Start of #RedIce buffer: Sun Jun 26 00:12:09 2005 [22:22] <Nefarious ST?> For three days, Kinqueduran has been missing. His last meeting with the Circle was to tell

  Anstice he'd been given a tip by Arkadi and would be off to the West to investigate the activities of Bronze 
  Sanction, one of the corrupt Celestial Lions. And since then there has been no sign nor word from him.

[22:23] <Nefarious ST?> Jaom and Iron Horse have, in the mean time, managed to procure proper materials for the

  suit of armor in which the ancient ghost resides and Shiro has begun the process of building a body for the 
  venerable lady to inhabit. Because of the need to manufacture clay with Jaom's blood over a period of several 
  months, the body is some time from being finished.

[22:27] * Jaom has made a point of not seeming *too* squicked by the bloodletting, since soldiers aren't

  supposed to worry too much about that whole deal. In the meantime, she's been worrying slightly about Kin... 
  and has yet to finish her letter. She really is fighting the urge to add, 'By the way, heaven's a terrible 
  place' to it, just to do so.

[22:32] <Nefarious ST?> And Glory has been somewhat occupied with her daughter. But in the seven days since her

  birth, she's learned to talk, walk, use the toilet and eat with normal eating impliments. Nearing the age of 
  eight, the little girl has Glory's figure and Kin's lovely countenance.

[22:32] * Iron_Horse , in between helping procure the materials, also has been speding plenty of time with

  Vestra, since he expects he'll be gone to another trip soon

[22:34] * Anstice has spent a lot of time in Heaven on the sly, trying to get his bigger plot just right and

  using it for private training time to KILL HIS CLONE.

[22:34] * Glory is trying to keep up with Arin's supernaturally rapid development and fret constantly while

  still looking stylish. She's pulling it off, but barely.

[22:41] <Nefarious ST?> There have been no further messages from Deimos, either, which proved most reliving to

  Glory. Her child has been perfectly, if rapidly, normal.

[22:46] * Anstice isn't drunk, but wishes he was when he finally gets back from Yu-shan. Crazy glory kid.

  Missing K. And messing with clions to get him back is BAD.

[22:50] * Jaom isn't drunk, either. Well, not yet. She's sitting at a table downstairs in their latest resting

  place, working a mug of ale while she flexes her fingers. She's out of her armor for once, so she's back to 
  her more squared-off self. "... what a difference."

[22:52] * Iron_Horse is sitting across Jaom, grinning a bit lazily. He spent the night with Vestra, but he came

  back to the inn not that long ago. "Well, you can't wear it all the time..."

[22:54] <Anstice> "Where's the bloody liquor? And I beg to disagree. Armor probably handles the normal issues of

  life by itself."

[22:54] <Jaom> "I know, I know. It's just been a while since I've seen... well, me. To be honest, I miss it." [22:54] * Glory pats Jaom lightly on the shoulder, sitting to her left. She seems to enjoy being in her old,

  non-maternity clothes. "And you look good without it, too!"

[22:54] * Jaom flexes her arm, watching the play of muscle and sinew. "Damn right I do!" [22:56] * Anstice finally winds up with some ale and stares at it, trying to will it to be stronger proof. "So,

  what do we do now?"

[22:57] <Jaom> "Time to find some leads, An. I hate to have shit dropped into my lap... we need to find it

  before that and beat it into submission. Of course, there's the whole problem of just *what* is causing all 

[22:58] <Anstice> "The world and beings outside it hate us. Next?" [22:58] <Iron_Horse> "... so, everything?" [22:58] <Glory> "I just love all our cheery conversations." [22:59] <Anstice> "I am reasonably certain all the fae do not hate us yet." [22:59] <Anstice> "Maybe in a month or two." [22:59] * Darth Tom? has quit IRC (Ping timeout) [23:00] * Glory considers this, hand on chin. "Specifically, you mean?" [23:00] <Glory> "I'm fairly sure they hate us as a group, just on principle." [23:00] <Anstice> "No, I mean that some of them adore us as beings to screw, screw with, and gnaw on the soul


[23:00] * Jaom snickers and finishes off the latest mug-o-booze. [23:01] <Anstice> "Hrm. Maybe I should have thrown in with them." [23:01] <Nefarious ST?> A particularly ratish serving man pauses at the table to refill glasses. His protruding

  teeth and large, black eyes are somewhat distracting. He moves away after patting Iron Horse on the shoulder, 
  wandering off with a few backwards glances at the young man.

[23:01] <Iron_Horse> "..." [23:01] * Iron_Horse stands. "'scuse me for a moment, would ya?" [23:01] <Jaom> "... you know him, Horse?" [23:02] * Glory glances after the waiter. "..You know, I could probably snag him from here if you'd like." [23:02] * Iron_Horse shrughs. "No, I get a feeling it won't make a difference." [23:02] <Nefarious ST?> As Iron Horse stands up, a rat falls from his lap. [23:03] * Jaom glances down. "... well, no more ale for me." [23:04] <Anstice> "I'm sure some spiritual disease won't bother you in the least." [23:04] * Iron_Horse doesn't visibly react besides blinking a bit... and then giving the rat a light kick,

  making it rise, and grabbing it fairly firmly by the neck and most of the upper body. Then he moves towards 
  the ratty looking man. "Yours?"

[23:05] * Nefarious ST? is now known as Server [23:05] * Server blinks his big eyes, backing away. "No, no, no sir!" His voice is high and squeaky. [23:06] <Iron_Horse> "Ah, I see." [23:06] <Jaom> "An, you're a ball of sunshine." [23:06] * Server lowers his voice. "It was a gift, sir!" [23:07] * Iron_Horse steps towards the server, grabs him by the back of the shirt, and half drags him away,

  holding the rat with his other hand. "Right. Explain."

[23:07] <Anstice> "I try." [23:07] * Jaom glances over, going 'oooooh'. "Hope buddy there isn't going to get his teeth punched in." [23:07] <Glory> "Oh, I'm sure Iron Horse will be fine." [23:09] <Jaom> "I wasn't worried about Horse." [23:10] * Glory cracks a grin. "But his opponent is so fearsome." [23:10] <Anstice> "His opponent can use some punching in of the teeth. Though he's probably just godblood." [23:16] <Server> "Um...sir..that's all I know..a present to lead you somewhere! That's all he said, I swear!" [23:17] * Epheri has joined #RedIce [23:18] <Iron_Horse> "Who said that?" [23:18] <Server> "Ah..a man...I don't know him, I swear! Please sir!" [23:19] <Iron_Horse> "... fine. Tell me what he was like and I let you go, ok?" [23:20] <Server> "Ah..well. He was tall, and skinny. Had brown fu--Hair. Brown hair. My eyes, sir, they are

  poor. Please, I don't know anything else!"

[23:21] * Iron_Horse ... blinks, frowns, and lets the man go, looking back to the table. "Hey, I'll be back in a

  few, ok?"

[23:21] * Server scurries away quickly! [23:21] * Server is now known as Nefarious ST? [23:25] <Jaom> "Eh? What's up?" [23:25] * Jaom raises an eyebrow, shoving away her rat-booze. [23:26] <Iron_Horse> "Dunno. I think I'm going to meet somebody that has fur. I'll see you in a bit." [23:26] * Iron_Horse doesn't really wait for an answer as he steps out of the inn, moving away from it and into

  an alley, and lets the rat on the floor.

[23:29] <Jaom> "... well." [23:31] * Nefarious ST? is now known as Rat [23:31] * Rat turns and cheebles at Iron Horse, racing back into the Inn [23:32] <Iron_Horse> "... Oh sure, make me step out for nothing." [23:32] * Iron_Horse groans and follows nontheless. [23:33] * Rat races over to the Circle's table and cheebles at the sitting Exalts. [23:33] * Glory resist the urge to step on it. [23:33] <Glory> [Resists.] [23:34] <Anstice> "Let me guess. We all have to go see the wizard." [23:34] * Iron_Horse sighs as he steps back in, looking towards the rat and the table. "... yeah, I guess." [23:35] <Anstice> "Good. Buy me something stronger to drink on the way." [23:35] * Anstice stands and waits for the others! [23:35] * Rat waddles at a more sedate pace towards the door and out, leading the way! [23:36] <Iron_Horse> "... I'd say this is weird, but I remember the dust bunny." [23:36] * Iron_Horse steps out after the rat. [23:37] <Glory> "..Dust bunny?" [23:38] <Anstice> "It was a demonic dust bunny." [23:39] <Jaom> "... demonic dust bunny." [23:39] <Iron_Horse> "... long story." [23:42] * Jaom groans, rises, and follows. "I swear. Following *rats*." [23:46] * Rat squeaks in protest and races ahead, leading the Circle straight out of Great Forks. In fact, the

  walk to follow the rat becomes quite long and convoluted. But very pretty, as the later portions begin to show 
  interesting scenery: rose bushes of every color and size from no larger then the rat to the size of a 
  Wyld-mutated yeddim.

[23:47] <Jaom> "... where in the hell is this thing leading us?" [23:47] <Anstice> "Wyld." [23:48] <Jaom> "... oh, bloody lovely." [23:48] <Iron_Horse> "... Anstice... did you jynx us before?" [23:48] <Rat> Finally, a vast rosebush comes into view. Covered in crimson petals with hearts of sunset-gold the

  bush towers well over five hundred feet in the air. The perfume from it is intoxicating, every wonderful smell 
  you've ever smelt before in your life.

[23:49] <Jaom> "... and I came without armor. Damn it all..." [23:50] <Anstice> "If I said I didn't, would you believe me?" [23:50] <Iron_Horse> "No?" [23:51] <Anstice> "By the way, wear a rubber the next time you sleep with Vestra." [23:51] <Jaom> "... eh?" [23:52] * Jaom pauses. "Oh, yeah, god-touched kids. Right." [23:54] * Anstice digs around for some wrapping papers, fails, and winds up making a cigarette out of a large

  rose petal.

[23:54] <Iron_Horse> "... I have no idea what you are talking about now." [23:55] * Rat scurries into the rosethorns, disappearing from sight. The bush directly ahead rustles. [23:55] * Rat is now known as Serena [23:56] <Jaom> "Ask Glory later. She'll fill you in." [23:58] * Epheri is now known as Kraken|Sleeps [23:59] <Anstice> "I will avoid making the crude joke that is begging to be made." [23:59] * Serena emerges from the rosebush, smiling with her large, white teeth. Glossy, honeycolored fur makes

  her sleek physique quite a statement. Her long, sinuous tail carries silvery tattoos that attract attention to 
  the jeweled bands and rings that adorn the appendage. Similar jewelry marks her ears and fingers. "Welcome, 

[00:00] <Jaom> "Ah... hi there." [00:00] * Iron_Horse ... blinks. "... ah... hello." [00:00] <Serena> "You will join us within?" Her voice is high, but not squeaky. An elegant soprano instead of

  the rattish noise one would expect from a rat-woman Anstice's height.

[00:01] <Anstice> "Yes. May I smoke inside?" [00:01] * Jaom blinks a little. "I... guess. It's safe, I'm assuming?" [00:01] <Serena> "Of course. The perfume will erase any offensive odors either you or your cigarette might make." [00:02] <Anstice> "Clever. Lead on." [00:02] <Serena> "Perfectly safe. Come, join us within." [00:02] * Serena turns and guestures the branches of the rosebush aside, opening a passage wide enough for the

  Circle to walk through.

[00:03] * Anstice enters! [00:04] * Jaom enters as well! She looks a tad wary. [00:04] * Iron_Horse steps in after Jaom, also somewhat wary [00:11] * Iron_Horse is now known as Tiffa End of #RedIce buffer Sun Jun 26 00:12:09 2005