Familiars automatically heal as an Exalt, and resist toxins and disease as an Exalt.

Death Hardened Companion
 Cost-> 10 motes, 1 Willpower, 1 experince point
 Duration-> Permanent
 Type-> Simple
 Min. Survival-> 4
 Min. Essence-> 3
 Prereqs-> Fetter the Beast

An Abyssal's Destiny has been re-written and taken by the Malfeans to serve them. This Charm asks the Abyssals dead Gods to grant him a similar servant. One who's fate is taken to be bound to his own as his servant till the end of Creation. He must carve symbols into the beast if it is still alive, then sacrifice it (which takes 6 hours to do properly). It will rise as a ghostly and improved form of itself. Horses become noble deathsteeds. And so on. Then the Abyssal lays his hand on the beast's head, and blood leaks from his hand in a symbol representing his new existance. It creates a permanent mark, that will glow a baleful crimson as the Abyssal's own anima glows. The animal is changed as so->

  • Add the ghostly familiar template if alive, or the god-blooded if already ghostly.
  • It has statistics as it's closest Underworld fauna counterpart. Horses are always noble though.
  • The Familiar gains 10 points. Sensory sharing must be bought if it doesn't have it, as well as Intellegent and Expressive. Note that this can be used to increase the size of a familiar.
  • The Familiar need not feed, except it may drink blood or eat flesh as it's master to regain motes of essence. Add the 2 point Ghostly Thirst ability. This can refill the reserve essence pools of the familiar if it has them. It gains another 2 points for supernatural abilities.

Slave Annointed by Dark Princes Cost-> 22 motes, 3 Willpower, 6 experience points Duration-> Permanent Type-> Simple Min. Survival-> 5 Min. Essence-> 4 Prereqs-> Death Hardened Companion

Should the Abyssal's servant survive for this long, it has proven itself a worthy servant and it's Master can grant it power as his own grows.

  • The familiar gains another 24 points for use, 1 of which must go to improving it's intellegence.
  • The Familiar shall now act as the character's link to the Underworld. It can carry itself and it's master into the Underworld or back into Creation . They appear in the Underworld counterpart of their position in Creation. This is the Dark Passage (4 point) ability.
  • As the Malfeans have created and now strengthened the bond between Master and Familiar, the Deathlord who holds the character's Monstrance may look through the eyes of the Familiar and speak through it to the Abyssal. The Deathlord may also call the Abyssal to their side through the Familiar and when finished banish Familiar and Abyssal to where they originated. The Abyssal is never truly apart from his own Master now.