Sometimes the spark of the Exalted infuses those things that are not alive, or not even real in a sense of the word with a kind of intellegence. These programs are bound to their creator with a sense of awe and love.

They will gladly do tasks from those as menial as cleaning out spam, to those as complex as attempting to break into other systems collect specific information and return. They can be accessed in theory from any computer connected to a network they inhabit.

Daemons get a number of points equal to 2 plus their background level times 4 to divide up through their statistics. They can't be overclocked as they have no physical basis for such enhancements. Also, they can load an additional program for each level of background in them without affecting their processing power (and 2 programs for the fourth and fifth dots.)

Additionally, it has a base 1 in all Mental and Social Attributes, with 3 times the rating in bonus attribute points and a Computer Ability rating equal to it's level.

Daemon levels

  • 0: You do not have a Daemon. Maybe you are incredibly unlucky, or maybe you don't know a computer from a tv.
  • 1: You've got a minor and barely intellegent Daemon.
  • 2: Your Daemon is capable of greater tricks, but still isn't capable of great feats of intellegence.
  • 3: The Daemon has started to become equal to some of the power of weak supercomputers, but with greater independant action.
  • 4: Your Daemon is capable of breaking into some of the most well guarded systems. Governments quake at the power of your Daemon.
  • 5: The Daemon is practically a legend in it's own right. It's probably got some nicknames given to it on the internet. It's capable of breaking into the Roadkill Cult's computers and causing havok before they even know it has happened.