Abyssal Performance Charms

by Profiles.Haren

Song to Blessed Silence Cost-> 1 mote per 2 dice Duration-> One Turn Type-> Simple Min. Performance-> 2 Min. Essence-> 2 Prereqs-> None

By silently speaking or singing the dark and horrific words of the Malfeans, an Abyssal can cause almost certain failure in anyone else's attempt to sing or speak. Their voice is inaudible to any natural form of hearing, though those effects which allow someone to hear essence use will hear the terrible beauty of one who's voice is near one with that of the Malfeans. For every mote spent, the target loses two dice from their pool. Essence users can have their pool reduced to a minimum of their Permanent Essence. This Charm most often negates the voice of the target, causes dissonance, or garbles their voice.

Curse of the Disquieting Voice
 Cost-> 6 motes
 Duration-> One Scene
 Type-> Reflexive
 Min. Performance-> 3
 Min. Essence-> 2
 Prereqs-> Song to Blessed Silence

With a wave of the hand like tightening the strings of an insturment, the Abyssal introduces a most disturbing timbre to another's voice. There is just an unnatural and wrong sound to their voice, though not in a way that is easy or even possible to identify. This person suffers from any interaction where they would try to use their voice. The Abyssal's permanent Essence is added to the difficulty of any Performance, Presence, or Socialize roll by the target, where the target's voice is needed or used.

Danse Macabre
 Cost-> 9 motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration-> Varies
 Type-> Simple
 Min. Performance-> 5
 Min. Essence-> 3
 Prereqs-> Elegy for the Fallen

By starting a dance the Abyssal can draw others into joining them and cause their life to slowly leak away into the Underworld as muscles snap, blood vessels burst, and toxins build up. The Abyssal must start the dance first. Then they make a Manipulation + Performance roll. Everyone with less permanent Willpower than the successes rolled must dance with the Abyssal. For every half hour of dancing, the dancers (excluding the Abyssal who is sustained by the life of the others) take 1 unsoakable Lethal damage. There is two side effects of this Charm. It can be used with Elegy for the Fallen, forcing the dancers to "worship, and increasing the essence gained fivefold. The 4 out of every 5 essence forms instead as a bowl of human blood instead of filling the ghost's pool. This extra essence is gained from the lifeforce of the dancers. The second effect is that the Abyssal may choose to let the dancers go on without feeling the pain of their damage while dancing.

Black Passion Prana
 Cost-> 15 motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration-> One Scene
 Type-> Simple
 Min. Performance-> 5
 Min. Essence-> 3
 Prereqs-> Morale-Shattering Method, Compelling Whisper Technique

The Abyssal has seen the weakness of her followers who have intellegence and sees the need to use a strong grip to both keep control of her troops and to prevent others from taking that control away. They summon up dark energies to flood those allies close to them (within the Abyssal's Essence times 50 yards) with dark passions. The Abyssal chooses an appropriate dark emotion (ST's decision on what is appropriate) to protect their allies. This emotion grants them an extra die on all Valor and Conviction rolls. They can also reflexively resist any attempt to affect their emotions or thinking with a reflexive roll of Willpower. Those affected act as the Abyssal wishes, within the limitations of the created emotion. An enraged mob will gladly tear apart those the Abyssal selects, but will not later stop to bandage their wounded. Envious people might hurt or steal from those pointed at, or even burn what they have.