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  • Exalted
    • Xansha Niestro
      • The Sidereal elder who found and trained all of the characters when they first Exalted. For the last 653 years of her long life she had called a mountain citadel her home; sometimes visiting a hut in the nearby village where she passed herself off as a wandering shamaness. She was older then almost any other Chosen of Mars. Now she is dead, killed by an unknown assailant with a feathersteel knife in the back. The day she died, the moon turned green at night. Xansha was known for her understanding of the Yozis and the Malfeans, for she was the avid student of a survivor from the Primordial War, now dead himself.
  • Gods
    • Febrisa
      • A Lesser Fire Dragon, in charge of Office 6, the Department of Demonic Incursions. She is Carmine Rain Hunter's direct superior and, even though he is on official leave for the next two centuries, she maintains a relationship with him and every so often sends one of her lion-lizard children to fetch him to Yu-Shan for a meeting or to carry a message.
    • Seiche
      • The director of Post-Disaster Relief Efforts, Seiche asked for Carmine Rain Hunter to be made the laison betwene her department and that of her cousin, Febrisa. The two met only once, but the Lesser Water Dragon did not enjoy the meeting. Febrisa has attempted to set the two up on another date, but has so far been foiled.
  • Mortals
    • Friar Volodya
      • The now-deceased leader of a detachment sent to destroy the village where the Sidereals were investigating the various troubles of the Gelidi city-states.
  • Unknown Creatures
    • The Prince Bound In Chains Not There
    • The Envoy
      • A strange old man that carried to Anstice a message of peace from his un-named masters and revealed the location of a treasure trove deep in the Underways of Crystal. He promised to reappear with another message if Anstice agreed to certain terms, when Luna is green with sickness and the Daughter wails for her mother's love.
    • Primate-General
    • The unknown leader of the Algoran Army.


  • Tribes and Cultures
    • Algoran
      • A generally peaceful culture with extensive territory but few ambitions. The Algoran have been allies of the Haslanti for many decades and generally friendly toward their neighbors. They worship an extensive pantheon of Gods, Elementals and Exalted but venerate the Unconquered Sun and Luna above all others. They use thaumaturgy and the Charms of their few Dragon-Blooded citizens to raise massive temples and monuments of pure ice, preserved forever without melting. The Algoran govern themselves communally, each community reaching decisions via consensus and each community's representatives joining a council at the capital city of Ur where national decisions are made. Recently, however, the Algoran have elected a supreme leader, a man named Julan Triskesta. Their leader has rallied them around an addition to their primary deities, the great god Celphindal. Now the Algoran warriors, formerly a ceremonial guard, have been enlarged with mandatory conscription and their army is sweeping across the North toward their former Haslanti allies. The Dragon-Blooded families of the Algoran have been made part of a breeding program, attempting to create more Exalted before the Realm can muster its own forces against them.