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At some point very shortly after that last miniscene, you're going to get a note from Lai saying that he wants a meeting immediately.

  • Cerin suggests a clearing in the forest, about a days travel from the Cascade.

After you arrive, he appears behind you.

<Lai Misuna?> "Cerin, you have not kept me waiting. Good."

  • Cerin turns, used to this kind of behavior "I am rarely late"

<Lai Misuna?> "....Indeed." He looks haughty and impatient. "I understand that you and the... others met a Sidereal. Is this correct?"

  • Cerin nods

<Lai Misuna?> "What did he ask of you?"

<Cerin> "He did not see me there, he asked of the gods of Listran, and their guards to Zahara and the others"

<Lai Misuna?> "Hmmmmm. Do the others suspect their secret?"

  • Cerin shakes his head "They did not see the significance of the castemarks, did not know they were Exalted, flawed as they were"

<Lai Misuna?> "Good." He pauses, as if to think for a second.

  • Cerin idly studies the mans essence, wondering what birthed it, and comparing it to his recent studies.

<Lai Misuna?> "These Sunlanders seek to expand their territory, control the free lands of the Southeast. This must not be allowed to occur."

<Lai Misuna?> "Should they seek to reach out into the lands north of their current holdings, you must prevent this from occurring. We will not allow a Solar hegemony to grip this region."

<Cerin> "I am in no place to stop them, not with words. They have ..firm views on such things." Cerin considers

<Lai Misuna?> "I trust that my view of your abilities was not mistaken, Cerin."

<Lai Misuna?> "You will find a way."

He seems to consider for a moment, then speaks again. "Keep them out of the southeast as well. Rathess must remain safe from their predations. That is a priority. Is this understood?"

  • Cerin nods "Out of Rathess, out of the lands to the north. This I will try. I will not come to blows ith them over this, not without help. I will not die for your plans."

Lai glares at Cerin for a moment. "Then I will mobilize others in case you fail. Do not fail, Cerin."

He begins to turn away, then adds: "Just a final note. If you see Seven Leaping Herons again, give him THIS for me."

  • Cerin meets his glare levelly "I will not." He looks to see what is offered

He draws out a dagger of brilliant red metal and hands it to Cerin. It is quite clear exactly HOW Cerin is intended to deliver this "Present."

  • Cerin takes the dagger, then, studying it "Very well."

<Lai Misuna?> "I must depart now; I have urgent business in Haslanti. Godspeed."

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