Are you way too into this game? Me too.

Therefore I present to you (courtesy of Elizabeth's idea) - In-character blogs!

I'm going to try to set up a template that's easy to use, but it's a wiki so you'll have to improvise somewhat.

List O Blogs:

Here's a sample layout. !!! for medium headlines and !!!!! for small headlines (must be at beginning of line) and ---- for separators.

If you want to simulate hidden entries or friendslocked ones, you could use show/hide or link to a separate page, and indicate who is officially able to read them. Here's the code (if you're stealing code via edit page, leave out the [ = bits:

Code: (Furud, Asterope, Maia ONLY)(:showhide div=box1 init=hide:) >>id=box1 border='3px solid #999' padding=5px bgcolor=#fed<< Hidden Entry! OOOH >><<


(Furud, Asterope, Maia ONLY)⚠ (:showhide div=box1 init=hide:)

Hidden Entry! OOOH

For multiple hidden entries, make sure to change where it says box=1 to something unique in both places.

==== EXAMPLE BLOG ====

(Furud, Asterope, Maia ONLY)⚠ (:showhide div=box2 init=hide:)

Cross your fingers


I'm so nervous about the raid.


Today Sucked


Man, today was lame. Why do I go to this stupid school again? Bah.


So many hot girls!


And they all love me.


Jenny: Whatever, stop being an idiot.