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Working with just the three of them to prevent disturbances to the Manse by unskilled and uninformed hands, Cerin, Markuran and Zahara begin to reform the far end of the Solars Quarters into a new suite of rooms for the archer's use.

<Zahara> "So, Cerin, what kind of room would you like? Grand or opulent?"

<Cerin> "...Grand or Opulent?" he scans Zahara's face for signs of her jest

  • Zahara looks quite serious, and a hint of hopeful on the opulent part.

<Markuran> "Don't let her coerce you. My rooms are simple."

<Zahara> "Yes, do you prefer more long, imposing lines, or more detailed, intricate work? Shush, Marku. Just because you're boring doesn't mean Cerin has to be."

<Cerin> "I have always appreciated fine craftsmanship...though generally from afar..or only breifly"

<Zahara> "Well, here's your chance!" She smiles, "I can do anything for you..r rooms."

  • Markuran snorts. "She'll probably walk to the Unformed Lands and bring back bricks of diamond if you smile at her, Cerin."
  • Cerin smiles "I would not want to turn you down then..." he thinks, the smile still on his face
  • Zahara glares at Marku, "Don't be silly." while thinking...'hmmm.. diamonds...'

<Cerin> "Nothing so gaudy as diamond bricks" he smiles apologetically at Zahara "I do not like being overstated"

  • Markuran nods approvingly. "Wood abounds. And stone. With that, much can be done. It must fit the rest of the Manse, of course. The mazework will run through your rooms, of course."
  • Zahara taps her fingers against her leg idly, pondering, "Do you prefer Mahogany and Ebony, or Maple and Birch?"

<Cerin> "Mahogany and Ebony would provide a nice contrast, I think"

<Zahara> "Very manly, yes.... and slate perhaps.. to provide texture to contrast with the marble.. unless you want limestone. Limestone stains, though."

<Zahara> "Mark, you did your rooms in dark woods didn't you?"

<Markuran> "Marble, or we will have to retile other areas to balance."

  • Markuran nods. "Yes. Ebony, black ash and oak. Yellow-white marble."

<Cerin> "I do not mind simply marble, though would inlays of marble of different colours be possible?"

<Zahara> "Hmm with the mahogany I think I'd go with the redder tones of marble. How about some nice inlays?"

  • Cerin smiles widely as he and Zahara suggest the same thing in the same breath

<Markuran> "As long as balance is maintained. The mazework channels much of the river's power, but balance must be kept with darkness and light."

  • Zahara whips out her sheaf of paper and starts sketching possible designs for the inlays, some runic, mostly signs of protection. others abstract, just pleasing patterns. "If we mix the red, yellow-white and black tones, it should highlight the tones of the wood and the walls, maybe, the white.
  • Cerin looks at the designs with interest. He nods in agreement. She probably knows better than him

<Markuran> "Once the plan is finished, demons can help with the work."

  • Zahara shows them to Mark, "What do you think? Smaller repeated patterns, or one large one?"

<Markuran> "We can't afford repetition here, remember."

<Markuran> "The darkness will figure it out."

<Cerin> "The darkness?" he asks with some curiousity

<Zahara> "We can if it's in long lines. If you provide a sort of feedback loop like this one here..." she points..."Hmmm well let's not take the chance. The large pattern, it is."

<Markuran> "Zahara can explain better."

<Markuran> "You don't mind bad dreams? We will have to move you to the wall if you do."

<Cerin> "I have yet to have a bad dream I cannot stop with talismans I have made"

  • Markuran notes Zahara is absorbed in her sketches. "There is a dark spirit in the river below. We keep it from the lakes and the folk around them with the Manse. The mazework confuses it."

<Zahara> *sketch sketch*

<Markuran> "But the spirit sends bad dreams to those who sleep where its water flows. No one rests easily in the Cascade."

  • Cerin raises his eyebrow "Why do you not slay this spirit or drive it off?"

<Zahara> "This is more fun, don't you think?"

<Markuran> "It has not posed a threat. We would not anger heaven."

  • Cerin nods then shrugs "Each to their own."

<Markuran> "Zahara has tried to feed intruders to its waters. I think they just drowned normally."

  • Zahara shrugs, "Either way, they die properly."
  • Cerin nods "I see"

<Zahara> "Do we have extra stone in the stockroom? Wood we have aplenty, since we live in a forest. One, I might add, we replanted with fine hardwood trees that will provide your furnishings soon."

<Markuran> "Soon we won't be able to harvest that. We must do as much as we can now..."

<Zahara> "Why not?"

<Markuran> "The Sharpglade is wakening, the Leafwalkers told me so when I last visited their mother."

<Cerin> "Could I see those drawings please?" he smiles to Zahara

<Zahara> "Ahh, good." She hands the drawings to Cerin. "But I thought that they did not consider the replanted trees to be their own, since they were from other areas?"

<Markuran> "The Sharpglade will soon have its own mind and we may not always know its thoughts."

  • Cerin leafs through the drawings, looking about the room trying to place where they are going to be. he makes appreciative noises
  • Zahara absently starts sketching out some furniture of the four-poster bed, and sturdy looking bedside table and wardrobe type, mostly strong lines, but with a few unique angles and curves thrown in that either enhance the function or just look neat.

<Cerin> "These are excellent...elegant and protective"

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<Markuran> "How many rooms will you need?"

  • Zahara idly considers a few additions to the furnishings, then decides to wait until later. Instead she corrects a couple of errant lines, and holds the potential furnishings up for inspection. "What do you think?" She's shaded the woods to define which is ebony and which is mahogany. The main sections are currently of the more red wood.
  • Cerin considers the drawings "Marvelous...such intricate design...I didnt know you could manage that with wood.."

<Cerin> "...how many rooms?" testing the concept alittle

<Markuran> "Some of it will be the Leafwalkers growing the woods. Did we tell you of the Bore? Don't visit the Bore."

<Zahara> "Well, you'll need a powder room, and a dressing room, obviously. Do you want a study? A parlor? Personal storage?"

  • Cerin raises an eyebrow "Very well I will avoid it" adds it to his 'to do list'
  • Rannath walks into the room, wearing his saffron-and-gold silk outfit with spear in-hand. "Having fun?"
  • Zahara looks up and smiles, "Rannath, what do you think of this furniture?" she holds up the latest sketch.
  • Cerin is curently mentally meshing himself with powder room. it is not working,
  • Rannath studies it for a moment. "..I like it."
  • Markuran gives a minute shake of his head at Rannath's ostentacious wardrobe. "Four rooms?"

<Cerin> "Four rooms would be more than sufficient...I havent had more than one for several seasons now"

<Zahara> "How did you survive?"

<Cerin> "Caves mostly, and the occasional inn. I travel too much normally to be bothered with a home"

<Markuran> "Not everyone has a palace, Zahara. Many of the Sunlanders still live in their thatched houses. Unless you'd like to commission stonebuilders and demons to build everyone little houses."

<Zahara> "Well yes, but they're MORTALS."

<Markuran> "I have brothers and sisters among them." he glowers at her.

  • Rannath sighs. "Zahara, they're our people."
  • Zahara shrugs. "Yes, and my parents were mortals too. They don't live long enough to properly appreciate things."
  • Cerin shrugs "I always appreciate luxury when I get the chance to enjoy it but..."

<Zahara> "AND, just because they're our people doesn't merit them palaces. THEY were not chosen by gods."

  • Zahara muses, "Unless you count us."

<Rannath> "In any case, we lack the resources, time, and labor to rebuild the entire Sunlands."

  • Rannath shrugs. "Maybe after our rule is consolidated throughout Creation."
  • Markuran shakes his head at Zahara, angry at her for her lack of compassion. "You have no claim to their loyalty nor blood if that is your mind, Dreambreaker."

<Zahara> "I don't need their love to rule them, Marku. Please them all you want with your fancy speeches. I will protect them from danger, and champion their causes if it pleases me. But i do not call them friends, nor do I need to."

  • Rannath clears his throat. "So, Cerin, where are you from originally?"
  • Zahara smiles brightly at Cerin, "Yes, tell us about yourself."
  • Markuran snarls at Zahara, deep in his throat. The muscles in his arm tremble as he keeps it at his side, knuckles showing white. He turns and storms from the room. A few chips of the great slate blocks that make up the ceiling fall in his wake.

<Zahara> "DAMNIT MARKU! DON'T CHIP THE SLATE!" she calls after him. "I hate it when he does that."

<Cerin> "I come from a-" he pauses to let Marku storm out "town that was called Arranth, though I was mostly eductaed in Great Forks"

  • Zahara tosses her hair a bit, then settles into politely listening. "What did you study?"

<Cerin> "The occult mostly..spirits and the like..I let most of my other studies slide for that" he laugsh depreciateingly

<Zahara> "I've dealt a bit with spirits, but most of my occult training is with demonic forces."

<Rannath> "I spent most of my time on the more mundane aspects of life."

<Zahara> "Such as building armies and destroying other armies with them?"

<Cerin> "We studied demons too...in a theoretical manner anyway, my practical experience came later..."

<Zahara> "Would you like to meet some?"

  • Cerin raises an eyebrow "Not especially"

<Zahara> "You'd like the Gilmeyne though."

<Cerin> "I dont think I've ever seen a Gilmeyne dance, though I have heard tails of their skill"

<Zahara> "Ahh, but you must. Their dances are truly beautiful."

  • Rannath grunts.

<Zahara> "And you, Rannath. When was the last time you relaxed and just watched something beautiful?"

<Rannath> "Demons do not fall into my definition of 'beautiful'. Demons fall into my definition of 'things that need to die'."

<Cerin> "And things cannot belong in those categories together?"

  • Zahara eyes Rannath, "Yes, I know your feelings. But these are mine, and will do no harm to those I befriend. Stop being so stuffy."

<Rannath> "They're mutually-exclusive in this case. And, Zahara, I have no objection to your demons so long as they're controlled."

<Zahara> "And when the Gilmeyne inspires your troops to greatness, you still scoff at their usefulness?"

<Rannath> "My soldiers take their only inspiration from the Unconquered Sun."

<Zahara> "mmhmmm. Well *I* am going to go relax and watch the show. YOU can do whatever you like. Go drill your troops or something."

  • Rannath shrugs and heads out the way he came.

<Cerin> "Are they always so ...severe about such things?"

  • Zahara wrinkles her nose, "They get all caught up in their morality and forget to see reality. Silly, really." She leads the way down several corridors and through a few small rooms, until they emerge into a large room, where the Gilmeyne dances quietly in the corner. Upon their arrival, the demon perks up, wishing to impress the audience with the intricacy of her dance.

<Zahara> The room is crimson and gold, with large, soft pillows strewn about artistically, to watch the performance from.

<Cerin> "...very nice" as he looks around the room

<Zahara> "Sit wherever you like, the best view is over here." She gestures to a large grouping.

  • Cerin walks over to there, sitting himself easily on the cushions, getting himself comfortable as he waits for Zahara to seat herself
  • Zahara seats herself in the same grouping, though not directly next to him, and settles herself in comfortably. She dims the lights slightly, so the Gilmeyne is the only thing brightly lit.
  • Cerin watches, losing himself in the Gilmeyes consumate skill at dancing a little
  • Zahara watches as well, smiling, and clapping in appreciation as each dance finishes. She finds it encourages the demon to greater heights of dance, as well as keeping it happy and loyal.
  • Cerin smiles at the whimsy, but claps himself "...such skill"

<Zahara> "They are truly amazing. And so underappreciated. I think I am the only one who comes here on a regular basis."

<Cerin> "That is a shame. Beauty should never go unwatched"

  • Zahara flits her gaze at Cerin, "I'm glad you agree." flashes a smile, then returns to gazing at the dancer.
  • Cerin smiles abck, watching her afce for a while before turning back to the dancer

<Zahara> "So tell me more about yourself."

  • Cerin smiles "There is not that much to tell really " he smiles depreciatinly "I have built no great and wonderous manses, nor summoned beauteous demons, I am just a hunter"
  • Zahara tilts her head a bit, "But with your skills, surely the prey is no ordinary beasts?"
  • Cerin smiles and shakes his head "There are very few things I have not stalked at one time or another, though these days it is most often rogue gods and fae"
  • Zahara smiles, eyes flashing, "Fae are my favorite prey. It's amusing to see them flailing around once I destroy their ability to use their magics."

<Cerin> "I never hunt anything to watch it flail about" he says, a touch of mild reproof in his voice

<Zahara> "It DOES have the added bonus of making them easier to dispatch, you know. That's the true reason. The other is just a bonus." she says airily. "Why do YOU hunt?"

<Cerin> "For the thrill of it. The chase, the confrontation at the end, all it it" he smiles

<Zahara> "That's not so different."

<Cerin> "Perhaps not."

<Cerin> "What do you hope to accomplish with all this? the manse, the army, the demons"

  • Zahara ponders that for a few minutes... "It started out that we did it to survive. Now it has become enjoyable to conquer and grow our borders. Besides, Markuran and Rannath take care of all those" she waves her hand dismissively "..details, like listening to their pleas, and taxing, and you know, all that... stuff."
  • Cerin nods "I'm glad there are some people to do all that...I couldnt stand it...Its why I never really settled down I suppose"

<Zahara> "A man after my own heart."

<Cerin> "You see throughe so easily" he laughs softly

  • Zahara smiles back, "So it seems." she toys with the tassel on the corner of her pillow idly, "So what was it that made you decide to join us here?"

<Cerin> "Curiousity and a whim. I've never met such powerful solars as you, nor recieved such an invatation, and I felt perhaps I have travelled enough for the moment"

<Zahara> "And if we turned out to be, say, out to trap or harm you? Then what?" she looks amused at the thought.

<Cerin> "Then I would kill you all" he lowers his eyes "Which I would not like to do"

<Zahara> "Could you do such? I would like to see that."

<Zahara> "Well, as long as you weren't killing ME at least."

<Cerin> "You are all fearsome warriors from what I have seen...It would be hard, maybe impossible for me to prevail against you all"

<Zahara> "I suspect it would be impossible, with all of us working in concert."

  • Zahara hmmms. "Anyway, it's better to be our friend. You get fine furniture that way."
  • Cerin laughs softly "From your sketches this is undeniably true"

<Zahara> "Marku may be insufferably righteous at times, but he does do fine work. I cannot match his craftsmanship, although I have been increasing my skills every chance I get."

  • Cerin smiles "I look forward to watching your skills grow then"
  • Zahara chuckles "So you plan on staying for a long time, then?"

<Cerin> "I would like too, I think."

  • Zahara smiles again, "Good. So tell me, is it the grand rooms, or the charming company?"

<Cerin> "The very charming company. The rooms will take some getting used too"

  • Zahara chuckles, "Soon you won't know how you lived without them."

<Cerin> "Perhaps. Though I've lived a long time carrying most everything I own about with me"

<Zahara> "You can still travel and live like a mortal. But here, you can live like the Chosen should."

<Cerin> "I'm no longer allowed to ride your Beauteous Wasps?" he grins

<Zahara> "Not unless you're *nice* to me." she pouts a little.

<Cerin> "I shall have to be be on my best behavior then ..most of the time"

  • Zahara chuckles. "Good. Just.. don't chip my slate, okay?"
  • Cerin laughs too "I will do my utmost of avoid it ...I dont think you will find me as clumsy as Markuran"

<Zahara> "He's so easy to piss off."

  • Cerin grins "I dont think I would have noticed"
  • Zahara buffs her fingernails against her chest, holding them up for inspection. "He's so silly. Gets worked up over the smallest things. Honestly, you'd think I said I was going to rampage through 'our people' and slay them left and right. Hmph."

<Cerin> "He cares for them. Someone has too." he looks down again "I've seen what happens to mortals with no-one to care for them in Creation"

<Zahara> "Wiped out like they were never there?"

  • Cerin nods slowly, still not raising his eyes
  • Zahara eyes Cerin for a moment. "Someone you knew, I take it?"

<Cerin> "Arranth."

<Zahara> "Arranth?"

<Zahara> "You mentioned the town yesterday. You grew up there."

  • Cerin nods "And it is no more"

<Zahara> "Who did it?"

<Cerin> "They are no more, but they were gods"

<Zahara> 'Ahh, is that why you chose to hunt gods as your prey?"

  • Cerin nods

<Zahara> "Is that how you were Chosen? Fighting the gods that slew your family?"

  • Cerin nods once more "I would not be here if the sun had not chosen me, I would not have survived the night as the mortal I was"

<Zahara> "Then, in a way, it was good it happened to your village. Else the Gods who did it would have gone unpunished, and destroyed more lives without cause."

<Cerin> "Perhaps, but who can tell. If I hadn't been sent to Great Forks for teaching I would have died with my family, or maybe I would not"

<Zahara> "Only the gods know why you were spared."

<Zahara> "The.. OTHER gods, I mean."

  • Cerin nods "One day I will ask them"
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<Zahara> "Hmmm. Perhaps I will accompany you when you do."

  • Cerin smiles again "I would like that"
  • Zahara lounges back in her pillow, watching the Gimeyne whirl and twist like a flickering flame, though it looks human. "As would I. It sounds like an interesting journey."
  • Cerin settles back to watch the gilmyne again, loosing his sorrowful rememberances in the beauty of its dance "A most interesting journey"
  • Zahara glances sidelong at the man, "Indeed." She lies back and thinks on his words.
  • Cerin watches the Gilmyne for a long time before he speaks again "So, how were you Chosen?"

<Zahara> "My tale is similar to yours. A battle with my nemesis, the Fae."

<Zahara> "It turned out better than I expected it to, at the time." she smiles wryly.

  • Cerin smiles "I can imagine..."
  • Zahara yawns a bit, "I'm growing tired, I think I shall retire for the night. You can sleep in here until we get you a bed, if the demon doesn't bother you."
  • Cerin shakes his head "It does not bother me." He smiles "Thank you for excellent company and sleep well"
  • Zahara rises gracefully and smiles down at Cerin, "You're welcome." then slips out of the room, losing herself in the mazey pathways beyond.
  • Cerin settles down to watch the Gilmyne a little more before settling down to sleep

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