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Basic Abyssal Investigation charms

Silent Whispers Meditation

  Cost:  1 mote per die, 1 willpower
  Duration:  Instant
  Type:  Simple
  Minimum Investigation:  4
  Minimum Essence:  2
  Prerequisite Charms:  Cunning Scrutiny Style

The Abyssal quiets his mind and centers his being, listening deep inside him to the quiet whispers of the Dead Gods that lurk deep in the Labryinth. He hears their mumbles and silent instructions, whispers back to them of his questions and suspicions and the things he would like to know, and hears in the dreaming whispers of the Dead Gods some measure of an answer. This Charm enhances a Perception + Whispers roll to uncover lost secrets, adding one die per mote spent to the Whispers roll. The Abyssal cannot add more dice to this roll than his Essence rating. Even Abyssals without the Whispers background can use this charm, though they only roll what dice they purchase with this charm.

In addition, this charm allows the Abyssal to direct the whispers of the Dead Gods in some fashion. The Abyssal may specify a specific subject or line of questioning that he is interested in, and if this matter is something that falls into the Malfaen sphere of influence then the secrets and lost lore they provide will be related to that subject. Otherwise, they will simply tell the Abyssal something that he might find useful in the near future. Even one use of this charm counts as the Abyssals use of whispers that night, and an Abyssal cannot use this charm more times per night than his permanent Essence rating. This charm can be used during the Day, but this gains the Abyssal one point of Resonance if he is in a Shadowland or two points if he is in Creation.