Start of #RedIce buffer: Sat Jun 11 23:09:30 2005 [21:33] <ST`> Anstice had given Kin the tip only hours ago and it was still fresh. Apparently something had kept

  the Lion from departing on his errand with haste, for Kin arrived nearly 20 minutes prior to Bronze Sanction 
  himself. The Dark Guardians had not stirred as Kin used their portal to arrive on the rocky volcanic island 
  where Gate 46 resides.

[21:35] <ST`> The Gate itself opened into the depths of an obsidian and basalt cavern, lit by the flickering

  glow of a candy shop of crystals and gems glittering from the stone. A ruby nearly as large as Kin's left arm 
  almost impaled him when he tripped over a hunk of perfectly clear quartz.

[21:35] * Kinqueduran hesitates. Conceal himself, or greet Bronze Sanction with a smile? He was in no condition

  to fight a Celestial Lion, though, lacking his armor.

[21:36] <Kinqueduran> The decision came soon, though, and Kin steps back, sitting down comfortably behind a mass

  of black boulders, laying his spear down and kicking a bit of dirt over it to hide its gleam.

[21:41] * ST` Bronze Sanction? [21:41] * ST` is now known as Bronze Sanction? [21:43] * FIAT has joined #RedIce [21:43] * Chan Serv? sets mode: +o FIAT [21:44] * Bronze Sanction? pads through the gate in a leisurely fashion, sniffing idly at the volcanic scents of

  the cave.

[21:44] * Kinqueduran slips off of the rock he had seated himself on, landing roughly on the ground and letting

  slip a small curse.

[21:46] <Bronze Sanction?> "Who's there? Vjindic?" The massive God starts toward Kin's location, sniffing. [21:46] * Kinqueduran sighs silently and composes himself, returning himself to some semblance of dignity as he

  selects a more secure place to sit, fully expecting the Lion to find him.

[21:47] <Bronze Sanction?> "Who is there!" The question is a roar that reverberates through the cavern. [21:48] * Kinqueduran winces a little at the sound and replies with a normal, more conversational tone and

  volume. "It's me."

[21:51] * Kinqueduran stands slowly, wiping his hands with a grey silk handkerchief to remove the black dirt

  that stained his palms in the brief, inelegant fall.

[21:53] * Bronze Sanction? snarls, baring his fangs. "What buisness have you here, traitor?" [21:54] * Kinqueduran holds up his hands, then spots another bit of dirt on his left, frowns, and begins wiping

  again. "Oh, I wasn't here on business, I just needed some quiet time, you know?"

[21:55] <Bronze Sanction?> "THE TRUTH, WORM!" Once again the rumbling metal bass of the great beast howls through

  the cave, setting the crystals to singing and shaking Kin in his boots.

[21:58] * Kinqueduran winces again. "I wouldn't mind if you lowered your voice a little, I can hear you

  perfectly well without the shouting. Anyway, I was hear to see what you were up to."

[21:59] <Bronze Sanction?> "You were spying on me? Fool! You will regret your impudence!" [21:59] <Kinqueduran> "I wasn't spying. If I was spying, I'd have hidden myself." [21:59] <Kinqueduran> "Also, the namecalling isn't really necessary. I'm being polite to you, I think it's

  reasonable to ask that you do the same."

[22:00] <Bronze Sanction?> "You are a traitor to Heaven. What purpose has your foul master in watching my steps?" [22:01] <Kinqueduran> "Hmm. I had thought the news would have leaked to Heaven, but I guess it hasn't. Me and my

  'foul master' aren't exactly on the best of terms. I'm here on no-one's business but my own."

[22:03] <Bronze Sanction?> "You may fool others, but not me. I will discover the purpose your master has for you.

  Remain here until I return. You will accompany me back to Yu-Shan where you will be imprisoned and 
  interrogated by Pernic himself."

[22:04] <Kinqueduran> "I'd rather not." [22:04] <Kinqueduran> "I mean no disrespect, of course, but I'm very busy with very important matters." [22:08] <Bronze Sanction?> "I did not offer a choice!" With another cave-shaking roar the Lion lunges for Kin,

  mouth gaping and fangs cleaming golden in the light of the glowing crystals.

[22:09] * Kinqueduran dips back, the toe of his right boot catching a vaguely dagger-shaped crystal and kicking

  it up for his right hand to catch it and interpose it between the frail Sidereal and the Lion's onslaught.

[22:11] <Kinqueduran> "Please, Bronze Sanction, let's be civil. I brought no violence to you." [22:12] * Bronze Sanction? ignores Kin's words, jumping after him and snapping at the lean Exalt. The Lion's roars

  give a very loud voice to the resentment he feels when his fangs are deflected by the twisting of Fate under 
  Kin's fingers.

[22:13] * Kinqueduran 's eyes glint red as he steps back and to the side, twisting the webs of Fate into knots

  that would hinder the Lion's claws as he moves to retrieve his lance.

[22:16] * Kinqueduran levels the spear at the Lion defensively to ward off the god long enough for his left hand

  to flick a prayer strip out of his pocket and cast it across his eyes, the red glow of his anima welling up 
  black blood trickles out from under the prayer strip.

[22:19] * chancey has joined #RedIce [22:20] * chancey has left #RedIce [22:21] <Bronze Sanction?> Like some oversized chewtoy, Kin dangles limply in the vast maw of the Celestial Lion.

  A single attack made it through his defenses and that was enough to allow the Lion's Charms to overpower him. 
  The ceiling of the cave spins and comes drastically closer as Kin is tossed into the air and then rises again 
  as he falls. With a snap that rattles his ear-bones, Kin is in darkness. Hot, sticky darkness.

[22:22] <Bronze Sanction?> The massive tongue crushes him against the roof of Bronze Sanction's mouth and then

  moves him back until the throat grabs hold and he begins to slide down. Pressed on all sides and totally 
  unable to move, Kin finds it hard to keep breathing.

[22:24] <Bronze Sanction?> Kin's hardy physique is, however, unchallenged by a short period of crushing pressure.

  A golden glow comes from below him as he is pushed down Bronze Sanction's throat, expanding as he moves 
  downward. The glow expands until it becomes all Kin can see, all that exists. And slowly, he can start to move.

[22:25] * Kinqueduran 's first response to recovering some capacity for movement is to start hitting things.

  Hard. A lot.

[22:26] <Bronze Sanction?> It quickly becomes clear that in the strange glow inside Bronze Sanction's stomach, for

  Kin assumes that is indeed his present location, there seems to be nothing TO hit. Just the formless and 
  apparently endless golden glow.

[22:27] <Kinqueduran> Upon discovering that there is essentially nothing there, Kin returns to sullen

  immobility. No reason to waste energy on an environment that will not respond.

[22:31] * Darth Tom? has quit IRC (Quit: ) [22:31] <Bronze Sanction?> Laying? Standing? Does it matter, is there a difference? in perfect stillness, Kin's

  ears begin to hear things. A conversation. The rumbling bass of Bronze Sanction seems to come from all around 
  him and the equally deep voice that sounds like iron grating against stone.

[22:33] * Kinqueduran focuses on the voices, intent on picking out whatever it is they may be saying. [22:33] <Bronze Sanction?> "Vjindic, you are late. And we must hurry, our meeting may be compromized. I have

  already caught a spy of the Malfeans."

[22:33] * Kinqueduran sets mode: +o Bronze Sanction? [22:34] <*Vjindic*> "You disposed of the spy, of course?" [22:34] <Kinqueduran> "I'm not a spy of the Malfeans, you overstuffed fool's gold housecat!" [22:34] <Bronze Sanction?> "Obviously. He will not trouble us. I am taking him to Pernic to deal with." [22:35] <Kinqueduran> "...I am /so/ going to kick this fuckwit's ass when I get out." [22:35] <*Vjindic*> "Good. You are doing well, Bronze Sanction. Soon, the new projects will be ready to move

  into position. You are very close to your goal of returning Heaven to its pristine, uncorrupted state."

[22:36] <Bronze Sanction?> "So Pernic says constantly." [22:36] <Kinqueduran> Now that comment hushed Kin neatly, drawing his curiousity. Perhaps Bronze Sanction was

  just a stooge...

[22:38] <Bronze Sanction?> "You and your brothers will be welcomed back to the fold, Vjindic. The Tigers have long

  been missed by many. We will finally be able to purge the corrupt."

[22:39] <*Vjindic*> "Yes, Bronze Sanction. We will purge the corrupt from Heaven. Never fear, our goal


[22:39] <*Vjindic*> "What have you heard of my sleeping brothers in the South?" [22:40] <Bronze Sanction?> "Ahlat is working on the problem of the Chiaroscurans. He sends word that his scheme

  proceeds without interruption. He, too, is loyal."

[22:41] * *Vjindic* laughs harshly, a sudden avalanche of iron and rubble. "He is too stupid to be otherwise. He

  thinks only with his balls, having gone back in line to get more instead of moving on to recieve a brain."

[22:43] <Bronze Sanction?> "Are you ready to depart, Vjindic?" [22:43] <*Vjindic*> "I am. For the good of Heaven, I will endure this..indignity." [22:43] <Bronze Sanction?> "It is the only way to get you past the spells." [22:46] <Bronze Sanction?> The golden glow seems to stretch and flex around Kin. From apparently no where, a black

  form begins to emerge. Feline and very large, though only half the size of Bronze Sanction or another Lion. 
  Cut out of black stone and glittering with lines of raw, sparklingly black iron ore a blocky tiger form 

[22:46] * Bronze Sanction? is now known as Vjindic [22:47] * Vjindic shakes himself as he fully materializes within Bronze Sanction, a sneer of distaste on his

  muzzle. The sneer deeps as he catches sight of Kinqueduran in the glow.

[22:47] <Vjindic> "So. The Malfeans' spy." [22:47] * Kinqueduran being in a sort of acidic mood now, he dons a bitter smirk and delivers a cheeky wave to

  the newcomer.

[22:47] <Kinqueduran> "No, I am not the Malfeans' spy. Anyone with even the slightest capacity for fucking

  /thought/ would know that."

[22:47] <Kinqueduran> "Putz." [22:48] * Vjindic snorts. "You reek of death." [22:48] <Kinqueduran> "And you smell like cat pee. [22:48] <Kinqueduran> "But I was polite enough not to bring it up first." [22:51] * Kinqueduran crosses his arms and stares in the direction he believes to be up. [23:06] * Kinqueduran is now known as David End of #RedIce buffer Sat Jun 11 23:09:30 2005