by Haren
Blood Rose Ring
Artifact •••
Assassin's Ring
Requires: nothing; Commitment: 4 motes
This is a beautiful ring appearing to be a rose made from one of the Five Magical Materials with thorns tipped in Moonsilver. These devices are believed to have not existed in the First Age, though there are a few which have been found in tombs of the Solars. This beautiful ring was both an assassin's tool and weapon. As such it has two abilities. The first is activated with the expenditure of 6 motes. The rose's thorns lengthen and dig into a target's flesh, yet this is done painlessly. As they strike in, they release a toxin that is dangerous and subtle because it does no harm directly. For one month those so infected with the toxin, treat the wearer as if they had a Charisma and Manipulation one higher and an Appearance two higher. Their minds are clouded by desire for the wearer of the ring. The next effect is similar for all rings. First the user must spend 4 motes as they touch a target. The thorns dig in again and drink of the person's blood. This is considerablly easier if the wearer has already used the first power. Now that the ring has tasted of the essence and blood of the target, it can be used to make a toxin for them specifically a day later. The rose is able to remember every person who's blood it has tasted and so never loses the ability to make a toxin for them. The toxin is created with an expenditure of 6 motes. It's effects last for one day. It can be administered with the rose's thorns again, or it can pour from the rose's petals into food or a drink. The type of toxin differs depending on the Magical Material used, though many focus on weakening those who can channel Essence.

Orichalcum: This toxin makes the very expenditure of Essence a danger to the user. For every 5 essence they channel, they take 1 unsoakable die of lethal damage. Should they reach the iconic splendor level of their anima banner, they take 2 dice of unsoakable bashing damage.

Moonsilver: This toxin causes it's victim to suffer from penalties to their Physical Attributes in time of great stress (for example combat). For every four turns of combat (or similar situation) reduce one random Physical Attribute. The most common effect is strange shifting of their body. A loss of Dexterity might be their muscles hardening or bones randomly shifting length. Stamina might appear as a sudden pox. Strength may appear as if muscles melted away. This effect heals like aggravated damage.

Soulsteel: This is almost the opposite effect of the Orichalcum toxin. While the toxin is in their system, they must spend 2 motes for every 1 they would normally spend to activate Charms, anima effects, artifacts, etc... Also, for they lose 1 mote for lethal health level lost(including blood loss), as the magic drains away with the blood.

Starmetal: This toxin is one of the most insidious. The victim is cursed with bad luck. Their difficulty is raised by 2 for any dice roll, and the Storyteller should play out their strangely bad luck.

Jade: This is perhaps the most unusual of the toxins. It simply marks out the character to elementals as one who has offended their kind. Normally small and friendly elementals become hostile. They seem to find nature itself conspiring against them. In effect, at worst, treat this as the Eclipse oathbreaker effect using the Essence of the poisoner, but only for dealing with elements (perhaps a fire suddenly starts in their equipment, rivers they are crossing suddenly gain a nasty current, tree roots they never saw trip them as they approach a cliff.)