Abyssal Endurance Charms

by Haren

Stance of Iron Fortitude Cost-> None Duration-> Permanent Type-> Special Min. Endurance-> 4 Min. Essence-> 3 Prereqs-> Insensible Corpse Technique, {{Crowned Sun?||Death-Cheating Technique}}

Abyssals become something other than human with time, and as such they lose many of the weaknesses of humanity. But it goes far beyond mere humanity, and enters into a world of things alive, yet beyond the flaws of the living. The living are so easily distracted by minor damage that they can even find themselves rended unable to move from it, but Abyssals are beyond such complaints. The Abyssal with this charm never is incapacitated by bashing damage, and never is penalized for being stunned by blows with the strength of only muscle. This does not affect wound penalties other than incapacitated though.