by Haren
Black Iron Coffin
Artifact •••
Restful shelter
Requires-> None; Commitment-> 5 motes
This coffin is a valuable resource for those Abyssals traveling in Creation. It is a large and elaborate coffin made of Soulsteel and black iron mined in the Underworld and Shadowlands. It is often decorated in unholy symbols made from the non-magical counterparts of Orichalicum and Moonsilver mined in Shadowlands, so they are dark and soaked in death. It provides a safe place for the Abyssal to rest in most cases. The Exalted can summon or banish with the expenditure of 2 motes it where it sinks into the earth seemingly, but in truth travels into the darkness of the earth where the sun's light never shines, to then go Elsewhere. The coffin can be used to store items in this fashion to be brought anywhere the Exalt can find a decent space of earth to summon the coffin back. Even people can be stashed, though they still will need food and water, and therefore can not be left for very long. The other power is that the Exalt can spend 5 motes while in the coffin to sink into the earth, where they can slumber and rest. This state is identical to Sheltering Interment Prana, except with one point of importance to Abyssals. They gain Essence from respiration exactly as if they were in a Shadowland while in the coffin (regain Essence at half speed). Another benefit of resting in this manner, is that it pleases the Malfeans and an Abyssal loses a point of Resonance (only 1 per day).