Abyssal Investigation Charms

by Haren

Crushing the Sleeper's Will Cost-> 6 motes, 1 willpower Duration-> Instant Type-> Simple Min. Investigation-> 5 Min. Essence-> 3 Prereqs-> Incomparable Agony Technique, Compelling Whisper Technique

When the body suffers extreme pain, the mind will do almost anything to end it. The will of the abyssal can cause this sort of seemingly unending agony. The abyssal rolls Conviction + Essence, against the Willpower of the target. The target must be restrained or willingly still. Should the abyssal succeed, they can name a trigger upon which the target's will is crushed for the next two hours. The abyssal can either implant a program the target follows, or may choose to instead set it up at the time of the trigger. Additional successes beyond the resistance add to the difficulty to detect the mental tampering before or during the activation.

Unstoppable Deathstalker Study
 Cost-> 5 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration-> Indefinate
 Type-> Simple
 Min. Investigation-> 4
 Min. Essence-> 3
 Prereqs-> Cunning Scrutiny Style

The Deathknights are some of the most fearsome beings to walk Creation, but even they can be laid low and nearly killed. The Abyssal must have lost three-fourths of their health levels in one encounter. When such happens, a Deathknight may use this Charm to return to the site where they were almost destroyed and gain a sense of the one most directly responsible for it. By studying and meditating on the death essence of the site for an hour, which must be done within the Exalt's Permanent Essence in days after the near-death encounter, the Abyssal can track the person with a Perception + Investigation roll. On one success, the Abyssal can gain a general direction. On three, they have the exact direction and a rough distance (close, within a region, far, across an entire direction, across all of Creation). On Five, they have exact direction and near exact distance. While tracking their prey, they can spend 4 motes to add their Permanent Essence to Investigation attempts to understand what they were doing at a single location (for example a small city, neighborhood, or village). Any motes used for this purpose remain commited as long as they wish to study their prey's movements and actions in that area. They can study up to their Essence in areas at any one time. The main 5 motes remain commited as long as the Abyssal wants to stalk this prey. Should the hunt end without the motes being uncommited, the character has a +1 to the difficulty of all Virtue and Willpower rolls from the distraction of their desire to hunt again.