by Haren
Hazard's Teeth
Artifact •••
Jade Badge of materialization
Requires-> Two Virtues at or over 3; Commitment-> 12 motes
The Badge allows a ghost to materialize for a longer time in Creation, through the strength of their will, channeled through the power of their Virtue. In effect, whenever the ghost uses Weighted With the Anchor of Flesh, they may choose to attempt to use their Virtue to hold them in Creation. They roll a Virtue at or over 3 at normal difficulty. If they succeed, they can stay in Creation indefinately, with one restriction. They can not resist the urges of the Virtue (as decided by the ST) they used without fading back into a state of the incomporeal. This means the ghost often seems strange and slightly driven. The essence used to materialize is not commited past the hour. Also, the use of this artifact counts as one use of channeling a Passion (usually the one linked to why they materialized.