is what we call ourselves -- dwelled in Elysion. The land was barren then, not dead but not alive as it is today. "

<Alostar?> "It was then that the Lords journeyed here, and took the land under their wing. They seeded the grass, tended the trees, drew up the animals from the very earth itself."

<Alostar?> "After one thousand years, they felt that they had perfected the land around them. Creatures dwelt harmoniously throughout Elysion, warm breezes blew throughout the day, and a happy scent filled the air. It was then that they searched out the greatest spot in the land, under the vastest tree, and drew up their final creation -- the Okai."

<Alostar?> "For the thousand years since that time, we have dwelt under the wing of the Lords, learning from them the ways of the land: how we may live, so that one day we might be able to reach their exalted perch."

Satisfied with his explanation, Alostar digs in with renewed fervor to his celebratory meal.

<Zahara> "Would the Lords appreciate the lands that have been destroyed being restored to life, or would they prefer to do such themselves?"

<Alostar?> "I expect that they would app.... perhaps you should ask them." Wide eyed, he turns a little to one side and gestures to the sky.

  • Cerin turns up to look into the sky
  • Zahara looks upwards, standing to greet them.

The Solars see three great beings slowly descent from the sky. Vast wings, easily thirty feet across, of glittering purple, blue and black feathers slowly flap as they descend. Lithe, thin bodies, artfully shaped, shining with bluest light. Faces indescribable in mortal tongues. The beauty of the creatures is stunning, enough to silence all discussion in the village at the slightest sight of them.

  • Zahara finds their beauty even eclipses Marku's ass's finest moments.

Shining with radiant Essence, the ethereal creatures glide towards the table where the Solars sit.

<LordsOfElysion?> Speaking with mellifluous voices, the creatures speak to the Solars. "We thank you for freeing our lands from the rampaging beast. Its power was anathema to us, and drove us into hiding. Now we are once again free to guide our people." One gestures slowly at the surrounding Okai.

<Zahara> "Your people have been most kind to us, we are pleased to have helped them by destroying the beast." She bows respectfully, though not deeply. "This place was beautiful once, under your guidance." she gestures toward the scarred area "I ask your permission to help return it to its former glory."

<LordsOfElysion?> The foremost of the creatures nods very slightly, to grant its ascent. "You journeyed here for a reason."

  • Cerin stands next to Zahara watching them come in, raidating a faint sense of wonder into the unity

<Zahara> "We ask but a few of your feathers to help us save our world, and to establish an alliance of good will."

<LordsOfElysion?> "Do you oppose those who journeyed here to steal our power from us?"

<Zahara> "If they are who I suspect, we do."

<LordsOfElysion?> The creature nods again. Each of the three raise one wing ever so slightly and from each a single feather floats away and into Zahara's hand. With that, the three creatures alight into the sky again. "You are welcome in Elysion at any time, Sun-Chosen," they say, as they fly away.

  • Birds waves.

<Zahara> "I thank you, Lords of Elysion."

  • Alostar watches the Lords depart, a smile upon his lips. When they have departed, he turns to the Solars again. "I must thank you again for returning our land to peace."
  • Zahara turns to her companions, tucking the feathers carefully into a container which she then seals. "I must rest for a bit, to recover my strength. Then I'll show you what I learned." she gives them a slightly smug smile.
  • Cerin smiles and kisses her softly

<Alostar?> "Is there anything else you wish to know from me?"

<Zahara> "Tell us of the ones who came to steal from you."

  • Alostar nods. "They arrived much as you did, walking on foot towards our village. There were three of them: two men and a woman. They wore simple clothes but carried a great deal upon their backs, and they seemed harried when they arrived."
  • Alostar sips from his mug.

<Zahara> "What did they look like? Did you see any symbols on their foreheads, or on what they carried?"

<Alostar?> "No symbols. The one man was thin, with sharp features; he was quiet, but the others clearly deferred to him. The other man was larger, and louder -- he consumed a great deal of ale in his time here."

<Alostar?> "They stayed within our village for two weeks. At the end of that time, the scourge struck at our village, and when it did, they vanished, though we could feel that they had not perished at its hands."

<Alostar?> "We thought it unusual that these creatures could have dealt with such a powerful threat as the scourge. They had not even the barest command of Essence! Until we met them, we did not know that there were creatures who talked and thought could have such a lack."

<Zahara> "Sadly, most of the creatures of our world lack such command."

<Alostar?> "That is shocking to hear! What sad lives such creatures must live." He causes his drink to sparkle visibly, as if to demonstrate.

<Zahara> "Indeed. Which is why we must guard them from the threats that surround them."

  • Alostar nods.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "They are pathetic."

<Alostar?> "I would imagine so."

  • Birds looks very saddened at this.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Maybe someday, we can change it. But not today. We have much more important things to attend to. Thank you for your hospitality."

<Alostar?> "You are most welcome. Thank you again. You are welcome here forevermore."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You are welcome in our home as well."

<Zahara> "When the sun returns to the sky, I will heal the scars left by the beast. But I must retire until then."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "We all should."

  • Zahara likely retires for the evening, then as dawn threatens to break, she and any others who wish to accompany her, return to the scarred land.
  • Cerin is by her side, of course.
  • Zahara has procured an exceedingly beautiful cel-shaded taproot, with permission from the Lords, of a 1,000 year old -as things go in this realm- tree.

The journey to the scarred land is uneventful.

  • Zahara ascends into the air so that she can see the entirety of the scarred lands below her, and begins her chant. Slowly, the words drone on, forming a melody reminiscent of the gentlest of spring rains coaxing life from dormancy, that lasts throughout the morning. The words shift imperceptibly throughout midday to the long, impossibly perfect heat of the summer, and the life that burgeons in its wake.

Those surrounding her can feel the life Essence welling up within the air as Zahara chants her spell.

  • Zahara shifts her song in through the afternoon, evoking the ripening of all things, and the crispness of the fall air, fading into the night of winter, the sparkling of the snow, the blue of the shadows against the dark silhouettes of trees, the crunching of snow underfoot. The song ends, finally, with the hint of the spring rains returning as the Sun completes its cycle, and the dawn breaks upon the second day.
  • Zahara calls out a joyous sound and casts the taproot to the ground, where it burrows into the maimed soil, and a soft, warm rain begins to fall upon the land.

<Cerin> As the spell ends, Zahara's concentration no longer needed, Cerin draws Zahara into his arms and kisses her softly as the warm rains fall on them "That was one of the most wonderous things I have ever witnessed." he murmurs in her ear.

The Essence of life sinks into the earth and ignites it with potential. From the spot that the taproot is cast down upon, vibrant grasses and trees begin to sprout up instantaneously from the ground, restoring the land to a vital and healthy state.

  • Zahara smiles at Cerin, kissing him back. "It felt...good. To help." she says, still glowing literally and figuratively from the life-bringing magic. She smiles mischevously, "But don't tell the barbarian."
  • Cerin laughs softly, very amused "But of course."

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