More Humans

The Djala in the Night castebook are an example of these, people who differ wildly in visual schtick from the human standard of Creation, but aren't necessarily distinguished by any mechanical traits. This page is an effort to come up with some more fun ideas along the same lines. Please alphabetize!

  • The unfortunates known as the Cave People have lived underground for the past several thousand years. Pale-skinned, long-limbed and almost blind, they navigate their subterranean homes via echo-location - their hearing having been massively magnified in their time below ground. - Moxiane
  • The Mapon of the deep South are a rare sight even as far south as Chiaroscuro, with few ever leaving their ancestral home. They dwell in small settlements around the Tragic Crystal Oasis, built of rocks that seem to flicker and shift like flames. It is almost impossible to mistake a Mapon for anything else -- even the shortest amongst them stand well over six feet, with broad shoulders and rough, harsh features to match. Their skin has the tone of bright adobe, but moves and changes with their moods - flickering yellow and white in happiness or sinking to deep purple and black with anger. - Charlequin
  • There is a lake on the Imperial Mountain that the Mountain Folk guard with great care. Few know that the Shining Ones live on its shores; these albinos are oddly luminous, and their hair grows long and thin as spider silk. They can be known by their eyes, which are so pale violet as to be almost pink. - Four Willows?
  • The Spice Pygmies of the distant East have lived in the trees so long that they have become a part of them; to adorn their bodies, they graft blooming branches to themselves, and the plant takes root in their flesh. Its movements can reveal a Spice Pygmy's mood, to one who understands them. - Four Willows?