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The old Lunar was hurriedly shoved forward, carrying Nine Roads Sojourner along with him towards safety while Kin, Glory and Jaom ranged themselves to defeat their pursuit as it became clear that out running them was impossible.

  • Jaom comes to a skidding stop and whips about, blade at the ready and expression tense. "... well, at least I'll be able to get this aggression out.... shall we?"
  • Glory turns sharply on her heel, dress fluttering in a circle as her blades snap forward with chains clinking. The young woman smiles, eyes twinkling coldly. "I think we shall."
  • Kinqueduran tips his lance down, raking the Starmetal point over the floor before them, leaving behind ornate, obscure calligraphy that glows a dull red. Kneeling, he rubs a bit of the sticky blood from the corner of his eye, and streaks it across the central character he's drawn.
  • Tarnished Spider rounds a corner and charges into sight. Tall and skinny, inside his bronzed plate mail the willowy Deathknight glowers viciously at the three other Exalted. "You should have listened to the Black Veil!"

Glory: "They sent a Worker. How.. cute."

Jaom: "Are they always this demanding?"

Kinqueduran: "Or this poorly-dressed?"

Glory: "Always."

  • Jaom nods, and calmly sets herself into a defensive posture, Daiklave slowly running along her gauntlet not unlike a bow running along the strings of a violin. Odds are said violin would be playing a requiem.
  • Glory hurls her right Daiklave.. just above the Spider's shoulder. It travels for a bit before hitting the wall and sinking in. With a grin, Glory tugs on the chain and goes flying down the length of it, striking at the Spider's mid-section with her other Daiklave as she zips by him. The young Abyssal follows up the strike by pulling her embedded Daiklave out of the wall, leaping onto the Spider's shoulders and stabbing down at his head.

Tarnished Spider: "Traitor!" the man's voice is a gasp as he feels Glory's blade slice down through his scalp. Blood flows freely from the head wound, turning his bronze armor black with the stain

Tarnished Spider: From behind the two Deathknights, a trio of cloud bodied Nimbus Demons charge up. Assessing the situation with lightning-blue eyes the trio charges at Jaom and Kin, leaving Glory to their master.

  • Kinqueduran crouches low, then leaps straight forward, his shield in front of him with the lance protruding from one side, transforming the Sidereal into a scarlet missile.

Tarnished Spider: Before even getting a chance to growl menacingly at either of its targets, the closest of the three thunder demons is spitted by Kinqueduran's spear. With a howl that sends a thunderclap echoing in the hallway, the demon explodes in a shower of black rain and sparks.

Jaom: "Nice! Lemme give that a try!"

Kinqueduran: "Maybe when you're older."

  • Jaom puts on a vicious smirk, and charges on ahead, two-handing the Lady as she approaches the next nimbus demon. Sparks and a faint bit of flame trail from the blade's tip as she starts to waver a little from heat-haze. With a strong step, she plants one foot on the wall, leaps, and brings the ignited sword down at the thing with a roar.

Tarnished Spider: The Nimbus Demon smokes and wavers, its form starting to fall apart. Dripping liquid electricity, the cloud-muscled body starts to retreat up the hall, bellowing for its fellows to help it.

  • Jaom exhales a mouthful of smoke, flames starting to lick off of her body as her anima comes into its own, slowly. "... pffft. Coward!"
  • Tarnished Spider ignores the Nimbus Demons and their battle entirely, concentrating on this treacherous Abyssal who dares to attack HIM! The first of his twin swords rises to catch Glory in the stomach, throwing her from the perch she'd taken up on his shoulders. The second rises like a spider's fang to drive into her chest and let spill her blood.
  • Tarnished Spider laughs harshly as he cleanly spears Glory through both belly and chest, leaving her stuck to the black-stoned floor like some grotesque insect in a collector's shadowbox. Turning, blood-dripping swords in hand, the Deathknight focuses his attention on Kinqueduran.
  • Kinqueduran wastes no time, kicking off from the wall, his spear held in line with his arm, pointed back. The Lance of Mars Descending swings up, scattering the wispy remnants of the demon as red-orange Essence pours off of Kinqueduran, rolling from his eyes like tears of blood, and the round shield comes up to collide with the Abyssal as K's lance seeks to cut into his side.
  • Jaom closes the distance as well, wincing as she sees Glory go down. Nonetheless, she seeks out the remaining nimbus demon and flicks out the Lady in a wide red arc, her flames giving the blade an eerie sheen as she quickly underhands the grip and braces with her offhand, ready to defend whatever comes her way.

Jaom: "Now be a good boy and start dying!"

Tarnished Spider: Unlike the other two previously attacked Nimbus Demons, this one neither explodes nor flees. Instead it howls in rage, not pain, and prepares to lash back at Jaom.

Tarnished Spider: "Fool! Did you not see what I did to your treacherous companion?" The twin swords still drip Glory's blood as they flicker-flash toward Kin, one slicing across his chest to open the armor, another stabbing for his heart

  • Jaom makes the best of the situation, but she seems to not be as braced as she likes, and the demon's strike does some damage. "Gh... son of a..."
  • Kinqueduran spins, dropping his lance. The turn brings him closer to the Abyssal, a shift he takes advantage of to smack the enemy in the face with his shield as his free hand unslings his crossbow, bringing it up to send a bolt into the fleeing demon's back.

Tarnished Spider: The bolt brushes the demon, spurring it on to even greater speed!

Kinqueduran: "...shit."

Jaom: "... seriously."

Kinqueduran: "Kill that damn thing."

  • Jaom snorts a bit more smoke. "Too far off!" Her sword arm lowers a little as she eyes down the demon nearest her, as if looking for an opening. She hesitates... then deftly flicks her arm up, aiming to skewer the damned thing through the gut while her feet spread in preparation to get *away* if need be.

Glory lays in a spreading pool of blood, a scorch mark places the demise of the first of the Nimbus Demons and a trail of still-glowing sparks lights the retreat of the second. Only the grizzled Orange and the young Fire remain, facing off against a spark-bleeding Nimbus and the tall, willowy murderer.

  • Tarnished Spider jerks back from the Orange's shield-bash, spitting a harsh laugh. The twin red blades dart forward, flashing like eight as they slice across Kin's much-scarred chest, hoping to driver further then the previous failures
  • Kinqueduran drops to one knee, his shield coming up. Sparks fly as the Abyssal's blade clatter across the Starmetal and brass
  • Jaom takes the opportunity offered by Kin's deflection to weave towards the Deathknight, a twisting wave of heat and red-jade armor that culminates in her blazing weapon driving at a perceived weak point with pinpoint, Essence-fueled accuracy.
  • Kinqueduran 's fingers curl around the dire lance on the floor with practiced ease, and Kin's arm uncoils like a serpent, driving the Starmetal point towards a gap between the overlapping plates on the Abyssal's belly.
  • Jaom cackles a little. "Kin, darling, this is how we do things in the House of Bells! HYAH!" Having been coiled back in preparation for trouble, she springs ahead like a cobra; her hood are the flames wreathing her, and her fang is the red blade seeking out the Deathknight’s heart, aiming to outrightly skewer the bastard with a single, quick stroke.

Tarnished Spider: "You two think this will finish me?" The tall Deathknight cackles as his swords sweep away the blows of the two.

  • Jaom finds no gap in his defense, unfortunately, and quickly curls back defensively. "Never know until you try!"
  • Kinqueduran doesn't speak, but crouches low in a false defensive stance, his shield over him. Red-orange fire glints across the bright brass ornament, distracting the Deathknight from the Starmetal lance driving upward, puncturing the weak armor at the Abyssal's groin and continuing it's vertical path to exit beside his collarbone.

Kinqueduran: The Lance of Mars Descending stands upright within the Abyssal's torso, fully two feet of the spear protruding up from the exit wound by the collarbone. A gout of blood spurts out from the wound, showering everyone present with crimson droplets.

Jaom: "... yep. Still bleeds the same."

Kinqueduran: "That's how we do things in Office 6."

  • Tarnished Spider gasps in horror and shock as the lance pierces him from crotch to collar. Gaping open-mouthed, the tall man stares at Kin in horror
  • Kinqueduran stands upright, reaching out to grip the lance just below it's bloodstained razored head. He spits in the Abyssal's face as he yanks the spear forward, forcing the Abyssal down, making his face collide with Kin's uplifted, armor-plated knee.
  • Tarnished Spider slumps, defeated and unaware. The blood from his impalement starts to turn black as more and more flows free.

Jaom: "... Kin. Get Glory and let's get the hell out of here. Now."

Kinqueduran: "One last thing..."

  • Kinqueduran kneels, one hand gripping the Abyssal's chin, the other gripping the back of his head. With a groan, he wrenches his arms to the left, turning and pulling until the Abyssal's head rips free.

Jaom: "Dammit, Kin, *now*! I'd grab her myself, but I'm burning right no---ghhh!"

  • Jaom once again suppresses the sudden urge to vomit, barely.
  • Kinqueduran extracts his lance from the headless corpse, then stands, slinging the spear onto his back and going to pick up Glory.

Jaom: "... ugh. Let's just go."

Kinqueduran: Draping his circlemate over one shoulder, he nods, carrying the grisly trophy in his other hand.

  • Jaom looks at the head once more. It seems only the ripping-off part got her. "You know, I'm really going to have to ask you why you did that when I've had some sleep and I'm not bleeding."
  • Kinqueduran shrugs, looking straight ahead, and it seems apparent that even he wasn't entirely comfortable with it. "I won't answer you when you ask."
  • Jaom starts moving like she no longer wants to have any part of the place. "Duly noted."
  • Kinqueduran also exits rather quickly, quite ready to have a moment to catch his breath.

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