Exquisite Bonds of Rapture - Art 5 Moonsilver scarves Committment 3m per scarf from owner, 2m (forced) each from subject if Exalted

Originally intended for the purposes of seduction and the bedroom arts, this artifact can also be used for more sinister purposes, such as brainwashing and 'training' of the subject. The set of five moonsilver scarves' powers are seductive and insidious. They look and feel like deep purple silk shot through with intricate designs in silver thread, picturing all sorts of interesting things There are also a few threads of red and blue Jade highlighting several of the designs.

Wherever the Bonds meet eachother, they can be commanded to seal together seamlessly. This means that no amount of trying can actually untie them, they must be broken to escape. They have 10L/20B soak, and 10L of damage must be done in one turn, or they magically re-seal themselves at the end of the turn.

The Bonds can each extend in length from one to ten feet. This permits the entire body of the subject to be encased, and sealed with but a thought by the owner. It is wise to leave a breathing hole or two.

The Bonds can range in temperature from icy cold to blazing heat. The owner can choose whether or not they cause damage at the extreme ends of the scale. If so, they can do from 1L up to 2L per foot of fabric touching the skin of either Fire or Ice damage, depending on the whim of the owner (aka 1L to 20L each, real or phantom). It can also create an electrical circuit between any two or more of the Bonds, which the owner can choose to cause 2L of electrical damage.

In addition, they can be caused to enhance the sensations of the subject's entire body, although it is most intense where covered directly by the silks. The lightest touch can feel like the most intense pleasure, and the tiniest pain can be amplified to feel like shattered bones. The owner controls the degree of intensification.

The reverse is also true. The Exquisite Bonds of Rapture can produce no sensation at all. A blindfold would let no sight through, bound around the ears, no sound would penetrate. A gag could be tied which no sound could penetrate, allowing the subject's screams to be completely silent. When used while the subject is completely mummified, this creates a feeling of complete sensory deprivation. If suspended this way for too long, many subjects will be driven mad. (Willpower roll, dif the number of days so suspended)

During the Sensory Deprivation mode, the owner can spend one mote for one sense originating from her body to penetrate the Bonds. Touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound are all useful in their ways, and are subject to amplification for an additional mote.

If the ends of the scarves are left free, the owner can turn them into a toy of any type she desires, which will then break off from it. If it requires power, 1 mote must be committed for as long as it is on. These can be returned to the scarves at any point, and new ones extracted.

With the committment of 5 motes to one of the Bonds, any whole trailing ends will come alive and perform the commands of the owner, with but a thought.

The bonds have mastery over their subject's body, and can prevent, prolong, or cause an orgasm of the desired intensity.

Perhaps the most frightening of its powers, is that the Bonds can inflict any emotion upon its subject that their owner desires. This can range from abject terror, to consuming lust, to purest love, and deep trust. The owner can spend up to their Essence in motes, which becomes the difficulty of the Conviction roll to oppose it. Exalts may spend 1 Willpower to double their Conviction roll to resist. While entranced, the emotion seems to have come from the subject, and feels entirely real. Afterwards, however, a Per+Socialize? roll can be made to determine whether the subject realizes the emotions were imposed on him or her.