Heaven Besieged Initiation

This Sidereal initiation is rumored to have been created by Sorrowful River, who working with a Sidereal who passed the tests of Fate grew to hate those who had forced him to make painful choices. By studying the nature of Abyssal charms and essence, they were able to develop this initiation. These charms focus on manipulation of and tapping into the powers that the guardians of Fate favor so much.


Devils at the Gate

Cost-> 6 motes, 1 willpower
Duration-> 5 turns
Type-> Simple
Min. Martial Arts-> 4
Min. Essence-> 3
Prerequisite Charms-> one complete Celestial Martial Art

As the Abyssal focuses, their power flares into being, it's unnatural essence twisting the nature of the world around it. As sutras and scriptures manipulate and draw upon principles of the world to achieve their effects, they flicker and their light dies within the user's domain of power. At the begining of each turn the user rolls an opposed Essence against all other prayer strip users within 5 x Essence yards. Any who fails finds the power of their prayer strip negated for the turn.

Stolen Fields Feed the Host

Cost-> 5 motes, 0 to 1 willpower
Duration-> Scene
Type-> Reflexive
Min. Martial Arts-> 5
Min. Essence-> 4
Prerequisite Charms-> Devils at the Gate

The power of the sutra is beyond the ability of an Abyssal to master, but any they learn they can conscript the power of it for themselves. Any time a sutra is activated that the user knows of (in a style they know the form charm of) with in their sight, they can spend 5 motes to claim a student's sutra or spend an aditional willpower for a master's sutra to claim it's power for their own.

The Eternal City in Flames

Cost-> 4 motes
Duration-> Instant
Type-> Supplemental
Min. Martial Arts-> 5
Min. Essence-> 4
Prerequisite Charms-> Stolen Fields Feed the Host

Rather than taking away what belongs to another, instead they may turn their own love of their power against them. The user must touch a sutra with a Martial Arts attack, which may be either parried or dodged by the creator of the sutra. Should they succed, they commit the 4 motes of this charm and spend a willpower. Each turn the sutra shall drain a single mote which is then commited for student's sutras or two for a master's sutra.

Initiation Effect

Abyssal Exalted who have mastered this Initiation may learn Sidereal Martial Arts for the same cost as a Sidereal.