Abyssal Bureaucracy Charms

by Haren

Center of the Scandal Capturing Web Cost-> 8 motes, 1 willpower Duration-> 4 days Type-> Simple Min. Bureaucracy-> 5 Min. Essence-> 3 Prereqs-> Cunning Subversion Style, Alluring Eloquence Method

In even the most honest and trusting of organizations, there is rumor and insinuations of those things which may come or have been decided. Through an understanding of who knows things, who can learn, and who will talk, the Abyssal weaves a web of sweet words and "alliances". The Abyssal recieves information of changes or rumors in their group ahead of time, in most cases without any work on their part. Normal attempts to hide information fail as there is always even a tiny leak. Against supernatural methods of hiding such information, the Abyssal can make an opposed Perception+Bureaucracy roll against the Manipulation+Bureaucracy of the person trying to hide it. In no case will this charm reveal to the Abyssal who tried to hide knowledge, just that there was such an attempt.

Bloody Knife Advancement Mania
 Cost-> 10 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration-> One week
 Type-> Simple
 Min. Bureaucracy-> 5
 Min. Essence-> 4
 Prereqs-> Regime Toppling Insinuation

This Charm is very similar in scope to Cunning Subversion Style, but closer in effect to Regime Toppling Insinuation. With a few short talks of someone's superiority, droped notes, and careful rumors, an Abyssal can drive a Department into a blood frenzy of hatred, rivalry, envy, and greed. Where before, the Department focused on a leader as a focus of these emotions, now every affected member sees others as rivals to be destroyed, ambitious underlings who must at least be crushed into submission or at worst destroyed for their goals, and people who hold a desired position and need to be "helped" from it. With a long enough application of this Charm, it will be destroyed from within... crushed under a tide of blood from members of the Department. This Charm can effect (20 x Permanent Essence of the Abyssal). Note that the death of a currently affected member, frees up a spot for someone else to be grabbed by the madness running through the organization.

Velvet Gloved Coup Pronouncement
 Cost-> 8 motes
 Duration-> One project
 Type-> Simple
 Min. Bureaucracy-> 4
 Min. Essence-> 3
 Prereqs-> Alluring Eloquence Method, Cunning Subversion Style

A clever Abyssal learns how to take control of a Bureau for their own personal use. It becomes difficult for to resist the rightness of their ideas. Should a request or motion of theirs be accepted, this Charm goes into effect (though the Charm has to be activated at the submission of the request). The Bureau slows down to a 1/(Essence of the Abyssal) of it's normal effiency, as the Abyssal's project starts sucking up resouces for itself. The project is pushed forward at a speed of (Essence-1) times faster than normal. Should this project be something for the Abyssal personally (for example fixing a ship), they find the government matching their own money for construction, workers being forced to take only the minimum payment, and other similar things as the Bureau pushes and pulls with most of it's power dedicated to making this project complete.