Description goes here Stats
Str/Dex/Sta Will HL Attacks Spd/Acc/Dam Dodge/Soak Abilities
2/4/3 3 -0x2/-1x2 Bite: 7/8/3L 7/2L/5B Athletics 3 (Flying +3), Aware 4

    -2x3/-4x2/I   Claw: 7/8/2L                     Brawl 3 (Bite/Claw +1)
                                                   Dodge 3, Survival 2 (Tracking +1)

Impressive Ghostly Familiar (5 points) Your animal companion is a ghost-like creature, native to the Underworld. It is naturally Immaterial in the Creation (and Shadowlands during the Day), but can materialize in the proximity of the Abyssal if the Deathknight spends 5 motes of essence. This ability does not require commited essence, and allows the beast to stay materialized as long as it remains within (Essence x 100) yards of the Abyssal.

Ghostly Familiars are tireless, but otherwise normal animals of their type, which must be purchased separately. I.e., a Ghostly Wolf costs 5 points.

Sensory Sharing (1 point) The bond between you and your animal companion is strong enough that you can share your familiar companions senses whenever it is within 100 yards. This allows you to see through your familiars eyes, smell as it smells, or otherwise benefit from it's senses in various ways. If this becomes important for game play, assume that the character gains a bonus to sense-related rolls equal to his rating in the Familiar background.

Very Clever (1 point) Your familiar is quite clever for an animal, but still doesn't really approach human intelligent. It can probably pull off a number of things that normal animals of its type can't manage, however, and follow simple instructions.

Expressive (1 point, requires Very Clever) Your familiar is unusually expressive, and you are able to communicate with it almost as well as if it were speaking through it's posture and facial expression. This allows you to manage more impressive instructions and tasks, though your familiar is still limited by it's overall intelligence.