These techniques are advanced magical powers created by using the combined mastery of two or more disciplines to create a unique effect. Their knowledge is mostly limited to the elders, but a few rare neonates have stumbled upon these techniques or learned to make their own.

Armor of Darkness - Obtenebration 4 + Fortitude 2. This power costs 20 experience points. (Telgar)

This coveted power allows a Lasombra to mold her darkness into a tangible fabric around her. This is a very rare ability and is hardly ever seen. Some extremely talented Obtenebrationists are able to form the dark armor around them into specific shapes. So the next time you see a dark cloaked person, it may be shadows themselves that cover their body.

System: Two blood points and one willpower. Then the Lasombra must get at least one success on a willpower roll vs. difficulty 8. The armor remains as long as the user concentrates on it. Other Disciplines can be used at the same time, but at +1 difficulty. To form the armor into shapes the user can make a manipulation + crafts roll vs difficulty 6.

Aid the Outsider - Fortitude 3 + Valeren 1. This power costs 10 experience points. (Telgar)

This ability is very rare, for few can find a Salubri willing to teach others the Valeren discipline, or few want it for fear of earning the third eye. But to those who do learn it there are many boons. With this power the kindred may “throw” his fortitude powers onto others that are near death.

System: An Empathy + Stamina roll vs 7 is required by this power. The user must also spend 1 blood point. When the target gains the Fortitude it allows them to use the extra soak dice to attempt to “re-soak” a number of health levels equal to the number of successes gained on the activation roll of this power. 5 at most.

Sway the Horde - Dementation 1 + Presence 3. This power costs 10 experience points. (Telgar)

A Malkavian with this power can project her emotion-swaying powers over a crowd of people. An ill-tempered Malkavian has often used this ability to quell or incite riots. Many a Toreador lusts after this ability to add to their own supernatural charisma.

System: The Malkavian must spend a willpower point in addition to making the normal roll for level 1 Dementation. Also the user must make a Charisma + Intimidation roll vs 7. The number of successes is the number of extra targets for Passion.

Bar the Reaper - Mortis 4 + Fortitude 3. This power costs 30 experience points. (Telgar)

Created by a kind-hearted Cappadocian monk this power allows the wielder to combine his mastery of Death and his preternatural resilience into a ward a mortal, for this power is useless for other Cainites or supernatural creatures, against disease and death.

System: Spend any number of blood points and roll Stamina + Medicine (diff. 8). Each success allows for a health level of damage to be healed, up to the number of blood points spent to activate this power. This ability can be used only on mortals.