Abyssal Dodge Charms

by Haren

Void Sanctuary Entombment Cost-> 10 motes, 1 willpower Duration-> Special Type-> Simple Min. Dodge-> 5 Min. Essence-> 4 Prereqs-> Sidestep Through Moments Technique

There are times when an Abyssal must escape. They understand that while they can be replaced, it is costly to do so. This technique is an escape route of last resort, for it creates many difficulties for Abyssals who have business with the daylit world of Creation. The Abyssal focuses, and disappears in into a shimmering blackness. For a number of days and nights (11 - Permanent Essence), their body is entombed in the black matter of the Labyrinth, that surrounding the mouth of the Well of the Void. The contorted visages and reaching hands can sometimes be made out there. The positive side of this is that while emtombed, their close proximity to the Void removes them from the Loom of Fate, being a strange emptiness where before there was something. This has serious reprecussions though, as all physical refrences and evidence to their existance in Creation disappear. Their name (or aliases) disappears from documents, refences to them are lost or "rewritten". In many ways, it is as if they had never existed, except that memories of them are left untouched. It is for a similar reason that the Underworld, a realm composed only of the memories of Creation, is unaffected, and it is suspected that Yu-Shan would be similarly unaffected. The Abyssal appears completely healed from their long rest at the end of their entombment at a location of the ST's choice.

Sidestep Through Moments Technique
 Cost-> 8 motes
 Duration-> Until next action
 Type-> Reflexive
 Min. Dodge-> 5
 Min. Essence-> 4
 Prereqs-> Flowing Evasion Assault, Incomparable Phantom Form

This Charm bears a strong resemblance to Flowing Evasion Assault, in that it causes the Abyssal to dematerialize and teleport. The differences are significant though. The Abyssal does not rematerialize immediately, and instead draws on the nature of Oblivion to break down time, and they step outside of time and space for a moment. They only reappear at their next action. They can then be attacked at this time and afterwards, but before that they are unassailable. The character can move up to their Dodge + Essence in yards away, subject to the limitations of Flickering Wisp Technique. This is a perfect effect.

Another Pays the Reaper
 Cost-> None
 Duration-> Permanent
 Type-> Permanent
 Min. Dodge-> 5
 Min. Essence-> 3
 Prereqs-> Flickering Wisp Technique

The thing an Exalt may fear the most is an inability to avoid being attacked for some reason. There are magics, effects and situation where a mortal, or even a weaker Exalt can not dodge. Perhaps they can not move to escape. Perhaps there is just too much to dodge. Perhaps the attack will seek out it's target. The Abyssal with this Charm can get around these dangers. They use a mixture of cursing and teleportation to redirect an attack. If the Abyssal activates this Charm while there is another living target within their Permanent Essence in yards, they may attempt to dodge even normally undodgeable attacks. By spending a 2 mote surcharge when using a charm to aid in a dodge, they may make a dodge attempt as normal. Should they succeed, the attack is made against the target they select instead. The Exalt does not need to move to make the dodge. Note that this charm just modifies existing charms.


I can't comment on balance, because I don't have my books with me-> but it doesn't look wholly out of bounds for an Essence 4 effect, and on the whole it seems to be a pretty darned neat idea. I like it. - Quendalon?

I'm not exactly Mr. Abyssal myself, but this is good thematic stuff, and its massive drawbacks (pulling you out of combat, being [! unComboable!] , and the steep price) nicely balance its fairly potent effect (you could dodge the Godspear with this, couldn't you? That's my metric for scary defences) - Four Willows Weeping?