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Storyteller The ninth day since leaving Grandmother Bright's small, tidy square of apartment buildings dawns with a ruddy sunrise that stains the skies crimson and vermillion. By the time the sun burns golden-white above head and sends heat waves dancing from the ground, the three human members of the Circle are dressed in the fine linen livery of servants to the Ziggurat and laboring heavily under the orders of the woman who let them inside.

Storyteller Xar, not being shaped like a human or even a normal Anklok, required some fancy talking from Corve to explain away as a last-minute addition to the panoply of statues being set up in one of the lesser chambers and was wheeled in and left in a closet.

Storyteller As the appointed hour of the grand feast grows closer, the pace of work in the kitchens and preparatory rooms grows frantic and there are ample chances to slip away, especially with the implied consent of the Head of Servants, who promised not to send anyone looking for you if you went missing during the preparations.

Xar'Rex is, indeed, made of solid stone, and finely detailed. And also buck naked. His wings are tucked back out of sight, mostly, and vaguely resemble a carved cloak.

Corve steps up behind Carmine and Myrrh, clearing his throat for a moment. "I suggest that if we're going to 'lose ourselves,' we should do it soon. This is our chance. Once they start noticing us as servants, they'll notice if we're gone." He smiles.

Carmine makes a non-commital and annoyed noise. /Everyone else/ had their weapons.

Xar'Rex is, indeed, made of solid stone, and finely detailed. Also, he has been painted (thanks to Myrrh) to resemble the other statues, and has an elaborate costume on in brilliant reds and golds, that set off his fine marble.

Myrrh nods quietly and slips off with Corve and Carmine, hoping Xar doesn't have to relieve himself or Hesiah forbid, sneeze.

Corve gives Carmine a sympathetic look. It really wasn't his fault that her sword was four feet long and made of pure, burning sunlight. He sighs a little bit, shifting under his robes. He'd slipped his machete in with the rest of his armaments, and would be passing it along to her if it comes to a battle.

Myrrh "Well I would have hid it in the rug with the rev but...it glows.

Xar'Rex contemplates the closet.

Carmine "Hmpf." Carmine is not wholely convinced by this aruguement, as must be visible from the way she holds her body.

Xar'Rex finds meditating on doing absolutely nothing slightly easier as living stone. So he meditates on how bored he is.

Corve puts a hand on Carmine's shoulder and sighs a little, looking around. "I'm sorry." He's guininely sorry, on serveral levels; because she's unhappy, because she's more comfortable with it, because she's certainly more effective with it than without it.

Myrrh "Let's go get Xar out before he goes stir crazy..." Heads for the closet.

Corve mutters a little bit. "Kind of late for that," and then leads Carmine after Myrrh, hand on her back.

Storyteller The closet is easily located and, thanks to some careful planning on the parts of the Circle, no one is nearby. They picked a closet far away from most of the activity in which to stash their friend.

Carmine seems to calm down a little with Corve's hand on her, and at his words, letting out a sigh

Corve stops near the closet and nods to Myrrh. "Go ahead, I'll keep an eye out," he says, turning around and watching for anyone that might come around and catch them in the act.

Myrrh opens the door and checks on Xar. "I'm not sure I'm happy with the glitter but..." Hauls Xar out on the cart

Corve "You're never happy with the glitter," he murmurs, grinning slightly.

Carmine gives a small shake of her head at corve, the joke brightening her a little more, and helps Myrrh

Corve grins. It's nice to know his bad jokes make others feel better.

Xar'Rex doesn't move.

Corve looks at Xar's still form and raises a brow. "Wakey wakey Dragon King," he sing-songs as he leans around the corner, checking to see if anyone's coming.

Xar'Rex 's eyes move slightly and point at Corve. He's a very compelling statue, making that more than a little creepy.

Myrrh "Gah don't do that Xar, it's creepy." Hauls the statuesque DK onto the cart. "Ok who wants to drive him?"

Corve loosk around. "You do it, Carmine and I will keep a look out. We have to get him further inside, past the party hall."

Xar'Rex goes back to staring straight ahead, but with a slight smile.

Storyteller From what the Circle has been able to learn about the layout of the Ziggurat from "other" servants and the Head of Servants they've figured out that the courtyards and temple-complexes at the peak of the massive structure will be the center of the majority of activity today. The central courtyard onto which the major temples open is where the feast is being held.

Storyteller Inside the artificial hill that makes up most of the rest of the complex the offices and smaller temple-niches dominate the northern quarter of the building while the kitchens, slave quarters, servant's rooms and such staff facilities take up the southern face and extend into the western areas.

Storyteller The eastern areas are holy places and treasuries, heavily guarded and forbidden to all other staff members. There are special slaves that never emerge from those chambers, rumor goes, that tend to all needs inside.

Storyteller At the moment the Circle is standing in a hallway, next to a closet, in the southern parts of the ziggurat, about 3/4ths of the way to the top of the hill-building.

Xar'Rex notes that no one else is around, and speaks quietly, "So... I will not be able to move around much, or they will notice me."

Myrrh "Yes you'll have to stand still. And you might have a bit of attention since I might have made your get-up a bit too good...but atleast they won't worry about your presence.

Corve nods slowly. "We need to decide where we're going now. Since Grandmother Bright wanted us here *today,* I think it's safe to say that we should stick close to the processions."

Carmine "Perhaps we can be wheeling Xar from here to there?"

Myrrh nods and starts wheeling Xar to the festivities!

Corve nods a little and moves after Myrrh and Xar, alongside Carmine, sharp eyes keeping him alert to anything that might come around.

Xar'Rex finds being wheeled around more than a little annoying simply for the fact he can't turn his head - or eyes - to look at all the people and things around him, but he consoles himself with the fact he IS the best looking statue in the whole place.

Corve stops at the edge of where all the true festivities start, looking at Myrrh and nodding for him to go put Xar at the plinth designated to him. Poor Dragon King would have to be quiet and still during the entire time (unless something goes awry).

Storyteller Despite a few looks from servants as they bustle around, no one has time to stop and comment on the moving of a statue. In fact the Circle runs into two other groups of servants moving statues around. They seem a bit surpised someone's Myrrh's size can move such a huge statue by himself, but no one comments.

Storyteller It's fairly easy to get the Dragon-King "statue" up onto the top levels of the ziggurat and into the open air courtyard where many hundreds of similarly dressed and painted figures are awaiting veneration by the priests and important people invited to the great feast. Servants still bustle about the massive tables full of brightly colors and excellent-smelling food.

Storyteller Setting Xar's inert body amongst a particularly thick crop of reptilian-looking deities isn't hard either and he doesn't even stick out. Well, except for being the only one with wings.

Xar'Rex 's wings are, of course, disguised by his elaborate costume!

Myrrh makes sure Xar doesn't topple and shatter and then wheels the cart back to the others.

Corve distends from Carmine, beginning to circle around the large courtyard. He takes up one of the servant positions, trying to blend in as best as possible. He copies movements, he siddles in the same, subjective way, and even bows his head when people who are obviously important even look his way. It takes a bit of doing, but it has to be done--he can't be noticed as out of place. T He? trays in his hand go empty quickly, and he begins rearranging certain tables, continuing to circle the room in typical fashion even as he keeps his eyes and ears peeled.

Xar'Rex is now known as High Priestess?

High Priestess pauses in her preparations, taking note of the highly tasteless dress of this nearly-naked girl... she's showing more skin than the priestesses and that's JUST NOT RIGHT.

High Priestess (ok ok scratch that)

High Priestess pauses in her preparations, taking note of the servant woman who seems to be loitering about doing nothing. "Girl, what are you doing? The festival is about to begin, and you are LOLLYGAGGING ABOUT! Where is your head servant?"

Carmine rounds on the high priestess, really not in the mood to be talked at by some stupid priestess. About midway through her whirl, she remembers that she is just a humble servant girl, and does her best to look it "...I..sorry High Priestess."

High Priestess "What was THAT? Did you just GIVE ME A LOOK?"

High Priestess "This is not the time for your insolence!"

Myrrh grimaces and heads towards Carmine looking determined and just a bit angry! "What are you doing out here?! We have food in the kitchens! I need you to fill the cart and take it back!"

Carmine "I-..no. high priestess. sorry high priestess." she really hopes her face is calm, and that the rage isn't showing on her face, she whirls at the new person "...yes sir, sorry sir." she says, so very pleased to see Myrrh.

High Priestess "Are you her head servant? How can you permit such insolence in your staff? I am the High Priestess, and this is the day of the Great Festival! I should have you both punished!"

Corve spots Carmine in trouble just as he steps away from a spot where he'd been standing for a bit too long and siddles forward, sliding between and around people until he comes up behind Carmine and grabs her bicep as she steps away, whispering into her ear as he drags her away. He keeps his head bowed and his eyes in reverence to the High Priestess.

Myrrh "Yes High Priestess I apologize, she's here on as a favor to her Mother. It won't happen again..."

Carmine looks suitably contrite, though that is more brought on by Corve's words

High Priestess "You had better guarantee it won't. Keep her away from the festival, I don't want to see that face anywhere near me! If i see so much as a HAIR of her, you're both fired."

Myrrh "Y-yes High Priestess, it won't happen again. Thank you." Bows and siddles towards where Corve is taking Carmine.

High Priestess follows them both with a glare that could melt statues.

Corve ducks behind a wall and lets go of Carmine, giving her a smile as he looks over his shoulder. As soon as Myrrh comes around, he nods him over. "Alright, we're making progress now. I just heard something you should know. First of all, the ceremony today is to present a new God that's to be venerated in the ziggurat. That's why they're doing this whole bloody thing. It's not about turtle-woman at all."

Myrrh mutters to them when he's far enough away. "Alright don't take this personaly..." he then stands up and looks very angry, yelling and making agressive hand gestures. "I take you in as a favor for your own dear mother!..."

Myrrh "We can't have Carmine out there though. She might get us yelled at again..."

Corve "I mean, I'm sure *she* thinks it is... don't worry about that."

Myrrh "What new god?"

Carmine "I'll just have to find somewhere to hide. Damn woman..."

High Priestess comes around the corner, looking imperious. "YOU'RE still here?"

Corve looks at the High Priestess and bows. "I am disciplining her, High Priestess. I shall be escorting her back to the kitchen in a moment."

High Priestess eyes Corve, then nods. "Well be sure to get it through her thick skull, *no matter what it takes.* We do not tolerate undisciplined servants with a lack of the humility of their proper station."

High Priestess flounces off.

Carmine looks suitably chastised and repentant. She nearly got corve and myrrh in trouble, after all

Myrrh waits until she's out of sight "Yeah Carmine will definitely have to hide somewhere...that high priestess seems to be cracking under the pressure..."

Corve points down at the floor, then down some more. Then he whispers it very, very low: "Shajumani. I also know how to get to its chamber, where one of the priests I over heard talking is staying tonight. He'll be alone. They're sacrificing someone, and I know where they're keeping them..."

Corve looks at them both and waits for any type of response.

Carmine "...they're going to kill someone?"

Corve "Apparently. Sacrifice them to this beast thing..."

Corve "I suggest we stick around to see the unveiling, and then see if we can save whoever is up for sacrifice... though I'd like to question the priest, too..."

Myrrh "Well we can do that after we stop them from stabbing virgins."

Corve "Probelm is, the priest will only be alone during the unveiling. So it's one or the other. However, if we ambush the priest, it would probably make it easier to stop the sacrificie."

Corve grabs Carmine's hand and tugs on it. "Let's head out of here for a bit, in case that lunatical priestess comes around again."

Corve stops within the structure. "I suggest we go for the priest. Xar can watch the unveiling and tell us anything we need to know afterwards. We need to go down and talk to the priest."

Carmine blinks, interuppted from her considerations of just waht she would do to the priestess. She nods "Yeah...get away from here."

Corve steps aside and motions that he'll be right back, stepping back outside into the courtyard and heading straight for Xar's statue. He stops behind the Dragon King and whispers the plan, though no details as it'd take too long. "We'll be back for you soon as we can," and he's gone again, back out of the courtyard with the other Solars. "Let's go."

Storyteller Corve manages, with some difficulty considering he's going on a conversation between two people who don't need to give out explicit directions, to find the secluded room within the Priest Quarters where the man he overheard talking about the sacrifices will be staying for his pre-sacrifice meditation and rest. Outside the door, he can hear the man inside.

Carmine "I thought you said he would be alone." she whispers

Corve mutters in a harsh whisper. "That's what they *said,*" he says, grunting. He reaches under his robes and pulls out his machete, handing it to Carmine. "Here... just in case." A smile, and then he takes a few steps back. "Let's wait and see if one of them leaves..."

Storyteller A few minutes pass and there is no sign either is leaving.

Myrrh whispers at the others. "We need to do this quietly, they'll notice if he's missing..."

Corve mutters under his breath. "This is bad. I thought he was going to be alone. It's a little risky to try to take them both down without them making too much noise."

Myrrh "Well we either go in there and beat them into submission or we wait. Flip a coin I guess..."

Carmine "It wouldn't be that hard, surely... we're away from the main temple.."

Corve mutters. "I suppose... alright. Come on, then," he murmurs, moving forward towards the door. "Be *ready.*" Then he raises his hand and knocks. Once.

Myrrh "Well...try not to hurt anyone too badly Carmine, we need them talking and not screaming..."

Carmine gives a 'he's the one who makes them scream' look at corve. It's almost innocent

Myrrh waits for Corve to make his move!

Assistant Priest is dressed as the assistant priest, "Can I help you?"

Storyteller The door remains closed, muffling the low conversation of the two men inside.

Corve nods slowly. "Pardon the interruption, but we must speak with the priest about an urgent matter." Old tactics are the best tactics. He's already used this one how many times since he met Xar and Carmine?

Assistant Priest looks over the group, raising a brow, "What is it, that so many of you have come? The High Priest is very busy preparing for tonight."

Corve clears his throat. "It's an important message derived directly from one of the functionaries at the celebration. We were sent because she could not step away at the moment without compromise, but the message must be delivered."

Assistant Priest steps back from the door, ushering Corve in, "I see, then please give your message. I am sure the High Priest will appreciate you being so kind as to deliver it."

Storyteller is now known as Priest

Corve steps in, waiting for both Carmine and Myrrh to follow while bowing to the High Priest slowly in reverence.

Carmine steps in, and bows reverently

Myrrh follows and bows reverntly, wonderinf if it's a good time to kick the priest square in the groin.

Assistant Priest closes the door behind them, and folds his hands, assuming an attitude of prayer.

Priest looks up from the Holy Text he's been reading in the chamber. "Yes, what is it?" The man is in his middle years, though his hair gives no clues as to exactly how far seeing as it's been shaved off and in its place elaborate tattoos of swirling tentacles cover his skull. His bare arms are lean, but not strong. They, as well as his hands, are covered in the swirling tentacle-like marks.

Corve looks at the High Priest and bows deeper than before, and then raises his eyes just high enough to see the man, but not look into his eyes. "Sir... I bare message from one of those On High at the festivities. I was told to relay the message that there is suspicion not all the elements of tonight's ceremony are adequate. I was told you would know what that means, and would relay a response." He tries to make it as believable as possible, but it's hard when he hasn't had a lot of time to devise an interesting and compelling shrade. He waits for the Priest's response, calm knowing that Carmine and Myrrh are behind him.

Priest nods, hrmming thoughtfully. "I see. Tell them I will check in on the preparations myself soon. I have a few more things to do before I have time, but all will be ready."

Priest "Is that all? My assistant will escort you back up to the festivities if there's nothing further." He nods at the assistant.

Assistant Priest looks up and smiles politely, "Of course."

Corve bows low. "A pleasure serving you, High Priest," he murmurs, taking a few steps back and then going out the door, nodding for Myrrh and Carmine to come with him. They can come back later, after they deal with the Assistant Priest.

Myrrh stands after kneels and bows once more to the priest before exiting the room.

Carmine bows and departs behind Corve

Priest nods and waves the three away

Assistant Priest leads the way back towards the festivities.

Corve looks at Myrrh and Carmine as they walks behind the Assistant Priest, raising a brow as if to ask 'now?'

Myrrh shrugs as if to say "Sure."

Assistant Priest "I appreciate you taking the time to deliver that message, we must be sure everything is *exactly* as it should be, to properly honor the Gods."

Corve clears his throat. "It's actually the other ceremony that has inadequate preparations," he says, raising his eyes to look at the man.

Assistant Priest stops and turns, "The OTHER one?" he looks very concerned, "Whatever do you mean? That can't be, I helped prepare for it myself!"

Carmine "Are you so sure everything is ...perfect?"

Corve nods. "Uh... yes. I thought... well... I thought it was clear that that was the one I was speaking of, sir. I did say *tonight.* If I meant the festivities above I would have mentioned so."

Assistant Priest is affronted, "Well of course! I chose the girl myself, and we have spent the entire month preparing the altar, the ceremonies, the gifts, and the rituals! How dare you question my competence!"

Corve bows his head, subtly making a fist as he looks at Myrrh slightly. "Oh, we don't questions your competence, sir... but there seems to be something awry. We would be happy to assist you in finding if anything *is* indeed so. I believe it was mentioned more as a precaution, though I was, of course, reluctant to come since I doubted so much that you would comit any such mistakes..."

Myrrh slowly circles around to behind the assistant priest...

Assistant Priest "I will ensure that nothing is wrong, myself. We do not need to inform the High Priest unless this rumor of yours proves true."

Corve nods fervently. "Oh, of course, sir! We would not do anything to jeapordize your reputation! We have the utmost respect for what you do. We offer ourselves once more to assist in any investigation as to this, so that you may have perfect concentration as you apply your elite skills."

Assistant Priest seems slightly mollified. "You have no other duties to attend to?"

Corve "I am most sure that this is more important than any plates that need carrying. All three of us were spared to come down and give you this news, so I assume that we were also delegated to you should you require our assistance in any matters pertaining this important event."

Assistant Priest "Hmmm indeed, indeed. Well, come this way then." he heads off at a hurried pace towards the sacrificial chamber, and its preparatory chambers

Corve grins at his companions after the priest passes by him, and then turns around with a wiggle of his eyebrows, his face returning to a serious, servile look as he follows the priest.

Carmine gives corve a surprised look, then sets off after him

Myrrh looks a bit confused and then follows Corve and Carmine

Storyteller The priest is now nearing the sacrificial holding chamber.

Corve waits for the priest to open the doors.

Assistant Priest enters the preparatory chamber near it, "You, check to see that these vestments are properly folded and annointed, I will re-bless them. You, make sure the dagger is properly sharpened, and You, assure that The Book is marked clearly.

Storyteller The preparatory chamber is next to the sacrificial chamber, but there is no victim inside it. Only the vestments waiting for the High Priest to don and the dagger to be used in the sacrifice, the ropes used to lower the body down into the pit and the Book, from which the spells to calm the Beast are read.

Carmine bows low, and heads over to the dagger. She has a slight spring in her step, that wasnt there before

Corve nods, motioning for Myrrh to close the door before they do anything.

Myrrh closes the door behind them and heads for The Book.

Carmine picks up the dagger, and starts to carefully sharpen it

Assistant Priest begins the rituals to bless the implements once more - better safe than sorry.

Corve heads for the vestments, beginning to re-fold them as neatly as possible. He *does* have a lot of practice at it, as he has to fold his own and Sunshine Blossom's clothes after washing every other day back home. The thought makes him tense. He misses her... "Venerable Priest," he says, as he's folding the last of the vestments. "I believe the girl was of most concern, although I'm sure it is nothing." His tone is as servile as he can make it, every word revering the idiot that he's talking to. "I shall be more than happy to assist you in making sure she is secure and prepared." It's an offering from a lesser, as he finishes folding the clothing.

Myrrh examines the book, seeing if he recognizes the writing.

Assistant Priest "We must finish these preparations first. Please do not distraact me while I am performing the rites."

Corve nods. "Of course, sir," he says, stepping back and towards Myrrh, whispering very, very quietly.

Storyteller Myrrh does not, saddly, recognize the writing. It is some strange variation of Old Realm. He thinks that, given time and references, he could do a good job of translation, but he can't read it off hand.

Myrrh whispers back to Corve.

Corve steps aside and walks to Carmine, repeating the process even as he takes a look at the kris that she's sharpening.

Assistant Priest begins speaking in that dialect of Old Realm the book is written in, gesturing solemnly, and all that junk

Carmine gives a small nod, more than a little distracted by the intricate design of the dagger. She does seem about the calmest since she got in here

Corve smiles and then takes a step back... reluctantly, waiting for the Priest to be done.

Assistant Priest finishes up. It takes a long time. He even takes the dagger from Carmine and blesses it again.

Corve is tempted to grab Carmine, just in case she tries to throttle the man.

Carmine is radiating calm, though she is perhaps a touch reluctant as he takes the dagger.

Assistant Priest finally leads them all to the sacrificial chamber, knocking once before he enters, so as not to startle the girl, who is laying amidst luxurious cushions, engaged in eating her last meal.

Storyteller is now known as Really Hot Girl?

Assistant Priest "Excuse me, Melody of the Heavens. We must ensure that you are prepared for the ceremony tonight. Are you enjoying your meal?"

Melody looks up from her meal of roast pheasant haunch and peacock tongues with white wine. "Is it time already?" her voice, sweet and melodious, is heavy with a sort of resigned sadness.

Corve steps inside the sacrificial chamber, looking at the girl and the priest. Well, at least they treat her nice before they gut her for some occult beast that probably wants to eat the world whole? Also... damn... why is every other girl they meet hot? He's going to get his head chopped off just for having eyes!

Melody "I am enjoying it as much as I can, Ithulan."

Assistant Priest "Not yet, dear. But your time will come soon, when you may join with the gods as pure essence, and live on a higher plane."

Carmine eyes the girl with a surprising amount of jealousy for someone who is possibly going to die a horrible tentacled death tonight

Myrrh eyes Melody...they must have her brainwashed! Why would a young woman like that want to throw away her life to a tentacle monster?

Assistant Priest is now known as Ithulan

Melody "You mean be thrown down a giant pit to my death."

Corve bites back a grin at Melody's comment. Well, that's better now, isn't it? At least she's not looking *forward* to it.

Ithulan "Oh, come now, this is a great honor. It is the most honorable death you could hope for."

Melody sighs, heaving considerable bossom with said sigh and flipping her silky blond hair over one slim, elegant shoulder. "Really, you can at *least* leave me alone. Your tired preaching bores me. Everything about you bores me. Go away!"

Melody waves one well-manicured hand imperiously.

Corve looks at Carmine and Myrrh with a gaze that says: 'now or never.'

Ithulan "I'm afraid I cannot. It has come to my attention that you may not be properly prepared for the ritual, even aside from your blasphemous mouth."

Myrrh moves to hit the priest on the back of the head.

Corve steps forward to back Myrrh up should the priest not go down with a single blow.

Carmine just scowls at the girl, her posture suggesting that she be very quiet

Melody watches this goings-on with an expression of curiosity, but not hope. She stays quiet, eating her pheasant.

Ithulan "Your perfection is paramount to the success of the proper Summoning o.....AUGH! What are you doing?!? Insolent brat!"

Melody lets out a gurgle of laughter at this not-so-successful bit of badassery.

Ithulan rounds on Myrrh, with holy fire in his eyes!

Myrrh tries to hit the man smartly on the back of the head but doesn't seem to get enough force to knock him out! "This was so much easier with a rifle butt...

Corve launches forward, his leg raising his leg high, shooting his foot with full force straight at the Priest's jaw, smirking.

Ithulan "GUARDS! OW!"

Ithulan runs for the door! Staggers, really. "GUAAAARDS!"

Myrrh runs after him and hits him with THE BOOK!

Carmine sighs and lashes out behind her at the sound of the shouting with the pommel of the machette, catching the priest over the back of the head

Myrrh "Hold still you! God why can't they just go down one hit like in the old days?"

Melody lays on her pillows, having stitches of laughter

Ithulan squeals like a little girl!

Ithulan goes down in a poof of feathers

Corve bites his lower lip and snickers. "Myrrh... you need to lug Xar around some more," he says, flexing his arms as if he were lifting weights.

Myrrh "Don't laugh, you kicked him and he didn't go down either!"

Melody is still having stitches over on her pillows. These increase drastically when Corve tells Myrrh that.

Melody is having trouble breathing.

Myrrh "So doors are no problem but thin priests are difficult?"

Corve looks at Melody. "I understand this is humorous, but we *are* trying to stop you from falling into a bottomless pit, you know."

Melody *WHEEEZE* "Oh, is that right?" *snortgiggle* "Well. Then, ah, thank you."

Melody coughs, trying to still her laughter. Then she looks at the priest and giggles again. "Sorry."

Ithulan lies sprawled on the pillows, in a position that would have been much like Melody was when they first entered, except for the blood and the unconsciousness, and the lack of a fine meal.

Melody "But you know, this is really pointless. I'm sure the guards are going to arrive at any moment and slay you all messily."

Melody "That's what happened to my last would-be rescuers.

Corve rolls his eyes and looks at Carmine. "Could you make sure he's not dying on us, love? Because that would be bad," he says, pulling out Judging Thunder as he speaks and looking at Melody, swinging the rifle over his shoulder. "Doubt they were anything like us."

Melody "No, they were more competent. When *they* hit the priest, he went down the first time."

Melody "They were big and burly."

Myrrh grabs the book. "Very good heft to this..."

Corve "And now they're dead." He grins. "We're not." He turns around, aiming the rifle (silencer activated) at the door.

Carmine puts the machette down close to the priest, kneeling on the cushions and looking him over. She considers throwing the girl down the pit anyway, as she works

Guards arrive, ready to slay! They do, however, knock. "Is everything alright?"

Myrrh "You know if you're going to make light of our rescue attempt you can stay here and be rent assunder and having your orrifices probed by tentacle beasts..."

Guards opens the door and peers in, making sure to avert his eyes from Melody

Corve shoots the guard in the forehead with no compunction whatsoever.

Carmine works studiously on the fallen priest

Melody "They're here to rescue me again, Miskli! Aren't I the popular sacri...."

Melody stares.

Guards "AAAAAGHHHH!" *thump*

Corve smiles. "Hmm. Seems we're still alive."

Melody "You shot him!"

Corve "You're a perceptive sacrifice."

Melody "And then he died!"

Guards come charging in, swords (ceremonial, but sharp) raised high! "You killed Miskli! You bastards!"

Myrrh "You know you could have just smacked him one..."

Myrrh defends himself with "The Book!"

Corve shoots them all, too, barely really looking since he *is* an expert at this.

Guards 's yells of anger turn to yelps of pain, as they erupt in sprays of blood! But somehow, they manage to keep coming...but really it's just inertia, and they collapse with looks of pained bewilderment on their faces.

Melody stares at Corve, then at the dead guards, then at Corve.

Melody "You...shot them. And now they're dead."

Corve watches the bodies pile up at the door as he shoots them, one at a time, calmly unloading a few shells as he looks at Melody, raising an eyebrow as the last one falls. "And you're very perceptive."

Carmine smiles up at corve.

Corve looks at Carmine and winks. "He alive?"

Melody "Are you really here to rescue me?"

Guards all bleed profusely, the stains creeping across the floor, climbing up the pillows, and otherwise turning the place into a charnel house with the smell

Carmine nods "I didn't hit him /that/ hard."

Guards 's blood also flows out the door and down the hall a bit.

Myrrh "Yes we're really here to rescue you."

Corve "Not initially, but we like to do good deeds when we get the chance. Now get up, before I have to kill *more* guards." It's good that his weapon doesn't make noise. He quickly reloads the rounds that he spent on the guards and looks at Carmine. "Good. Let's get out of here before we're spotted. Myrrh, keep the book, love, grab the kris."

Corve moves to help Carmine with the body of the Priest.

Myrrh nods and offers a hand to Melody.

Carmine picks the priest up easily with Corves help. ...he loves me? she smiles to herself, as she carries the comatose body out, picking up the kris

Melody takes Myrrh's hand with a smile and follows her strange rescuers.

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