Fallen Sun's Glory


Selacia Ardenos was born in the Northeast, a resident of a large town known as Goldenhall. The people were self-sufficient, and prosperous, as possible as that is in the North. They paid tribute to the Prince Bound but did not dwell in a shadowland, nor did they accept rule by the dead. The town was peaceful, sending off its yearly tribute knowing that it had the support of a powerful patron that had but the lightest touch on their reins. Sela spent her days hunting and learning how to wield the sword and spear, training to become a hunter and flirting with the young men. One day, however, their peaceful lives were interrupted.

A Solar, recently Exalted and of the Dawn Caste, rode into the town with his army of tiger warriors, demanding that they stop their tribute to the Prince, give it to him, and offer up half the capable young men and women for conscription. Goldenhall's mayor refused, and so began the slaughter. Citizens, hardened from their years fending off the fae and hunting in the snowy forests, fought a bloody insurgent battle that lasted three days, as the tiger warriors were unused to guerrilla warfare and urban ambushes. In the end, though, each ambush turned into a massacre of the citizenry, and soon one structure stood, the town hall. Though it was half-burned and thoroughly looted, it served as a defensible structure and Selacia made her stance there with the children inside. For two hours, she fended off the tiger warriors with an intricate trap network and her excellent swordsmanship. As she began to tire and fade, almost unconscious from the blood loss, the sky began to darken overhead.

Great war machines of flesh and metal poured into the town, accompanied by undead soldiers. The Prince had arrived, and he was displeased by the Dawn's treatment of his tributary state. With a powerful necromantic spell, he ripped out the Solar's very soul, crushing his mortal Essence while keeping the Exalted shard in a jar of lead and iron. The undead soldiers, through training and their sheer numbers, washed over the tiger warriors like a flood. And for the first, but certainly not the last time, Selacia met her Prince. He complemented her for her defense of the town hall and the children, offering her a singular gift: servitude, directly under him, and power she could not comprehend as a mortal. Assured that the children would be safe and well-educated in the Prince's very Manse, she accepted, and became the Fallen Sun's Glory, Defender of Fury and Iron.

Over time, she understood the greater intricacies of death and life, becoming well-educated and grasping a knowledge that most could only dream of. Her battle tactics were at odds with her demeanor, a flashy, powerful style utilizing two daiklaves attached to chains on her forearms for great sweeping strikes. Her Deathlord was pleased with the development of her martial and mental skills, and to this day formulates plans to make her more accepting of aggression and conquest.

Recent Activities


Titles: Fallen Sun's Glory, Fury and Iron Defender
Name: Selacia Ardenos
Concept: Compassionate knight
Nature: Caretaker
Caste: Dusk
Player: Will
Chronicle: Red Ice
Experience (Unspent/Spent): 6/43


Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4
Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Caste and Favored Abilities

Athletics 4
Dodge 5
Linguistics 3 (Skytongue; High Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak)
Lore 4 (First Age +1)
Melee 5
Resistance 3
Thrown 5

Other Abilities

Endurance 2
Occult 2
Socialize 2

[Willpower] 7/7
[Essence] 3
[Resonance] 0/10
[Miracles] 2/10
[Personal/Peripheral] 16/16 - 29/39
[Committed] 10 Peripheral

Compassion 4
Conviction 2
Temperance 2
Valor 3

Furious Blade
Savage Shade Style
Five Shadow Feint
Hungry Missile Technique
Incomparable Assassin Method
Ox-Body Technique
Spirit-Hardened Frame
Ivory Blossom Carapace
Flitting Shadow Form
Fivefold Shadow Form
Flickering Wisp Technique

Unchallenged Might of the Setting Sun
(Furious Blade + Savage Shade Style + Fivefold Shadow Form)

Retreating Sun's Celerity
(Hungry Missile Technique + Incomparable Assassin Method + Fivefold Shadow Form)

Artifact 4
Liege 3
Manse 2
Resources 3
Underworld Manse 2
Whispers 2


Five jade effigies


Soulsteel Daiklave ("Terminal Promise") [2-dot]
Spd +7, Acc +4, Dam +6L, Def +2, Rate 5, Range 50, Comm 5
-Obedient Killer: This daiklave can be summoned reflexively for one mote of Essence.

-Set with a Spirit-Anchor Stone [Earth 2, Xyph Wiki]

Soulsteel Daiklave ("Final Deliverance") [2-dot]
Spd +7, Acc +3, Dam +6L, Def +2, Rate 5, Range 50, Comm 5
-Obedient Killer: This daiklave can be summoned reflexively for one mote of Essence.

-Set with a Gemstone of Murder [Abyssal 2, Xyph Wiki]

--Murderer's Speed: When used together, these two daiklaves allow their wielder to roll an attack once and use it against a number of enemies equal to one daiklave's Rate.

Soulsteel Talisman Weaves ("Bracers of Unending Night") [1-dot]

-Essence Harmony: Abyssal Charms reduce an opponent's dice pool by an additional die.

-Killer's Harbor: The Talisman Weaves contain the infinite soulsteel chains that hold Promise and Deliverance, and are capable of holding the daiklaves.

Base Initiative 7
Base Dodge: 12 (+3 Essence)
Fist: Speed 7, Accuracy 5, Damage 4B, Parry 6, Rate 5
Kick: Speed 4, Accuracy 5, Damage 7B, Parry 1, Rate 3
Promise: Speed 20, Accuracy 13, Damage 10L, Parry 11, Rate 5
Deliverance: Speed 20, Accuracy 13, Damage 10L, Parry 11, Rate 5


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-1 [x][x]
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