• Ferocity (fighting style analogous to Brawl; all these Abilities refer to a set of tactics rather than a set of tools, and you can select weapons (including 'armies') for them in the way that you selent languages for Linguistics.)
  • Discipline (fighting style analogous to Melee)
  • Precision (fighting style analogous to Archery)
  • Ambuscade (fighting style analogous to Thrown)
  • Insight (fighting style analogous to MA)


  • Performance
  • Puissance (burly Athletics and the stoic abilities)
  • Regal (the skill required to govern large groups for an undefined purpose)
  • Survival
  • Swine (dealing with animals and other social inferiors)


  • Alchemy (applied science; this is the 'messing around with Essence' end of Lore and Occult)
  • Craft
  • Medicine
  • Prophecy (uncovering of information; this contains knowledge of the world, investigation, and literal prophecy)
  • Taboo (the ability to act appropriately in the presence of spirits)


  • Awareness
  • Dodge
  • Fleet (fluffy Athletics)
  • Stealth
  • Larceny

Why Fleet and Dodge? There aren't enough distinct Night schticks.


  • Bureaucracy (the skill of navigating inside a heavily structured organisation)
  • Culture (the ability to fit into alien societies)
  • Prayer (the ability to intercede for mortals into the spirit world; functions as Bureaucracy in Heaven)
  • Socialise (the skill of dealing with others as peers)
  • Travel