Defense Value for Exalted First Edition

What Is Defense Value?

Defense Value is a static defense system that replaces rolled parries and dodges with a set number that must be beaten to successfully attack. Defense Value equals half the pool (rounded up for Exalted) of the defense being applies.

How Do I Apply My DV?

Your DV is applied to an attack automatically, you just select if you want to use your Dodge DV or your Parry DV and which weapon's Parry DV you want to use. You can apply your DV to every single attack made against you freely.

But How Do My Charms Work?

Charms, for the most part, work normally. Here's a breakdown of how different charms work with DV instead of rolled defense.

  • Dice-Adders - +1 DV per mote spent, instant duration.
  • Reflexive-Defense - doubles DV, instant duration.
  • Perfect Defenses - no change.
  • Persistents - raises DV from 1/2 pool to 3/4ths pool, scene-long duration.
  • Anti-Surprise - no change.
  • Bulwark Stance - doubles DV, turn long.

But What About Random Shit?

If you have an effect or item, like Hearthstone Bracers, that add dice to defense rolls, simply add them to the pool from which your DV is calculated. Stuff that adds automatic successes to defense rolls adds 1 directly to your DV per success added. Durations remain the same.

When Does My DV Get Lowered?

Your DV is lowered by 1 for every attack made in a turn as well as by 1 for every action taken beyond the first. These don't stack. If you take three attacks in a turn your DV is -3 and if you take three non-attack actions and then an attack, your DV is -4.