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Da World

Da World is a very diverse place, made up of a hodgepodge of different regions thrown together with little concern for geographic believability. Equally diverse and unusual nations lay claim to these lands, and there are many interesting and bizarre sights for travellers to visit.

The history of Da World is divided into periods of time called Editions. Da World is currently entering the Fourth Edition, a time which sees great changes in the fundamental rules which govern reality. Scientists and wisemen believe that these changes are due to the momentous events of the Second and Third Editions, which damaged the plot to such an extent that the future is now leaking in through ever-expanding Plot Holes and Continuity Gaps.

The Main Continent

The Main Continent has a somewhat flexible outline, but it usually looks kind of like South America. Its terrain consists mainly of forest, jungle, and desert, distributed in roughly equal-sized blobs across its surface.

Traditionally, the Main Continent has been ruled by elves, who are native to its many forests. Most humans who live on the Other Continent are savages or outlaws, except for the large oil-exporting nation of Mobliz.

The Elven Nations

Over the course of the past Edition, elves have split into two major groups. The High Elves, led by Highlord and Generalissimo Pathin, have embarked upon a momentous campaign of modernization, developing new science and technology to compete with their ancient rivals, the dwarves. Their city of New Elfra is now the center of an ever-growing region of modernity.

The Green Elves, led by the Goblin King David Bowie, embrace elves' traditional connection to nature and magic, and fight against the environmental destruction and deforestation caused by Pathin's Five Year Plans. The border of Green and High Elf territory is full of unrest and terrorism, as the two factions battle each other.

The Other Continent

The Other Continent is the largest blob of land in Da World. Its shape tends to change from time to time, but it's always kind of squarish. It has big mountain chains, which conveniently divide it up into sections. There are forests and rivers, and a large desert wasteland left over from the previous Edition, but mostly it's grassland.

Dwarves' ancestral home is in the mountains of the Other Continent, but most of them now live in the cities of the Imperial Continent. Humans are the most numerous inhabitants of the Other Continent.

The Wastelands

At the end of the Second Edition, when the races of the world united to end Mr. Gallagher's sinister reign of self-insertion, the final battle ended when legendary Black Wizard Hoju Mc Dohl summoned Meteo, destroying Gallagher's clone army. Unfortunately, the gigantic magical explosion, combined with the orbital bombardment which just happened to be going on at the same time, blasted a large section of the Other Continent down to bedrock. Some efforts have been made to reclaim the resulting desert, but much of it remains inhospitable and radioactive.

The Blind Justice monument stands in the middle of the Wasteland. From its shadow, Lawyers and other monstrosities emerge into the world, on a mission to bring the entire planet into the iron grip of the Law.

The Big Shadow

Due to the way in which the mountains and Floating Continent are positioned, there is a large region of the Other Continent in which the sun never shines. This land of perpetual night is called the Big Shadow, and it has become the homeland of many kinds of undead creatures who cannot stand the light of day.

For almost an entire Edition, the Dead Empire controlled the entirety of the Big Shadow. Under the leadership of King Stephen the Dead, vampires, deathknights, mummies, zombies, and all sorts of other undead worked together to repel the forces of good and forge a powerful nation. However, not too long ago, King Stephen was assassinated by heroes from the future, and civil war now sweeps the lands of the dead.

The Imperial Continent

The Imperial Continent, relatively small as continents go, is owned by the dwarves. Their capital, the technological metropolis of Vector City, is near the center of the continent; their many other cities and towns are linked by a vast network of railways and roads. Although dwarven imperialist ambitions took a severe blow during the Third Edition, they have been steadily rebuilding their military bases and trading outposts across Da World. Especially with the new technology given to them by the mysterious Monolith which appeared at the beginning of the Third Edition, they are one of the greatest political and military forces in Da World.

The Floating Continent

Along with the Floating Islands, the Floating Continent blew in from the West at the beginning of the Third Edition, soon after the Gallagherian Revolts laid waste to large portions of the Main Continent, over which it now hovers.

The Floating Continent is controlled by the Romans, a militant race of humans who want to conquer the world.

Mount Olympus

The Floating Islands

Floating Volcanoes

Techno City

Floating Islands Trading Center

The Big Ocean

The Secret Isle of Fog-Enshrouded Mystery

Skull Island

Sharkoid Atoll


The Frozen North

The Moon

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