by Haren
Hazard's Teeth
Artifact •••
Starmetal Blade
Speed +7 Accuracy +3 Damage +8L Defense +2 Rate 5
Requires-> Valor 4; Commitment-> 7 motes
This ancient blade was created for a Sidereal advisor who saved the Solar he served against terrible odds. It seems a dullen slender gray blade, but when wielded in battle by the brave or foolhardy, it's true power is revealed. The blade can be used by any, but only those who are valorous enough can access it's powers beyond those of a normal daiklave.

For every three successful strikes the user makes (though they need not do damage), the blade begins to glow a shimmering rainbow as more is risked with each blow. The difficulty to attack with the blade is raised by one (to a maximum of difficulty 4), but the damage roll target number is reduced by 1 (minimum TN of 4). Tens rolled on damage always count as two successes even before the target number rises, and the soak of a target is reduced by three for every target number the damage roll has been reduced by. Lastly, the user can always channel their Valor to attack with this blade without lowering their temporary Valor.

As soon as the user misses with an attack, the target number and difficulty return to normal.