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It took only a day for the three Solars to arrive at the smoking crater left in what had once been a village's prime fishing pond. Now with half the water turned into steam, the villagers had a large supply of roast fish instead of a fishing pond and their houses had been soaked by the rest of the water splashing from the pond. Slogging through mud, Markuran, Zahara and Birds of Trinity gather at the stone

  • Birds-of-Trinity leaps down to the centre of the crater to examine the star more closely.

<Markuran> "Are these things really fallen stars? I wouldn't think stars are made of metal...

  • Zahara gathers her skirts up around her knees as she peers into the crater, "Someday we'll have to build a stairway to the stars to find out."

There is a slight rustling noise from many yards away.

<Markuran> "That'd take a lot of stone."

<Birds Of Trinity> "Use paper. What's that noise?"

  • Markuran doesn't turn his body, but moves his head slightly to see what is coming up behind them. He'd told the villagers not to come near..."

<Zahara> "Well we'll have to think of something other than stone, anyway. Stone would be too heavy."

<Markuran> "Some of that Earth-Paper you make, maybe."

There is slightly more rustling.

  • Zahara taps her fingers lightly, "Perhaps. It would take quite a lot of that, too." She looks behind her to see the source of the sound, "I should get a puppeteer over here to excavate this thing so we can see it better."

<Markuran> "It's a giant rock, Zahara."

  • Birds-of-Trinity bounds up out of the pit, pushing off Markuran's hand to leap into the trees above the rustling noise.

<Zahara> "Yeeees, thank you for that observation, Markuran. I MEANT, to see if we can use it for something useful."

<Markuran> "Well, we could melt it down and make things from it, obviously."

  • Markuran taps it. "It's metal, I mean."
  • Zahara frowns, "Yes, but it's strange metal. Not like what we find around here normally."

<Markuran> "Well, what is it?"

  • Zahara scrapes some mud off of the surface, flicking it away delicately, and inspects it, rapping on it to hear the ring it makes, and scraping to see how it deforms. "Hmmm.. Markuran, we might have something incredibly valuable here. If I'm not mistaken, this is a Magical metal."

<Zahara> "I'll be right back." She whistles for Tantamount.

<Markuran> "That would be useful..we should get some of your demons to move it."

<Markuran> "Check what that noise was!"

<Zahara> "That's the plan. What noise?"

<Markuran> "Nevermind.."

  • Zahara hops on Tantamount's back, and wings away toward her Puppeteers

As Zahara begins to fly towards the puppeteers, there is the faint sound of a... whirring? whistling? coming from the opposite direction.

  • Zahara flies on obliviously, to fetch her demons to extract the metal from the earth.
  • Birds-of-Trinity senses an attack coming from below. At the last moment, she slides backward along the treebranch she alighted on, leaving a faint purple-gold streak in the air.

Three ghostly blue shuriken fly through the area where Birds stood just moments before, then dissipate into the air.

  • Birds-of-Trinity stomps on the branch, causing leaves to fall down on her unseen attackers. "WHAT DID I DO TO YOU?"
  • Markuran blinks for a second as Birds flys backwards and then notices the attack itself. "ZAHARA! ENEMIES!!" as he bellows out his warning in a bull roar, Mark pulls the Armsbreaker free and sketches his defenses in the air, settling back behind the shield of readiness.
  • Markuran radiates rage and excietment through the Unity of Dreams, alerting Zahara to the problem
  • Zahara looks over her shoulder, and nods, then urges Tantamount on faster, zooming through the air to the demons. Rather than summoning only the Puppeteers, she also directs the Gilmyne to go to the site of the battle, where they will be allowed to wreak havoc among whomever is 'the enemy'

Standing on the trees across from birds there is a lean woman, dressed in flowing red immaculate robes, 2 short daiklaives of red jade in her hands, her outline flicking slightly. behind her leaping from one tree to the next there is a man clad all in plae blue, long white hair trailing out behind him, weaping a breastplate of blue jade, and with a chakram glinting in his hand...

  • Markuran snarls at the man and leaps ontop of the fallen star. Rising as quickly as the steam from the still-burning stone the big warrior flings himself at the blue-clad man, the considerable weight and force of his frame concentrated behind the fist that plants itself in the smaller Immaculate's sternum. "YOU DARE ATTACK HER?!"
  • Air`Aspect leaps backwards, flowing like the wind along the thinest of the branches further back than the hulking bear can possibly follow
  • Markuran laughs, a blood-chilling sound of blood lust, as the Immaculate flees from his blows only to find himself unable to defend and Mark lunges forward and smashes the man's face with two quick blows.
  • Markuran stops laughing at the Dragon-Blooded shows a complete lack of respect for the Celestial Hierarchy and continues living.
  • Air`Aspect leaves a trail of blood as he leaps off the branch treading the air before landing on another tree
  • Fire`Aspect runs then leaps at birds, her outline flickering and her swords bluring, twin contrials of fire behind them as she crosses the blades around birds neck
  • Fire`Aspect curses as birds flicks away from her blades
  • Birds-of-Trinity billows away of the gust from the Wyld Hunter's approach, raising the Reborn Ecstatis Plume in worldess challenge.

<Birds Of Trinity> "Your friend will pay for that." Birds tumbles through the crown of the tree and kicks off its trunk, aiming a strike at the Air Aspect's feet.

  • Zahara takes the opportunity in midair, trusting her manticore to navigate properly, to summon her arsenal from Elsewhere. In a flash of light, 5 weapons hover around her for an instant, then move to catch up with her speeding self.
  • Air`Aspect twists in midair, his hair flowing around him as he avoids the thrusts of the plume, opening his fists as he comes upright again

...from his hands there is unleashed a blizzard of chakrams heading for Birds and for the bear

  • Markuran bats away the Chakrums with a a disdainful grimace as he watches the Air Dragon for any opening to attack
  • Air`Aspect finally lands on a tree some 40 yards from birds and the bear
  • Birds-of-Trinity is forced to turn a cartwheel to avoid the chakrams, but stll ends up taking one squarely in the chest. She is knocked back and struggles to catch her breath.
  • Fire`Aspect leaps after Birds, bouncing from tree to tree, a corana of flames staring to build about her as she leaps, the blades crossing in midair as she falls like a comet on Birds, twinned fire arcs slashing down Birds body
  • Birds-of-Trinity flinches slightly as the jade passes through her momentarily translucent body.
  • Zahara returns, trailing summer fire and followed eagerly by various implements of war. Tantamount roars, and swoops down toward the fire aspect, the Flamberge and Hammer diving forward, each leaving an incandescent trail of its own element, while the War Bell hovers in midair above them, ringing three times.
  • Fire`Aspect starts to glow with internal flame as the weapons bear down on her, her outline flickering more

<Birds Of Trinity> "Immaculate of Fire, I am growing weary of this." The Ecstatic Plume traces a dark, smoky pattern in the air as Birds-of-Trinity moves it through the fifth sword genealogy of Cho-Holuth. Her anima crackles into view, a dark bird spreading its wings, a serpect tailfeather wrapped around Birds-of-Trinity's every gesture. When this barrage of blows has ended, she leaps from the tree and lands beside Markuran with a gr

  • Fire`Aspect flickers and glows brighter, flames now billowing around her. Suddenly Birds finds the plume heading for the ice blade and the flameberge
  • Birds-of-Trinity swears.
  • Zahara swears as well!
  • Air`Aspect brings his hands together in an crash, the echos of it wracking the hearing of the 3 solars, then as he opens his hands, 5 chakrams shoot out towards the bear and birds trailing snowflakes
  • Birds-of-Trinity cries out to Smoking Mirror as she takes another chahram.
  • Zahara issues a short whistle, and suddenly, her skin is pierced from the inside by insectile legs, shortly followed by the rest of their bodies... two small beetle demons emerge from her and fly quickly down to the injured circlemates, one diving into Merkuran's arm, and wriggling down to the wound, the other squishes into the back of Birds' neck, burrowing into him and singing a happy song as it finds flesh and bone to knit into n
  • Markuran staggers at the blast of sound and the hail of chakrums. Forcing back the pain, he wraps his mighty arms around the fallen star and heaves it into the air. The star sparkles in the glare of Markuran's anima almost as brightly as it did in the Heavens. And as it falls to earth once more, the Air Immaculate feels the punishment for his disobedience to the Celestial Hierarchy.
  • Air`Aspect flickers aside, his long hair trailing

<Zahara> ::From over the hill, comes a strange being, something small, about the size of a coin, with dozens of ridiculously long legs trailing off it, propelling it forward with a series of hopping legs.

  • Markuran abandons all hope of killing the Air Immaculate, leaving him to his friends. With a desperate roar of fury and pain the bloodied bear launches himself at the Fire Aspect. His bulk carries her body several yards before they land, hard, on a plinth of stone. Rearing up from the impact, Mark brings his huge fist down on her chest, shattering her body against the stone.
  • Fire`Aspect smiles as the bear leaps at her, smoke clouding his eyes as he finds himself landing on his friend birds
  • Charlequin has joined #SolInvictus
  • Birds-of-Trinity flickers out of the way of her friend's redirected strikes.
  • Fire`Aspect spins after her mocking smile, the twinned blades cuttign once more across her chest
  • Birds-of-Trinity laughingly ducks out of the attacks with ease, her anima billowing dark around her.
  • Air`Aspect once more explodes into a hail of chakrams, 2 seeking Markuran, 2 seeking the weapons orbiting Zahara, and 2 the sorcerress herself

Most of the chakrams are parried, or hit to no effect, though one almost knocks the air out of Zahara's lungs...

  • Zahara sways atop the back of the Manticore, even as both her weapons and she parry the chakrams perfectly, still one gets through, and she has to fight to catch her breath. Still, she urges the Manticore on, and he angles his wings, diving down to get into striking range of the cruel Air Aspect that hurt his mistress. Above her, the Bell rings once, its sound sweet to the ears of her allies, yet deadly to those she hates.
  • Air`Aspect falls from the tree, as the bell wracks havoc in his mind, a whirling blizzard that falls to the forest floor, the winds dieing down and the ice clearing to reveal his broken corpse
  • Markuran gives a whoop of joy as he sees the shattered body of the Immaculate fall to the ground.
  • Fire`Aspect cries out in anguish, her anima flaring about her, starting to fire the tree she is in...
  • Zahara echoes his whoop, though she can barely see more than the mane of the beast in front of her. "Take THAT!"
  • Birds-of-Trinity makes a face. "This sucks." She dives into the undrebrush and races through the darkness of the trees.
  • Markuran snarls. "You have attacked us again and again, for no reason. You defy Heaven by standing against us. You would kill my friends, you would turn ME against them. For that, I sentence you to death! If you do not surrender, you will fall before me." The glory of the sunlight shines behind Markuran's powerful frame, outlining him in glory. The blood splashed across his muscles glitters with his strength.
  • Zahara is even impressed by Markuran's speech
  • Markuran thunders out his last words, raising his fist to end her life if she refuses. "MAKE YOUR CHOICE!"
  • Fire`Aspect quakes and drops to her knees , enugulfed in flames, offering her paired blades to the man before her, daring to do no less.
  • Zahara lets the manticore land and start eating the Air Aspect. He deserves a reward for being so loyal.
  • Markuran snatches them from her grasp. "You will find Birds of Trinity and *beg* her forgiveness for your crimes. Do you understand me?"
  • Fire`Aspect blanches as she sees the fate of her collegue, but nods and sets off through the trees, setting them aflame as she runs to apologise to the woman she slighted

<Markuran> "And stop burning down the forest!"

  • Zahara slides off the beast's back, wobbles a bit, and collects all the useful bits off of the dead, yet crunchy, immaculate. Chakrams, check. Armor, check. Belt purse...check.
  • Markuran snarls in her general direction as he slumps against the boulder that started all this, letting Zahara's bug fix his tattered body.

<Zahara> "Someone put that fire out, will you?" She gestures vaguely at the puppeteers, who have a brilliant time, ripping the flaming trees out of the ground and dumping them in the wet crater

<Zahara> ::They actually build a little log cabin out of the charred trunks.

  • Birds-of-Trinity meets the bedazzled Immaculate in the forest.
  • Fire`Aspect throws her flaming self at your feet "Mistress Birds...please forgive me for my crimes against you and your companions" abasing herself before you
  • Birds-of-Trinity glares at the Immaculate for a moment, then picks her up by the wrist and leaps through the trees, high into the sky, explaining, "Right now, any moment, I could drop you. You would have time to scream."

<Birds Of Trinity> "I know that Markuran and Rannath would not allow this, so I will not."

<Birds Of Trinity> They land on the cooling star.

  • Fire`Aspect hangs in your grasp, flaming still...
  • Zahara retrieves her fallen weapons on her way to Markuran's side, "Are you alright?"
  • Fire`Aspect "My only fear of death is that I will not get to serve Markuran any further, Mistress Birds"

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