Abyssal Awareness Charms

by Haren

Willing Blind Man Movement Cost-> 4 motes per dot or sense, 1 willpower Duration-> One Scene Type-> Simple Min. Awareness-> 5 Min. Essence-> 3 Prereqs-> Sense-Eroding Gesture

The Abyssal shares their memories of meeting the dark gods under reality, with the sweeping wave of their hand as if pulling away a curtain in front of the victim's eyes. The victim (who must be within a yard) senses these things as if it was happening in a moment. While it does not affect their eyes, or how they are able to act, their senses are temporarily crushed. Their mind can not deal with the horrors it just was forced to sense, and so would rather sense nothing than risking them again. The player of the Abyssal rolls Manipulation + Awareness at a difficulty of the Permanent Essence. For every success, they reduce the character's Perception by one. Should there be more successes than dots of perception, the Abyssal can negate sight, hearing and touch, or taste and smell, with a success for each. Should all three be negated, the character has a Perception of 0 and can no longer sense the world for the rest of the scene. An Essence channeling victim may spend 4 motes per dot or sense to negate these effects, though this requires concentration equivalent to a dice action. There may be other lingering side effects (ST Choice, perhaps a Derangement or weakened sense) for someone so damaged by this Charm. This Charm can not be comboed with Charms of other abilities.