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The morning of Anstice's first departure from Yu-Shan, after being rudely informed that he has not only drunkenly lain with a Minor Elemental Dragon, but fathered children upon her and is now obliged to support them and her while she cares for them.

The young Sidereal is gathering his things from the floor of Kinqueduran's apartment, the older Red having gone to take care of some final business with his contacts, when there is a loud gong that chimes between his ears.

  • Anstice flinches, trying to ascertain exactly WHAT the hell is going on, and if the hangover is rudely attacking him all at once.

Burgeron: "Anstice? Are you within?"

  • Anstice nods, then realizes that that won't work. "Yes! Who is it?"

Burgeron: "Burgeron. I need to speak with you in private for a few moments."

Anstice: "Oh. Hold on, a moment."

  • Anstice finishes gathering up his stuff, and heads over to open the door just a crack. Maybe seeing him will remind him.
  • Burgeron is standing outside the door, hands clasped in front of him and massive, horned head drooping slightly. Dressed in shades of black and brown leather that cover his massive body like a second skin, the god of Bovine Vitality and Health looks quite handsome. Anstice can't really call anything about the time they spent yesterday, other then that it must have been vaguely enjoyable or he would not have had such pleasant dreams.
  • Anstice nods at him, waving him inside. "Please, come in... You'll have to forgive me, I'm not used to the apartments around here."
  • Burgeron nods agreeably, entering and peering around. He nods once more and remains standing. "Your friend, Carmine Rain Hunter. He has left?"

Anstice: "He is taking care of some final business before we go.'

Burgeron: "Ah. Good..." the hulking deity hesitates. "I heard about your problems with Cerilla and the others."

  • Anstice sighs. "Things spread that fast? Perhaps I should have guessed..."

Burgeron: "It was mentioned that you are not part of the Celestial Bureaucracy and thus, draw no salary. It will be difficult for you to deal with the demanded payments even for the short time the godlings will be dependants."

Anstice: "This is true, yes. I was hoping to remedy that after some time to think... This is hardly something I was prepared for upon coming here."

Burgeron: "I would imagine not. But I myself am well-paid and gather a great deal of worship and have little use for the fripperies the other gods put their pay towards. I would be honored to offer payment in your place."

  • Anstice blinks at this. "That is quite generous of you, Burgeron. But despite my affable demeanor and... ah... slight troubles with Yu-Shan thus far, I do know that nothing is ever free. What do you get out of this?"
  • Burgeron is obviously somewhat embarrassed and ill at ease. "It is something I feel…obligated to do. I have not been keeping up with my magnanimous reputation and this would…well. Take care of certain things."
  • Anstice nods. "As you wish. While you're here, care for a drink?"
  • Burgeron shakes his head, offering a bright smile. "No, thank you. I have duties to attend to and I drank well last night."
  • Anstice chuckles. "That makes two of us. Well, then, thank you. I will certainly keep you in mind if I am ever in a more advantageous position."
  • Burgeron offers a formal bow with a slight hitch at the end indicating the brawny god is not as comfortable as he seems, giving hints of an inner guilt or apology he might be feeling.
  • Anstice taps his chin. "You know, I'm still a little dizzy, and I can see that you are taking great pains to hide something shameful. Trust me as Secrets, it always comes out eventually. Might I inquire as to just what the issue is between us?"
  • Burgeron shakes his head, obviously unsettled now. "It is something dealing with my work. I must be going now." with another hesitant bow, the massive minotaur removes himself from Kin's apartment.
  • Anstice shrugs, and puts the matter in the "To be dealt with when I am not facing draconic attack teams or having to save the world"

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