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  • Glory is sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room she shares with Kinqueduran. The furniture has all been moved off to the side, and a large space clear of anything surrounds the meditating Abyssal. Both of her swords are out, tips lodged in the floor to either side of her. Her forehead.. appears to be sizzling, and her eyes flutter with suppressed pain.
  • Jaom casually knocks at the door, apparently bored out of her skull and looking for someone not as grumpy as Kin to speak with. "Hoi... you in there?"
  • Glory grunts in a rather un-Glorylike fashion. The sizzling is loud enough to be heard through the door.
  • Jaom makes a startled sound, then proceeds to open the door and head on inside, wearing a look of concern. "For that matter are you alright? Or should I just turn around, because this looks like of those weird communing things..."
  • Glory opens her eyes, glancing up at Jaom. "..No, it's alright. Thanks for your concern." She stands up, wiping the sweat off her forehead.. and reveals a large black sunburst brand right above her eyes.
  • Jaom proceeds to flinch a little upon seeing that. "... are you sure you're alright? I dunno, but it looks like your Forsaken mark there... ow. Just... ow. You *sure*?"

Glory: "Okay, 'Forsaken' goes in the little box marked 'words we don't use when referring to Glory'."

  • Jaom smirks slightly, nonetheless. "Look, it's the only term I know... but alright, consider it removed. Still..." She leans forward for a closer look. "Are you *sure* it's alright? Looks kinda raw around the edges to me."
  • Glory rolls her shoulders, touching each Daiklave lightly. The swords disappear, leaving only a small cut-out wedge in the floor where they were standing. Glory lays back on the sheet-covered ground, smiling. "It'll heal. Thanks for your concern, though."

Jaom: "I wouldn't be me if I wasn't concerned, now would I? So, aside from acquiring that, what've you been up to, miss Glory?"

Glory: "Well, I've been thinking about adjustments to my fighting style. The last battle was not nearly the first time I was critically injured and had to be carried off the fighting ground."

  • Jaom mmms and sits on the ground in front of Glory, cross-legged. "Well... I doubt I could help out, but if there's anything I could do, let me know. I'd be glad to assist."
  • Glory laughs a little, sitting up again. "Well, I appreciate your offer. Some practice would be nice, but for the most part it was just a.. mental shift in priorities. You helped bring it around, though."
  • Jaom 'eh?'s, pointing to herself. "Me? What in the hell did I do, anyway? I mean... sure we has a neat fight together, and a nice chat, and you have made a couple of passes at me, but I don't see where I came in to change your mind."

Glory: "Well, I feel like I should be protecting you. It's my fault that you're here, and if I'm dead, I can't keep you alive as well."

  • Jaom nods slowly, pursing her lips. "I dunno, it's my fault for taking that stupid job. You did bail me out, though. Probably would've ended up just like all those others... ghn." She can't help but shiver a bit at the thought. "Nasty."
  • Glory nods, reaching over to pat her shoulder. "I can honestly say that they are all in a better place right now."

Jaom: "Oh, I believe you. I believe you. It's just... what in the world did that all have to do with? Demons? Worse?"

Glory: "Much worse."

  • Jaom shakes her head. "Beh. Dragons, what in the world did I get myself into. I could use a drink right about now. First all the fighting, then this armor. I'll be fine, the shock just needs some dulling."
  • Glory sighs, crossing her arms. "What it needs is time to sink in, not forgetting."
  • Anstice coughs, rattling the ice in the glass in his left hand, which also happens to be filled with a nice amber liquid. "Forgetting is letting it sink in, Glory. So far down it never comes up again."
  • Glory gives Anstice a baleful glare. "She needs to understand, not forget in a sea of alcohol."

Anstice: "Alcohol rarely makes you forget. It just makes your mind more malleable. Trust me, I know all about forgetting now."

  • Jaom understandably jumps, then turns around and shakes her head. "Don't do that... and I do understand after a few drinks. It just helps ease things long when I'm not quite ready to face nasty, vile shit."

Glory: "Well, go ahead, you can make your own decisions without me."

  • Anstice offers the glass. "As if any of us are ever ready to face things quite as vile as the Yozis."
  • Jaom accepts said glass with a nod, and takes a sip. "Yep, Glory. I'm a big girl, but I appreciate the concern. I suppose I could use an extra conscience, anyway."

Anstice: "Bah. Conscience. As if it's helped any of us out lately."

  • Glory shrugs lightly, laying back again. She's only dressed in a simple black sleeveless tunic that goes halfway down her thighs, so the view isn't bad at all. "It certainly hasn't hurt me."
  • Anstice takes a moment to look. "Do you do this often, Glory?"

Kinqueduran: From just outside the door, a familiar voice curses, and the curse sounds a little more sincere than usual as something thumps heavily against the doorframe.

Glory: "Never in public.. and there's your friend."

  • Jaom doesn't seem too affected by 'offered' view, instead turning to see just what in the hell is going on behind the door. "Someone let him in and see what he's angry about now."

Anstice: "If you're going to keep this up, might I at least ask the favor of keeping your caste mark covered? Something about the combination is..." He shrugs. "K doesn't need something to be angry at. He just is. Be back in a minute." He heads off to check on K!

  • Kinqueduran muscles through the door the moment it opens, dropping his lance with unusual carelessness. Spotting the drink Anstice brought with his bleary, single eye, he snatches it and drains it quickly, keeping his left hand over the mangled side of his face, but that's not enough to hide the blood trickling from under his palm.

Anstice: "Damn, K, what happened to you?"

  • Jaom grumbles at her no-longer-a-drink, then shakes her head. "I've a feeling this almost normal for him."
  • Kinqueduran grunts, fumbling for a chair to topple clumsily in, his hand still tightly clamped over his eye. "Had to return something to someone. She didn't like it."
  • Glory stands up quickly, walking over to the cabinet to pull out some medical supplies and some kind of silk strip.

Anstice: "Do I have to explain it's a bad idea to fuck with people who can kick your ass? Now move your hand..." Jaom lays, passed out like a stone, on her bed. She sat down there after mourning the loss of her drink.

  • Kinqueduran lowers his hand slowly. "Who can kick -my- ass? If you think this is bad, you should see the other guy. Err, girl."

Anstice: "Eyes don't just grow back. I'd say that's a pretty serious "I got my ass kicked" memento, myself."

  • Kinqueduran shrugs a little. "Yeah, well, I ground hers into a pulp."

Glory: "You know, I like you more every day."

  • Anstice moves out of the way to let Glory do her thing, sitting down to watch and contemplate how this affects his plans.

Kinqueduran: "Don't worry, that's just because I've had a series of off days. By the way, did you know that this REALLY fucking hurts?"

  • Glory kneels down next to Kinqueduran, giving him a big smile and starting to clean off the area around his socket. "Don't complain. You're still alive, aren't you? That's a plus."
  • Kinqueduran winces at the cleaning, closing his one good eye, the rent lid of the dead one twitching a bit. "If you were any more positive, I'd gouge my other eye out."

Anstice: "If you do, make sure to make a big deal of sacrificing it to Deimos. He'll approve."

Kinqueduran: "If anything, I now have more incentive than ever to -not- lose my right eye."

  • Glory applies a few makeshift bandages to the eye, setting the orange-and-black strip of silk over his eye and across his head as a makeshift eyepatch. "Well, that.. shouldn't kill you."

Glory: "I think."

  • Kinqueduran nods a little, his left hand coming up to gingerly feel the bandage. "...thanks, Glory."

While it doesn't help very much at all, Glory's treatment and eyepatch don't hurt Kin any more then having his eye stabbed out by a wire-bladed sword did.

Anstice: "So what was so important that was worth this, hrm?"

Kinqueduran: "Oh fuck off. This was complete coincidence."

  • Anstice stifles a laugh with the back of his hand. "You're sidereal, and you believe in coincidence still?"
  • Glory gives Kin a quick peck on the forehead and stands up, going to move the furniture back.
  • Kinqueduran throws the empty glass at Anstice, and misses, due to mauled depth perception. "It's a fucking turn of phrase, ass." He then points at Glory. "Never do that again."

Glory: "You need sympathy sometimes too. Maybe we can find you a nice woman that doesn't cost too much."

  • Anstice snaps his hand out to catch it, pulling it back in. He chuckles. "It's almost as if Mendhari took a bath in some bleach."
  • Kinqueduran grunts and waves off the comments. "Remember that Abyssal we met in the Chamber of Wine?"

Anstice: "Not me." He stands, heading to refill the glass.

Kinqueduran: "Well, obviously I wasn't asking you, then, was I?"

Glory: "It's like being five all over again. Yes, I remember her."

Kinqueduran: "Well, she decided to chat. I returned that item her friend left with us. She overreacted."

  • Glory sighs, picking up one of the beds and dropping it into place. "Kinqueduran, I find it hard to believe that someone can ever overreact to anything you do. Especially when it's displaying a severed head."

Kinqueduran: "I didn't -display- it. I politely and calmly handed it to her in a sack."

Anstice: "What did you expect? Her to shove her tongue down your throat in gratitude?"

Kinqueduran: "...no, that was actually also on the list of things I didn't want to happen. After all, things went so smoothly last time I tossed a bagged severed head at someone. Nobody got stabbed or anything."

  • Glory stifles a laugh. "Is she still among the.. well, I suppose 'animate' is the right word in her case."
  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "Ran away before I could kill her. I took her left eye, though, and..." He trails off, rubbing his left temple gingerly.

Anstice: "Well, that seems fair."

Kinqueduran: "I thought so."

Anstice: "So, now what, hrm?"

Glory: "Well, now I put the effigies inside the door tonight so she doesn't kill us in our sleep."

Kinqueduran: "I doubt she'll be coming back tonight. Besides, I doubt I'll be able to sleep."

  • Glory finishes rearranging the furniture. "Fine. You should still lay down, though. Give that eye time to heal."

Kinqueduran: "Are you -really- the best source for medical advice?"

Glory: "It's common sense!"

Kinqueduran: "Common sense and I don't really get along."

Glory: "Get into that bed or I will *beat you unconscious*."

Kinqueduran: "No you won't."

  • Anstice coughs, choking on the sip of liquor he just took. "You are my favorite abyssal ever, Glory."
  • Glory places her hands on her hips, giving Kinqueduran that same baleful glare that Anstice got earlier. "I have both eyes and a pair of swords bigger than you are. Get into bed. And you stay out of it, Anstice."

Anstice: "Aw, I don't get to snuggle with K tonight? Damned."

  • Kinqueduran 's monocular gaze locks on Glory's. "Threaten me all you like, it doesn't accomplish much."
  • Anstice nods at that. "Just let him be. He'll probably start training yet again, and pass out from exhaustion. Seems he needs a little extra practice anyway."

Glory: "..Keh, fine. This is not worth the aggravation."

  • Kinqueduran 's first reaction is to roll his eyes, and that -really- hurts. Groan.
  • Glory walks out of the room, leaning over to smack Kin on the back of the head as she does.
  • Anstice watches her go, shaking his head. "All too familiar. It's going to be frightening when we get Mendhari back."
  • Kinqueduran winces. "That or they'll just kill each other early on, and the headaches will ease up."
  • Glory is now known as Will
  • Kinqueduran stands slowly, letting out a long, exhausted sigh.

Kinqueduran: "I think I am going to go rest, actually."

Anstice: "Good. I'll be up if something happens. Need time to plan."

  • Kinqueduran nods a little, retiring to the room he'd been sleeping in.
  • Anstice obviously spends the night with the bottle of whiskey, a bucket of ice, and a notepad.

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