Abyssal Stealth Charms

by Haren

Creeping Terror Emanation Cost-> 6 motes, 1 Willpower Duration-> One Scene Type-> Simple Min. Stealth-> 5 Min. Essence-> 3 Prereqs-> Shadow Cloak Technique

Irony is an art greatly appreciated by the Day Caste, and this Charm is full of that. Rather than hiding the Abyssal's presence, it projects it in a most terrifying manner. Children know the world is full of monsters, and that if they just don't get close... don't look at the monsters they can feel around them, the monsters will pass them by. This Charm makes adults remember that sense. A person must make a willpower roll with a difficulty equal to the Abyssal's Essence to gather themselves enough to try and banish their belief enough to stop avoiding paying attention to the signs of the Abyssal and try to "banish" them by looking at them. The Charm is broken for anyone who percieves the Abyssal attacking someone or if for example pointed out. Then the "imaginary" danger has become very very real. While it would seem that this Charm would only work in shadows and while half-hidden, resourceful Days have been known to walk streets using it. People notice their presence, but do not wish to risk aggravating the "predator". They move as far away as they can, and avoid looking or percieving them as much as possible.