GroupingNameDescriptionSexDistinguishing FeatureFacts
The High Chief's Overseers
 Deep SeekerImportant investigator, a shamanFWears Flizzard Wing HatAnnoyed Aurora and Tssark with attitude. Asked to be taken to Steam Baths.
 Big ChestInvestigated the disappearance of Torn Shore. Then disappeared.FLarge 
 Standing EggInvestigator ShamanFOrnate Bone Necklace 
 Hard ScaleAgent working for the high chiefFImpressive ScalesAsked for incarceration of the "girls," and then subsequently for their release.
 Blind SwipeBlind leader of the overseers. Quite adept at many things, despite blindness.FBlindTold Aurora to solve the disappearance, or die.
 Best PriestHermaphrodite cultistHHermaphrodite 
Chief's Thugs
 Sub-thug ThickEspecially dim thug, mates with Light Foot.FSlow, but good thugMortified by being dumped by Light Foot.
 Sub-thug NoseRazorbacked species transplant, expert tracker by smell RazorbackBrought news of Throw's Pebbles having been attacked.
 Light FootSmart organizer of the thugs' grotto. Mates with Thick.MIntelligentDumped Thick for not being interesting.
 Old RockMostly seen sleeping, theoretically guards the thug's grotto.FDoes littleSluggishly went to (unsuccessfully) get Watery Thought.
Green Scales
 Big ClawsDisappeared sacrifice.MParagon of Trogdom 
 Spirit-talkerBig Claws' mother, spiritual leaderFBone staffTold of a spirit named "Hider."
 Knows PastBig Claws' father, recites historyMBook of SkinsTold that "Hider" is brother of "Slayer."
 Big JawsBig Hand's cousin.MAttractive 
Blue Scales
 Cave WatcherWarden of the main cave.FRough Eye MedallionThinks that Big Claws should be forgotten.
 One LegCave Watcher's lame husband.MOne Leg 
 No WatchBig Claws' best friend.MWears armorVowed with Many Horns to find Big Claws.
 Little ScalyNo Watch's younger brotherMVery small maleTold Many Horns that Aurora had returned frmo the steam baths when No Watch was brought home.
 Plays DrumsNo Watch's youngest brother.MDrums 
Red Scales
 Big HornsImportant trog, controls the way-station, the markets, and the outpostFBig HornsChallenges Tssark's authority. Makes deals (unsuccessfully) with Cliffside Tribe.
 High RiderBig Horn's brother, good with ladies, and likes to play it large.FMoltingBrought bugbears back to eat. Went with Bigh Horns to the Outpost.
 Long SeatedBig Horns' too peaceful mate.MSluggish 
 Many HornsBig Horn's very attractive and precocious son.MMany HornsDisrupted Big Horns' deal. Brought Aurora her clothes and sword after the steam bath.
 Thinks BigYounger sister. Potential savant.FSavant-ish 
Orange Scales
 Carries MuchFungus farm operator from the Cliffside tribe, tutored by Big ClawsHAccent 
 Eats ManyLost wife (and sacrifice) of Carries Much former fungus farm operator.F  
 Strong CaverBrother of Eats Many, helps run farmMWell built 
 Works HardSuffering wife of Strong Caver (too much thinking), "found" Big Claws missingFNeedyTold that Big Claws was not at the arena at scheduled time of the sacrifice.
Yellow Scales
 Leads In BattleMilitary leader, well respectedFWar Club 
 Cages EnemiesPretentious, uncaring husband of Leads in Battle. Father of Leads Gatherers.M  
 Leads GatherersRebellious daughter, leads gathering team, potential mate of Big Claws.FFungus PouchSaid was with male near the stone forest when Big Claws disappeared (after lying about being out gathering).
Black Scales
 Big ChangeMakes fungus juiceF   
 Big EyeBig Change's very weak and strange husbandMOne eye too large. 
 Fast RunnerBig Change's nieceFFungus Juice GourdLikes No Watch. Told Aurora about Big Claws seeeing Watery Thought.
Grey Scales
 Rat SmasherHunts giant rats, and sells surplus.MLots of small scale-scratches 
 Throws SpearWife of Rat Smasher, known food thiefFImpressive Spear 
Purple Scales
 Bears ThingsBearer that brings things from other tribesFHumped Back 
 Great ThewsIgnored old husband of Bears Things, helps Rat Smasher sell ratsMMusclesSupposedly caught with Leads Gatherers.
Brown Scales
 Crosses WaterChief, put in place by the high chief, sister of Grinds Fungus.FChief's Headdress 
 Grinds FungusSister of Crosses Water. Professional rumor-monger.F  
 Grows StrongVery attractive male, interested in Grinds FungusMPowerful Legs 
Outpost Staff
 Sly LookoutFungus juice vendor at the Outpost. Chasm Tribe.FBig Shoulder Scar 
 Long RunnerYoungest sister of Sly Lookout. Chasm tribe.F  
 Sees DarkOldest sister of Sly Lookout. Chasm Tribe.F  
 Outpost DancerDances a special spirit dance, which makes him highly attractive to females.MGraceful 
Other Trogs
 Pebble ThrowerEmployee at the market.MScraggly lookingTurned up with bashed in head after being Big Claw's escort.
 Watery ThoughtPerfectly trog straight counselor who taught Big ClawsFHigh Caves transplantSaid that Big Claws lead a double life.
 Brings FoodLeads Gatherers' best friend, champion truffle finder, ex-girlfriend of No Watch.FSpeaks boastfullySaid was with Leads Gatherers (but caught in a lie).
 Stone MysticMystic, widower who divines through a stone he carries balanced on his head.MStone 
 Blood WallsCave painterFBloody 
 Kills FlizzardsOversees market for Big HornsFMarket skirt 
 Lady ShakesRuns the fish-stand (which sells "other flesh" too) at the market.FArrogant 
 Serves TravellersYoung servant at the way-stationFQuietWarned Tssark that Aurora was about to be abducted by the Cliffside tribe delegation.
 Strong HeartFormer fungus farmer with Eats Many, has been away.FOlder 
 MashStrong Heart's assistantMImpressive Physique 
 Torn ShoreFirst missing sacrifice, was captured from the Fishnet TribeMMissing 
 Stone WheelFriend of Big HornsFHead Spikes