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Woman. Display wear. Striking face. Troubled eyes. Expressive hands. Slim body.

[X]COOL 0do something under fire (p2)[ ]shattered (-1 cool)Countdown
[ ]HARD 0seize by force, go aggro (p2-3)[ ]crippled (-1 harm)[ ]4 o'clock[ ]10 o'clock
[ ]HOT +2seduce or manipulate (p3)[ ]disfigured (-1 hot)[ ]7 o'clock[ ]11 o'clock
[M]SHARP 0read a sitch, read a person (p3-4)[ ]broken (-1 sharp)[ ]9 o'clock[ ]12 o'clock
[ ]WEIRD +1open your brain(p4) 
Improvement (p11)[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] >> improve


help, interfere, session end (p4)



  • An arresting skinner. when you remove a piece of clothing, your own or someone else’s, no one who can see you can do anything but watch. You command their absolute attention. If you choose, you can exempt individual people, by name.
  • Artful & gracious: when you perform your chosen art - any act of expression or culture - or when you put its product before an audience, roll+hot. On a 10+, spend 3. On a 7-9, spend 1. Spend 1 to name a member of your audience and choose one:
    • this person must meet me
    • this person must have my services
    • this person loves me
    • this person must give me a gift
    • this person admires my patron

On a miss, you gain no benefit, but suffer no harm or lost opportunity. You simply perform very well.


  • Fashion - Gazelle typically wears an orange "dress", cut almost all the way down and up her left side to better display her tattoo - it only forms a complete loop around her waist.
  • Antique coins (worn valuable) Drilled with holes for jewelry. Gazelle wears one as a pendant at all times.
  • Spectacular tattoos. Gazelle has a tattoo of entangled vines that starts at her face around her left eye and winds all the way down her left side to her left foot.
  • Hidden knives (2-harm hand infinite)
  • Oddments worth 1 barter Gazelle's oddments are sculptures formed from coloured glass.